Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 1, 2010 173.9 Wii 172.8 New scales

Well I drank dieters tea last night and felt a huge release in the area where I once had an appendices surgery this morning. Strange that I should feel that now. I strength trained again today very light with things on the Wii. I do not want to lose all my summer walking muscle by not doing anything while on this diet even though it says not to workout hard. I want my core muscles to get stronger too since that's what holds me together. The hubby and my partner sis said they can see that my belly fat is gone and there are changes that they can see. My clothing isn't so tight either. I changed how many times I was using my spray more to what the bottle directions state instead of what the distributor stated. I haven't felt a single change in being more hungry or less energy I was spraying 6 sprays 6 times a day and cut to 7 sprays 3 times. My bottle is supposed to make it 40 days but its looking like it will be gone before that if I keep spraying at the more rate. I now want to go the full 40 days that you can do when you are using Homeopathic HCG. Of course I can change my mind too.
Shesh I gave my kids an after school snack and without thinking I ate a oatmeal chocolate chip bar. PLEASE body don't make me pay for that mistake of human frailty. I feel so nice in my skin.
Lunch Hamburger 3.5 oz lean with onion rings and strawberries. I made the batter off this HCG BLOG that has recipes, I will put a link at the end. Dinner Crab cake with spinach and apple made a vinegar sauce for the dressing that was really good. I was freezing all day again that is hard to handle. I just wear my coat and tell myself I burn more calories and fat when my body is trying to stay warm. Oh also took my potassium and calcium with magnesium again for the last three days.

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