Wednesday, March 31, 2010

160.2 pounds down today! YAHOOOOOOOO.

I get to count today and tomorrow as a loss and this was reward today another pound gone that takes me to 23.8 pounds gone in my first round so far. I am so excited today because i had held at 162 or 161 for so many days. Lesson be patient with your body. My partner and I have been discussing that we will do our P3 round and start back on another P2 round right after so that we can try and lose the last 40 pounds that we need off. Ok so I am being optimistic at getting all 40 gone but that's ok I can be. Then the summer will be in full swing and we will maintain until the school year starts again. Pictures will be coming up soon just give me time.

Lunch curried fish with apple green leaf salad and a yummy apple cider lemon dressing with stevia garlic and onion mixed in. I am missing my melba toasts or grissini's. They were nice while I was taking the HHCG but thats ok I am on a mission to get smaller.

Dinner was Onion chicken broth, I just cooked the chicken and onions in water with braggs amino acid and garlic mmm on a cold night. I am way tired to night and not hungry for anything else that warmed the body.

I had a warm cup of tea and I actually am starting to like it with the stevia in it warms me up at night.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

161.4 lbs I lost 22.6 is what I lost over my 40 day round.

WATER did you know that your body is about 80% water. So if you want to lose you need to drink at least 1/2 your weight in water. Great I should have been drinking even more then what I did during the whole of my HHCG weight loss round. Well live and learn and move forward.
Thinking about killer fat whats that you say, well hydrogenated oils or trans fat. Did you know it's in so many many things that we eat and we do not need them. I have always been a big olive oil user and I am grateful for that unknowing that's been in my life but I am going to be a better label reader and not buy if it has the word hydrogenated or trans fat on it.

Lunch Chicken roll with spinach inside and and apple. No more breads for me for awhile at least not while HCG isn't there to help keep the fats burning off my system.

Dinner Lean hamburger, picante sauce, grapefruit.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Last DAY, Last DOSE of a P2 40 day round tonight. 161.4 LBS

So maybe my body is going to settle at this weight for a bit here. Three more days at 500cal and then keeping all the starches out for three weeks so that they will not interfere with how my body adjusts as I add more and more different vegetables back to my diet. I grew up eating potatoes, corn and peas for the main stay of every diet. These are very starchy vegetables and high in sugars when they break down in your body. I was a bit surprised upon learning this so it will be an adjustment to not eat them as much. I have to practise asking for more vegetable servings instead of a side of potato at restaurants and that will include not eating any breads or rice or cashew nuts for the next three weeks. Dang those are some of my comfort foods.

Lunch curried fish with powdered stevia on it and sliced tomatoes, 2 grissini sticks and half a grapefruit.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

161 New scales

I went for a very brisk walk last night late and had lots of thoughts about how to be in shape enough to run or walk a marathon. How do you get started, just walk and then move to a run at the end, how? Well I am ready to learn so I guess its study time again. I sure hope I can lose the last two pounds that I wanted to have gone before Tue but I guess we will see. I am craving things like cheese and eggs and grapes it will be nice to slowly add them in and see how my body handles them. I think the next round I will only do 23 days. 43 days is really long and at the end you are so wanting more food that it's hard to ignore the stuff that you did at the beginning of the protocol. Well live and learn and most of all it is so worth the weight loss and that I can workout without feeling like I need a nap right after. I love the speed that I can keep up with my hubby on walks now. Also I did sorta wrestle with one of my boys and it wasn't a wipe out, I actually held him for a minute but only a minute. I love this feeling slimmer and lose in all my clothing and looking down to see my toes is nice too.

The products that I used; for my hair is Natures Gate Aloe vera Shampoo, Conditioner was just white vinegar, Zest soap, and cooking gloves when handling food of other kinds. I did have to finally use Userun(sp?) cream because my fingers started to crack but that was like the last two weeks only. I have Mary Kay mineral makeup that I used sparingly but not the mascara ever. Mostly I didn't wear makeup. Today I finally couldn't stand the static hair and used conditioner but didn't let it get on my scalp. Stevia was and will be what helps me drink the water that I should. I love the Bragg's Amino Acids that my great recipe book suggested. Also I have learned to cook ginger chicken and picante sauce, curried fish, and made my own tomato kechup. Coming up soon ways to cook without grains. So I am getting ready to order Almonds and nuts which my kids are going to have to be rationed on.

Lunch Venison, asparagus, orange made into orange ginger sauce over the asparagus melba rounds 2.

Dinner grilled chicken with my spice rub off of that great cook book that I have for HCG recipes, ask me for it and I will email it for free. Spinach leaves wrapped around the chicken and 1 grissini stick. I didn't eat my fruit.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

161. New scale


Atkins says that you can lose on the induction diet and that is what I have decided I am going to fallow during P3 so that I have structure after P2. I am most obviously going to have to do another round so that will keep me staying lower in my calorie amount and ready when its time to start again.

In the mean time TAE BO ya I did it with the start out video and went all the way full powered and it felt SO SO GOOD. Over the last two years I would try and get interrupted or not be able to get to even the half way point because I was too heavy so today I feel super. The slow strength training has gotten me to where I am along with doing this HHCG diet.

