Sunday, March 28, 2010

161 New scales

I went for a very brisk walk last night late and had lots of thoughts about how to be in shape enough to run or walk a marathon. How do you get started, just walk and then move to a run at the end, how? Well I am ready to learn so I guess its study time again. I sure hope I can lose the last two pounds that I wanted to have gone before Tue but I guess we will see. I am craving things like cheese and eggs and grapes it will be nice to slowly add them in and see how my body handles them. I think the next round I will only do 23 days. 43 days is really long and at the end you are so wanting more food that it's hard to ignore the stuff that you did at the beginning of the protocol. Well live and learn and most of all it is so worth the weight loss and that I can workout without feeling like I need a nap right after. I love the speed that I can keep up with my hubby on walks now. Also I did sorta wrestle with one of my boys and it wasn't a wipe out, I actually held him for a minute but only a minute. I love this feeling slimmer and lose in all my clothing and looking down to see my toes is nice too.

The products that I used; for my hair is Natures Gate Aloe vera Shampoo, Conditioner was just white vinegar, Zest soap, and cooking gloves when handling food of other kinds. I did have to finally use Userun(sp?) cream because my fingers started to crack but that was like the last two weeks only. I have Mary Kay mineral makeup that I used sparingly but not the mascara ever. Mostly I didn't wear makeup. Today I finally couldn't stand the static hair and used conditioner but didn't let it get on my scalp. Stevia was and will be what helps me drink the water that I should. I love the Bragg's Amino Acids that my great recipe book suggested. Also I have learned to cook ginger chicken and picante sauce, curried fish, and made my own tomato kechup. Coming up soon ways to cook without grains. So I am getting ready to order Almonds and nuts which my kids are going to have to be rationed on.

Lunch Venison, asparagus, orange made into orange ginger sauce over the asparagus melba rounds 2.

Dinner grilled chicken with my spice rub off of that great cook book that I have for HCG recipes, ask me for it and I will email it for free. Spinach leaves wrapped around the chicken and 1 grissini stick. I didn't eat my fruit.

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