Belly Fat that is what I had and if there is that much bulging on the outside can you only imagine what that looks like on the inside. I am 5,4 so there is no room for me to have belly fat. I am so glad it's gone now. If I was more techie I would put a before and after together but someone is going to have to help me with that one.
BELLY FAT = HEART ATTACK in the studies of medicine. So at least I am beating that odd.
Lunch I think I am stuck with chicken(194cal)grissini(22.5cal)orange(62cal)cabbage(22cal) total 300.5 cal

Dinner I ate 2 tablespoons of peanut butter NO dinner for me. Thats like 198 cal alone. I just couldn't make a sandwich for my little guy and not eat it. It has been a month and I was craving. It is sugar free so that is a plus for me. It has some pritein but it also has fats so that wasn't very good, anyway not eating the planed dinner so that I at least still am below 500 cal for today.


Friday, March 26, 2010

I AM 43 years old. 161. New Scale

So I have a ton of thoughts today. I am amazed at how well I feel. Like energized and boundless ability to keep moving. This is how I used to feel about eight years ago. That of course was before my last two pregnancies and miscarriage. I have been pregnant a total of ten times. I carried only seven children to birth though. Only one child out of all of them went past their due date and one to a week before his due date. Everyone of the other children were born anywhere from a month to 34 weeks to 26 weeks early. I always gotten high blood pressure no matter how hard I worked at eating well, and ok not drinking enough water. There was a vague moment two years ago when I wondered what made a person fat and why they would want to be that way as if I wasn't moving swiftly to the obese category myself. Then the day not so long ago when I could not wear the jeans that I just bought in Sept. of 2009. They would not zip up, not this again. This made me say hey I am in that same place as everyone that is fat, no not fat OBESE. Even when my Wii said it I was in denial until yesterday when it said overweight instead of obese for the first time since we got the darn thing two years ago.
Have I tried to lose weight YES. Call me treadmill girl, but I could not go over the speed of 2.5 without getting breathless. Ask my sister-in-law I am sure she would have loved to pick up the walking speed on our bike trail. I even would try to work with my sons when they wrestled like I had in the years before the age of 40. I was so over weight I could not keep up. Six years ago I even did Tae Bo every single morning for 30 to 45 min without fail.
I can not express how wonderful it is to have so much energy and sleep well and keep up with my teenagers when they come home at midnight. This is a blessing and if I CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU. I will reach the weight of 120 in the very near future and I might even pick up weight lifting and marathon running or maybe barrel racing too.

Lunch Fish (84cal) 1/2 grapefruit(41cal) 3 melba rounds(12.50each cal count) tomatoes(33) 195.50 total cal count. The grapefruit count on is hard to decide since you are taking it and cutting it in half after it measures a whole one but you are only allowed half.

Dinner Chicken(194cal) spinach wrap(7cal for 1c.) Orange(62) Grissini(22.5) by box cal amount said 45 for two so I cut the amount and stay within the 500.00. Total 285.5 for a round out of 500.00. I am eating my orange early.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

162 New Scales BMI

Make sure you join the yahoo groups and read the FILES there is tons of info on that site that will help you get through this new experience in your life! I could not do it without the help of those who went before. I have my kids leaning over me wanting to eat what I eat now except my baby who only eats what he likes. My hubby always wishes that my tiny little meals were the ones he was getting. So when I am done having to keep to the 500 cal limit they will be getting the same kinds of meals. Maybe I might even try helping the school lunch get better here since the kids always come home starving and wishing for more fresh veggies.
Watch this show and start a revolution where you are.

Lunch venison(188cal)cucumer(1c.14cal)strawbweries(1/2c.23cal)really that's about a handful of maybe five. Melba round (1 only 12cal)

Dinner Chicken grilled(194) lettuce(1c.8cal) apple(55cal) No toast or grissini. Total cal for the day 494.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

162 New scales 27.80 BMI

It seemed to work it's almost noon ready to eat my lunch feeling great no hungry pains. I am starting to gather recipes to get me through the next three weeks to set my body in this weight and face the family parties that are going to come up. Still bugged about not fitting into my jeans yet and that its stuck on my hips still but I am patient.
Things I am missing. Conditioner I am tired of straw hair.
Deodorant I thank goodness am not into
the sweating summer yet.
Lotion I really am starting to miss on my hands.
My partner is looking so great she can fit in her smaller jeans and we are both waiting to get really exercising at a more energizing level.
Lunch Chicken with spinach rolled inside. Grapefruit with stevia on top and grissini sticks.
I drank a cup of Yerba Mata tea this morning and when my box is done I do not think I will ever get it again. I have never been a soda with tons of caffeine in it drinker. I just never really liked it so I am not going to start with the tea either. Caffeine is a stimulant and why would I want to become hooked on something that makes my body be stimulated. I watched the preemie babies have it used just to keep their hearts stimulated and always was happy when their bodies decide to get going on their own, so ya I think exercise will be my stimulation for my heart. Looked up links to Atkins info finding inspiration and recipes.
Dinner Grilled fish with that yummy picante sauce and my melba rounds on the bottom. An orange for the finish up. It was a great day.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Learning and learning and learning.

So within this address are several files that give insight to lots of things that can affect us in this life we are living. I am always questioning why things happen and what causes it. Maybe these are some answers maybe not but this article made some sense to me when I read it.

I really liked the info in this link. I found that when my handicapped baby was growing that I made sure to take lots of fish oil so it was in my breast milk and then also gave it to him when he began to eat. Which was and still is no easy feat as he is not a very good eater of anything. So now all my kids think he is super smart because I did that. Well he does talk our ears off and it was at a very young age but smart is relative to what they are talented at is my opinion.
The last note on this article made me laugh because this year my boys and hubby have been really into making their own jerky. Kudos to a great snack, to bad it doesn't last very long in our house.

So I did this and it told me to cut 500 cal out to lose weight and that's what I have been doing YEAH almost to the end.

So If you do not have a Wii and you need to know your BMI here is a cool calculator. Its still said I was over weight but it agreed with my Wii so that made me happy have fun recording info on yourself.

There was lots of good information that lead me to learn more things and I will continue this learning quest.

163 New scale

The kids made my Wii not hook up so I am fully going by the new scale reading. I am about to think this would be called a stall and maybe need to read about what to do to move it so later today I will tell you what I decided to do to get away from the 163 reading and go DOWN on the scale. Just wanted you to all know my weight level as of this morning.
Lunch SIX APPLES MINIMUM WATER. Did use one extra round of drops at 9:30 so I wouldn't get hungry if it would help my physic.

Successful made it easily through the day was tired of apples and only ate 5 as I felt to full of apple at 7 Pm.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Funny Note

First I do not ever notice the pounding that was in my core at the start. It is just never there anymore.
Hubby's Watch Out, this diet affects them in the strangest ways. Mine always wants to eat what I am eating and is now very into what I am weighing for the day. Also he is very into my need to exercises.
They will do many strange changes as you change. I have caught mine looking in the mirror making his belly pull up back into his chest area.
He has climbed on the treadmill and ran not walked for about 20 min and then the next day complained that his knee hurt and he didn't know why. Ah Hun did you forget that you used the treadmill last night I say. HEHEE.
He will look at your body a bit more like he did when you first met and didn't have any of that having had a baby look.
Mine also told me that I needed to clean out my closet. He never cared about style in his whole life and now he tells me to clean out my closet go figure.
Remember the wife and the mother are the ones who make this world turn around so feed them boys well and they will do well for our world.

Well thats new food for thought!

164 Wii 28.BMI 163.4 New scales

Oh ya that Dr.Amen yesterday said that a person should watch their BMI and it needs to stay below 30 to keep from being sick and having all kinds of problems.
AAAAAAHHHHHH this up and down makes me crazy by tomorrow it will be going down again. I think I must really need to be careful what I eat on phase 3 and make sure that I do not miss tracking what I eat so I can tell what foods would make me go back up on the scale in the end. Missed my goal workout this morning but I am going to try to get to it all day.
Lunch Crab with spinach and an apple and melba toast is the fare for the noon meal.
Changed did an orange instead and grissini stick. The orange just sounded better today.

Well I got some Yerba mata not sure I am going to like it. My partner cheated over the weekend and so she is on a quest to lose the two pounds and get back with me. So she already tried the tea and said it was not that great. So coffee drinkers I guess this one would be great for you. This is going to be tough for me since I do not like teas. It is supposed to lower your cholesterol level. Well I guess that's great I have no idea what mine is at so oh well.

So dinner was hamburger with my favorite picante sauce made enough for the whole family and now its all gone. Wasa cracker bun very full. Ate my apple at 5 because I couldn't get to dinner till 7:30pm. Isn't that just crazy one min your hungry and another you are too full. Well I am really agreeing with what Dr. Adkins says in his book wish I could express it all here but that's not realistic, just go get the book and learn. I drank some of the Yerba mata tea yucky but with enough French Vanilla Stevia I got it down. It did have a creamy taste at the end. I combined it with Dieters tea, trying all the tricks to get that last little ounces off before Day 40 hits. I read several things on the Yahoo groups and learned some new insights about ways to do P3 making sure to not gain back in that phase. Most of all I still think it comes down to portion control and cutting all the bad white carbs out of your diet and making sure you exercise consistently.
Drinking Yerba mata tea around 8 Pm. Bad idea I had a hard time going to bed. I have not really ever been a caffeine seeking person so it really hit me hard.

163.8 Wii, BMI 27.96 163.2 new scales

Why do I have to do this up and down at all the strategic spots that I have ever weighed in my life??? Delivered the second to last son at this weight and stayed there for at least two years before my last pregnancy. It was a wild day and I almost didn't get my water drank for all the coming and goings.
Lunch shrimp on grilled tomatoes with grissini sticks and a few grilled onions. I forgot my fruit.
Dinner a bit of roasted beef with a lettuce wrap and apples slices maybe a forth of an apple. No Melba toast I didn't have time to calculate the calorie amount.
The hubby and I watched a show or info doc. on Dr.Danial Amen who promotes Change your brain Change your body, he said some pretty neat things to consider. "One is that the thoughts and things you say are so very important to the length of your life." "If it is continually negative statements that you say how can you ever have happiness and accomplishment and in the long run will shrink your brain and your life." "A very important thing to understand and know is your hormone level." "Also taking into account that if a cholesterol level is low this can cause you to be in a postion to have suicidal thoughts". Wow I guess I haven't ever had that problem but it makes me wonder what a person would not eat or do to have a way low cholesterol level and how the chemical break down would happen in your body. Also isn't everyone toting the keep your cholesterol level low anyway. So this must come back to a body needs good fats to protect the brain. I would really have liked to afforded to hear more of what he had to say but it's not in the pocket book. I need to buy my food more.
My hubby said that after stopping the HCG he heard that it is a good idea to use an estrogen cream like yam cream to help your body. I once had to do that after I felt so whacked out after having my fifth child and it really did help my hormones to settle. I remember feeling more energy and focus and less emotional. So on my list tomorrow is yam cream and yerba mata tea since I only have a week to shake these last few pounds and really didn't want to have to do another round.
The day was spent jumping on our trampoline with the whole family which I haven't done in years and walking a mile to take care of some fencing and then two miles on the tread mill watching shows. I felt great all day.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

163.8 New scale

I will have to add through the day but here is the weight point. And I am getting on the treadmill and it is a 6:00 AM goal score. Sorry but the rest you have to find tomorrow I am just getting going for the day. Starting to read ATKINS for LIFE. by Robert Atkins, M.D. My sis in law is faithful to this because of her diabetes. Since its genetically strong in my kids and hubby I think I better start understanding how to be in control of this possibility at my family level.

So I had to help the hubby power lift some of his car parts today shesh could have skipped the treadmill with all the outside stuff that we did.

Lunch Chicken(3.5oz 123cal) Spinach(4oz 46cal cooked) melba round(4 50cal) apple(72cal).
Dinner Curried fish(84 3.5oz) Tomato(4cal) grissini(45for2) grapefruit(64cal but I only have 1/2).

This above book talks about how weight changes happened in a women after a surgery. Since the last time I weighed 110 after my third pregnancy I have had three surgery's. I have often felt that it altered my metabolic rate in some way but what Dr. talks to you about that possability (none). I also must say that a certain Dr. that I saw in the year past told me that I would never lose the weight unless I had a sleep study test and was put on oxygen. Here's to proving you wrong. I do not need my power bill to be any higher from running a second oxygen compressor in our house.

Friday, March 19, 2010

164 New scales

20 lbs gone!!!!!

Lunch Stuffed chicken roll out of my recipe book. Tiny bit of onion and spinach sauteed in braggs and "wala" it was good. I do wonder on counting calories because my count said it came to 321 for this meal, but the Melba rounds were counting out way higher then what the box stated for 4 rounds. The box said 4 rounds were 50cal and logged them at 78cal so that kind of left me wondering how things are calculated. And cooked spinach comes out different then a raw spinach even though the measurement started at the same point. So back to talking to the nurse friend and a nutritionist friend, here's the scoop, The box would be the better cal count to go from on the melba rounds. Why well every batch and every box is really an estimate and is going from a basic rounding out number. The spinach when cooked becomes higher because it is broken down and the body isn't having to work so hard to do that break down work, therefor you end up with a higher cal count. Also all the vitamins and minerals are lost when it has water added to it unless you drink the liquids that are left. So this is why you see very malnourished people in countries that eat alot of raw food and not so much in other countries that can break their foods down in all the many cooking ways that we have created. Now that's something I never thought about. So a roasted almond has more cal then a raw almond hmm well this would be something we should all learn in high school. Maybe the statistics about the parents out living the kids would change and it could get turned around to the kids being around as long as the parents. (just a thought)

Lunch I took to long and had to much help from kiddos making my flattened chicken to roll cooked spinach in with tiny bit of diced onions and cooked in the juices from sauteing the spinach. Too long meant I ate a handful of almonds that were mixed with cranberries that were dried. When I looked up the cal amount after I nearly choked. After P2 this would be a fine cal amount but not right in the middle of it. Notice I am not writing it down you have to figure it out. Needless to say I did not have my fruit and ate about 2:30 when I finally got to get the chicken cooked and done I had already eaten my 2 melba rounds and the almonds and the dried cranberries so I only partook of the one chicken roll stuffed with spinach. Lesson learned, when kids are underfoot for the day eat a baggy chicken salad that I prep ahead. I felt like I was a taxi driver all day starting at 7 am and ending at 9 pm. I never had a chance to make my own dinner so I am doing an experiment of having what I made the family. Turkey breast with my melba rounds and an orange. I can't remember if I ate my veggie I know I couldn't eat the families broccoli veg. WHAT A DAY can you tell they were all out of school today.

My spray ran out the day before so I have switched to the bottle of drops. I like this way much more then the spray. I choose the spray thinking it would be easy to not have to measure out a drop but now I have changed my mind. The spray is cold and the drops just stay in the one area that they are placed not making all my front teeth cold. Just my own idiosyncrasies.

I watched a documentary by Jamie Oliver in the obesity rate in West Virginia. It was very informational about how we have so much processed food and it is mostly bread type. This is so not green in any form at all. He even talked to the school lunch program trying to point out that if you can't read what the label says below the main ingredient of chicken should you be a bit worried. The next time would be on the way they mix chemicals to keep all these foods freezer safe. It looks evil to see these chemicals and think about it in our food. The one parent who was doing his program said that they had cut out all the snacks that the kids ate and increased the green in their diets and they were all losing weight because of it. I must be a mean Mom because we hardly have candy snacks at our house its always a home made brownie with extra eggs in it or carrot sticks or apples. There is never enough money to buy frivolous snacks.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wii165.8 BMI 28.30 New scale 164.8

Sliding on down the scale yippee! I can run and not be weary and walk and not faint D&C 89:20:) On that note I remember how it felt to walk up and down my stairs after 7 1/2 months of not doing hardly anything but sit and how fatigued I would become. There are only 14 steps that's not really much, but my calves would scream and I would be lightheaded. It took months for me to even come close to a run up them as I had done in the years before. There is also that saying if you do not use it you lose it. That had been me but no more.

Lunch is Venison grilled 1c op asparagus 1/2 a grapefruit no toast today.
Dinner Chicken grilled a small tomato and 1 melba toast. No fruit. The calorie count came in at 506 so I can not risk going over. It must be higher calories for the asparagus then lettuce and I know that a grapefruit is the highest of all the four you can pick from. Going to take a nice detox bath wish i had some green tea bags. I have learned that they also help to remove fat cells when sweating it out in a hot bath if you boil and steep and then add to your bath with Epsom salt. Well maybe I will get time to stop at a store. Its going to be a crazy day I think.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

167.8 Wii BMI 28.64 166.6 New Scale

Back to the 166 YEAH! I knew it would reappear. I have some thoughts about how Willpower is so important. You must want to be smaller so bad that the one tempting M&M is not worth the climb on the scale, or the Key Lime pie that you haven't had in three years. SKINNY has to be the most IMPORTANT to make you get there. Sugar is so much like a drug addiction a bit more controllable maybe for some then others, but isn't that how a drug is too. Well all I know is that it is really fun to be able to see my waist getting smaller and the love handles on my rib cage in the back disappearing. Also on a walk last night with the speedy hubby I was able to keep up and not even get breathless. Now that's a feat that hasn't been for years and years.

To make sure it is clear here I am using HHCG to help my fat be released from my storage areas and help me to lose weight. I eat proteins and minimal carb vegetables and two grissine or melba toasts and one fruit off the list. To equal 500 cal for two meals for my personal round time of 40 days on HHCG and three days off. This is so that I can make my body do a certain set point of weight that will stay there until I do another round or am happy with where my weight is. No sugar or starches allowed until after phase 3 is done. Read on pounds and inches the differences in the rounds.

Lunch will be lean beef(90% 3.5oz 6cal)with onion saute in French Vanilla Stevia (77cal) and wasa cracker(60cal)bun. Grapefruit half with Powdered Stevia on top(64cal). Total cal(231) today's meal. Wishing I could have some spinach but onions are high enough calorie all alone.

Dinner Flounder(90cal) Orange(62cal) Spinach (1cup 7cal)Melba toasts(4= 78cal). That's a total of 468 for the day. Brought to you from my Fitday calorie count.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

169 Wii BMI 28.94 168 New scales

Well today I felt more energized and able to get up on my workout goal at 6:00 am. I weighed did weight training with the Wii, ran kids to the bus two diff rent times and back to bar lifting to tone my back and arms. Nice soaking bath and ready to hit the day hard. I have started to look at what I will be doing on P3 since I do not want to gain and I want to make sure I am eating well. I am starting to read about the Atkins induction diet and what are the fats and proteins that are used in that diet. I kinda want some rules and structure.
I also spoke with a nurse friend about why the body retains water during menes (Aunt Flo.) They said it's because it's the defense against dehydration as the body begins to exchanging fluid loss. Even if the exchange is small and the fact that there is some swelling that occurs in that area makes for the fluid retention that also occurs. It makes sense especially when you end up sitting on the throne draining out a few days after the start point if your drinking the fluids you should.

Lunch venison and cucumber strawberry salad today with melba toast bread crumbs.
Dinner curried flounder,on tomato, with grissin sticks and apple. Yeah 500 calorie compliant.

Monday, March 15, 2010

170 New scales

I wish I were a Dr.,scientist,nutritionist, geneticist, who knows what to call it person who understood why a body acts the way it does when hormones start changing around. Well as you can see the scales went back up, the body is retaining lots of water and hopefully in a few days when my body gets back to normal status it will all drop back off. I am not going to panic, my partner never gained and never lost during her lovley visit so be patient.

Lunch blackened fish made my own spice rub and spinach with orange vinaigrette and little orange slices on top with gissine sticks.

Dinner was rough. I had to go to a recognition dinner and eat what they served. I ate a bowl of chili so that's meat of beef and beans and tomatoes. Also a green salad with salt on it. No bread and one failing of Key lime pie. Otherwise it was as close as I could get to the 500 cal diet with my one failing on the desert. Also I drank lots of water today and tonight I am starting to feel back to the me again that was there a few days ago.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

168.6 New Scales

This morning explains why I am still just sitting at the same weight spot. TOM came to visit or Aunt Flo as others call it. That tells me why I had a headache last night and felt hungry and couldn't pass the M&M's that my girl held out to me. I also drank chocolate stevia water yesterday in kind of a craving type mode felt it would help and it did. Funny note here. My little guy who struggles with lots of things will not drink enough water. This causes some struggles on the other end since there isn't enough washing the system shall we say, well he likes anything chocolate and I tricked him yesterday into drinking lots of water in the name of chocolate water. He kept asking for the chocolate milk water. So I think I have now found a cure to the not enough water in his system too. HEEHee.
My partner told me that during her Flo visits she felt more hungry and the cravings were more intense so that's a good thing to note and not beat myself up over.
So I had egg white pancake made with my grissine sticks and strawberries as sauce. It was sorta ok is all I am going to say about my creation. I took my apple with me and later that day went to dinner at a fancy restaurant and shared my flat iron steak with my daughter and ate all the green salad. She ate all my fries and veggies and the biggest part of my steak. It worked out pretty good. I couldn't measures the size amount but I made it be smaller then my fist so I think I should be ok. Besides with the Aunt visiting who knows. This morning was a shocker since I was so tired I could hardly wake up what happened to that lovely bubbling energy that has been with me and my nice deep sleep. Ok blame that dang Aunt Flo.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Jeans Goal

I have some cute Haily jeans and when I get to my goal I am going to be wearing them. They are some that my daughter isn't curvy enough and so they are to big for her but that will be just fine for me.

Wii 168.9 BMI 28.83 New Scale 167.6

AAAAAAh I know it's not much, and really how can anyone that has lost 17.7 pounds in three weeks be bugged about adding a bit on for a day and knowing it will be off by tomorrow again. BUT I AM BUGGED. My hubby says "hey your looking so much better it's ok," and took time to show me how to use his weight set to tone the muscles a little at a time. My partner said I know I had the same kind of day the other day and her hubby gave her a pep talk to. Today we were both hungry again. I stuck tight to the diet and did a bit of Tae Bo with the basic warm up and the three sets of toning with the bar from the weight bench. I also took a nice soaking detox bath and feel better. Maybe because its so cold outside I am burning calories to keep warm and its making me hungrier.
Well lunch was my shrimp with tomatoes that I had saved from the day before on ice and melba toasts with a grapefruit half.
Dinner venison onion soup with melba toast and orange. I know that venison is not one of the listed meats but I have come to learn it is a very lean meat and since its right out of our back yards it most likely hasn't gotten any fat to the meat either so I think I will be almost better off with it then buying beef from the stores around here.
Heres to lost weight in the morning.

166.4 New scales

So I took all my prepared food and headed down the road. I left so early I had no strength training time nor a Wii scale reading it felt like an off day to me the whole time. I slept wrong on my neck so it was sore and I needed potassium very badly I could tell. I had to visit Cosco after all the work was done. Bad Idea. It was tasting day. So at every corner there is something to try and my little guy who will not eat but he is hungry takes one from at least three places. He then takes two bites and gives it to me. Willpower is not with me today because it smells yummy and its like oatmeal cranberry cookie piece and California roll and a piece of gouda cheese. I finally just got out of there before he decided he wanted anything else. I did not ever feel hungry for dinner and couldn't figure out how to drive and eat so just got home late and crashed in bed. So there are days even with HCG helping you that you have no willpower even when your losing a pound a day. That is frustrating, I really need to either count the calories or work the butt off. I bet I will be up on the scale tomorrow.
I took chicken celery salad with strawberry vinaigrette and grissine sticks. It was yummy but so were all those other tempting tidbits.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wii167.3 BMI 28.57 167 New scales

This is a nice morning no hungry pains last night or all day for that matter yesterday. I can feel the muscle pull where I did the leg lifts the night before and it feels tighter. I did side leg lifts this morning 30 both sides of course on my soft bed. I need a mat for my floor so I can do that with the Wii strength training. I am sucking my gut all day to help firm it up. I can definitely tell there is stretched skin from births. Well you can't go all the way back or you wouldn't have your little angels would ya. My partner is so goofy she called me and said "I am MELTING YES MELTING away." Not really but since she carries it all over that's how she feels about the fat cells being depleted. I need to get some of that YERBA MATA tea. If it really helps to sluff off the old unused cells lets get rid of them. That is saying a lot for me because I hate drinking tea. Even when I was a kid and my Mom would say "herbal tea is so healthy and good for your body as long as you do not drink it really hot." Bleak bleak bleak and make that another double bleak I didn't care. So they say raspberry tea helps keep your blood pressures down and aid the baby during pregnancy, here's me gaging it down. I always felt like it was just weakly sweetened water. So as you can see with this said I just drink my Stevia flavored 3 liters of water in the morning. Well I try to get the majority down by 12:00 noon so that I am not up at all hours of the night trying to sit on the throne because I didn't get it all drank early enough. Kudo to you beverage drinkers.
Lunch will be shrimp today and tomorrow so I am preparing ahead as I will need to do the salad in a baggy deal. Not sure the combo yet I'll get back with you tonight.
Oh the funny thing is my partner and I are both having days where we are grouchy or hungry both on the same day. Isn't that strange. Well we were both almost the same weight at the start point but it has seemed surprising to us to have the same kinds of emotional feelings on the same day. It also makes it easier to know that the day will be tough together.

GOAL: 6:00 am strength train right after getting on the Wii for 30 min everyday, except I have to leave really early before six tomorrow.

So lunch combo Curried shrimp with stevia on top of tomatoes slices. A lovely orange that I ate later in the day with grissini sticks.
Dinner Fish soup with Wasa cracker and think onion slices. That was yummy. I also made strawberry lemonade a bit weak because of adding to much water but that's ok. I also used all of my strawberries in the drink instead of just the two that the recipe calls for.
I didn't have one single hungry pain or craving need.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

168.9 Wii 28.83 BMI 167.8 New scales

Finally back to a six number. Last night was rough I got hungry so took another spray at 9:30. It seemed to help me not feel that groaning hunger. I might have to start increasing how often I spray back to what I started at. At first I was doing six sprays six times a day then I shifted to seven sprays three times a day. Well today we will see if I have to add that forth spraying time in. I did leg lifts on my bed this morning holding on to the headboard and not hurting my backside. A set of 10 two times. I can see my chin that is a very nice sight. Things I have noticed, my face skin is soft after that detox bath. Yes I soaked all but my nose and it felt very nice this morning. Also I have very terrible cracking fingers in the winter weather so going without lotion made me very nervous. I mean I use neosporin and have band aides on my finger ends all the time, so it has been nice to start feeling my skin be very soft on my hands also. I do wear gloves to wash any dishes at all times and whenever I clean anything to keep them protected but it's been alright so far.
Lunch I am having low cal white fish with grapefruit marinade and of course the rest of the grapefruit half. On a bed of spinach with the melba toasts on top.
I have energy again today wow yesterday was discouraging and disappointing. I found a great YouTube video about a wonderful diabetic women who is very encouraging Mumzeeee. If I knew how I would put a link of just her vlogs about her journey but hey not that technical and do not want all the other ones that come along with the hook up that you have to use. So go find her, she is funny and encouraging and helped me get through my day yesterday.
Dinner a hamburger picante sauce wrap in lettuce and no melba rounds. I am going to count my tomato as a fruit today even though that's not how the Doc looks at it but well I was never raging starving hungry the whole day like yesterday so I didn't eat any tonight. I can not believe how crazy famished I was yesterday and then today be super fine. It must all go to certain fat stores being emptier in some spots then in others ( totally uneducated guess on that theory just stated). So I can feel the pull of muscles in my belly tonight where I did the leg lifts and the tightening up of that area NICE.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Photos on day 20.

March 9, 2010 170.0 Wii, 169.0 New scales

THIS SUCKS! Yep I am paying for it, having eaten the pizza because I didn't eat before or be prepared last night. Next time I will make sure I have my chicken apple baggy salad or Shrimp picante lettuce wrap. Even a cold taco wrap would have been better. Or at least have grabbed an apple to keep from feeling like crashing out of hunger. So lesson learned breads with tiny tomato sauce and tiny veggies and lots of cheese is not easy for my body to handle. I will have to test this theory again by one addition at a time after this P2 with doing cheese first and then bread when its allowed. Lunch is going to be everything that's the lowest that's for sure. And I think I am going to go do what they call a detox bath with hottest water I can get and 2 cupsepsom's salt and 2 cups baking soda. Remember to cool down with shower after and before putting any soaps or shampoos on. Drink lots of water while your washing that fat out of those cells.
Lunch fish with picante sauce and lettuce together making only one cup worth and then I sprinkled the melba rounds on the top. Oh ya, I forgot to eat my grapefruit, I do not like them so I put powdered stevia on top and it was very good. Got me to the next eating time frame.
Dinner hmm coming up. Curry Chicken celery apple salad. I didn't even eat my melba toasts. I found the best calorie counting website today after watching a Youtube person named Mumzeeee and what her journey has been like. I love it because I can see the whole total and it records a record of it. Well time for sleep and early to rise. Oh well I ate my melba rounds at 7:30 started to feel a bit hungry sprayed right at eight.

Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8, 2010 168.4 Wii BMI 28.76, 168.0 New scales

So finally a move on down and still mad at the Wii for saying obese, but hey I am still doing more then others do. So I love that its moving down but because of where I store the fats on my hips I can not get my smaller pants on yet, but soon soon I will.
Lunch Cabbage sirloin soup with Orange and put some of the juice in to spice it up and grissini sticks. Nice and warm tummy liquid. I went for a walk in the sprinkle rain and breathed in fresh air.

I am human, I got caught without my dinner plan in hand and had to take my kids to a reading party night and thus got caught because they served pizza. I held out from 5 till 7 p.m. until I could see that I was not getting home to get my usual 5:30 meal and I failed myself. The pizza won out of my need for some kind of food. There was salad but it wasn't holding me at all. Well needless to say I will pay most likely in the morning. I am drinking the Dieters tea and walked on the treadmill making sure I burned at least 200 calories and hopefully I won't have to pay to badly for being so unprepared. Wouldn't it be nice if our bodies didn't need any sustance when we are caught in the wrong time frame.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010 170.7 Wii 168.6 new scales BMI 29.02

Finally moving down again. My Wii scales got dropped yesterday and so I knew this morning it was not going to say the same thing I am going to convert to the scale that never gets moved because it is also staying close to the old one that my hubby has and they are both never ever moved. I strength trained on the Wii this morning I just felt like I needed to keep the muscles stretching and toning. I felt some new spots that were different then in the past year so I am glad that I did the training. Lunch was off of my amazing Recipe book that I have but you have to request it and then I will email it if you want it FREE.
So Lunch Strawberry Vinaigrette with the Chicken cooked in a bit of it and the rest pored over cucumbers and the rest of the strawberries sliced and the chicken on top. I saved my melba toasts and ate while the kids I taught ate their fishy crackers, Yeah no cheating for me today. Dinner was the most yummy Picante sauce off my HCG Recipe book. I did eat hamburger (181 cal) on top of a few, meaning like 5 spinach leaves (less then 7 cal because it was not a one cup measurement) with the sauce on top. Sauce has tomato (20 cal for the sauce and 1 tomato 32.1 cal making a total of 52.1 cal and you divide that by 4 you get about 13.2 cal of the sauce) and well I only had about 1/4 cup of it so that really is the allotted Veg. Oh yeah the bun was a Wasa cracker (60). It was pretty messy but so so yummy. So cal count up is----506.6 if I am doing all this counting correct. I just know that staying away from Beef and shrimp on the same day is the best route. This is totally my theory but it seems like when your body starts burning the fat storage areas that you stop being hungry at odd moments and the diet makes you feel really full and when your at a set point or holding spot then you might end up more hungry because your not burning. Good day good day.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 6 170 BMI 29.06

I would call this my body hostage at the weight where my last baby delivered. If I do not move down I am going to scream. I know there are ounces moving off but it's been and up and down right here at this weight spot and I do not like it. I am walking on the treadmill to get it moving off me. If I am busy I feel warm but otherwise I keep freezing. I even tossed some clothing I kept out of desperation when I couldn't fit in anything comfy. I really hated them. Lunch was a yummy picante sauce with lean hamburger and Wasa cracker bun and one leaf of lettuce and strawberries. That is a mix of veggies so I am being very careful. Curry fish with salted fresh tomato bed to lay the fish and grissine cracker crumble topping on with apple slices. I ate right at 5:30 pm and the kids tortured me by popping popcorn. It smelled so so so can I say it again soooooo good. I just kept telling myself that skinny is better and I can have all I want in a little while. I never did get to the treadmill to many kid demands so I just ran up and down the stairs as much as I could.

Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5, 2010 170.9 Wii 170.8 New Scales

So what made me stop and hold. Too many calories yesterday? Was it cause I really strength trained last night? Took a soaking bath and got too much of the soap in my scalp? Or is this my body saying hey familiar set point here not going to go past it for nothing.
Lunch White fish 133.3, spinach 7, melba toasts 60, and 1/2 grapefruit 51.85 Total 252.15.
Dinner Chicken with orange sauce 77.9 Orange 77.9 2 grissine, asparagus 27.1 Total 227.9 Total 480.05 I did good today.

170.8 LBS New scales are you kidding I went up!!

What a big disappointment my BMI went up today and I gained back a pound good grief what did I do wrong. Well I totaled my cal intake and it was 55-oz over the 500 limit. I took a shower maybe to much soap got on my scalp, we have such hard water that it makes our skin itch so I could have scratched it into my scalp. What if it was the small amount of strength training that I did. I do not even hurt today so I do not think it could be that. Well its frustrating that's for sure, but I will go on! It could just be that my body has a set point there, having been the point that I delivered a baby and weighed at that point for a long time.

Today I went looking as my body decided to not lose and actually gain. Things I found and their links.

This site has a calorie counter and lots of tips to help make a lifestyle change.

Let me just say this article is my life for the last four years high stress barely
any sleep for two years and glad to understand the cortisol level thing.

Well unearth my ball and start strength training. I want to unbury this 6 pack.
I feel that HCG has helped to burn the fat that was stored here because its the
first place I saw it begin to leave off of me.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4, 2010 170.9 Wii BMI 29.09 170.8 new scales

So strange now both my scales are reading almost the exact same Maybe my Wii is really really pushed around to much. My new scale hasn't been moved since the day I first used it. I think that's the most correct to. So this weight is what I sat at after delivering my last baby and held for about a year and a half based on what my records say on the Wii plus having my hospital leaving weight kept in my mind too. I wonder what will happen will I stall out here or sail through.
Lunch Shrimp 2 small tomatoes, orange and grissini. 284 total calories
Dinner Hamburger taco wrapped in lettuce and apple, grissini, that makes a total of 555 calories for the day. HMMMM I really need to watch a bit closer and remember that hamburger and shrimp are not to be eaten together.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3, 2010 127.4 Wii 172 new scales

I figured up my tally in calories and I am pushing it big time. Do I want to lose a POUND or only OUNCES. I still wish I had a calorie counter scale cause I suck badly at being careful with what portion is in veggies and combining hamburger with shrimp to count out and make it stay under 500 calories is really pushing it. Even if they are the same 3.5 ounce raw weight. Also if you eat the higher calorie veggie like onions with say grapefruit and a whole cucumber instead of only a cup it will put you over the top of the limit. Like I said I am not good at counting so I did it today and ate to many Melba toasts and it was at 370 by lunch time. So lunch was Fennel bulb with grapefruit mixed and the melba toasts that I calculated at 120 cal. and Steak. I didn't like the fennel much.
Dinner was Garlic grilled Chicken breast wrapped in Spinach and no apple even though they say to not do that. Also I drank the dieters tea tonight.
The pounding in my core is not as buggy I think its from the water that is being filtered through my kidneys. Mine have been taxed in the past greatly so I hope that there doing ok. I have kind of strange little spots that are breaking out on my face every once in a while but I just leave them alone.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2, 2010 Wii 173.1 172.8 new scales

Freezing again but feeling oh so good in the skin I have. My hands feel less puffy and fat. Now if my chin would slim down that would be nice. It was a crazy day of trying to make sure I ate at the right time and have time to even cook it. Lunch small 3.5 oz raw weighed sirloin tip steak with asparagus and apple salad. Dinner was strawberry cucumber salad with curried fish that's my favorite way to cook it. I could not make it cooking if I didn't have the recipes that make it so I can think up these combinations. I really cook terribly if its on my own and can not think up a veggi recipe for nothing. I had to be in places that I didn't know my water releasing spots so that was rough. I also have gotten Chocolate Stevia and Lemon twist stevia and add that to my water. Now I can get my water down easily in new ways. ITS GOING DOWN YEAH YEAH YEAH!

March 1, 2010 173.9 Wii 172.8 New scales

Well I drank dieters tea last night and felt a huge release in the area where I once had an appendices surgery this morning. Strange that I should feel that now. I strength trained again today very light with things on the Wii. I do not want to lose all my summer walking muscle by not doing anything while on this diet even though it says not to workout hard. I want my core muscles to get stronger too since that's what holds me together. The hubby and my partner sis said they can see that my belly fat is gone and there are changes that they can see. My clothing isn't so tight either. I changed how many times I was using my spray more to what the bottle directions state instead of what the distributor stated. I haven't felt a single change in being more hungry or less energy I was spraying 6 sprays 6 times a day and cut to 7 sprays 3 times. My bottle is supposed to make it 40 days but its looking like it will be gone before that if I keep spraying at the more rate. I now want to go the full 40 days that you can do when you are using Homeopathic HCG. Of course I can change my mind too.
Shesh I gave my kids an after school snack and without thinking I ate a oatmeal chocolate chip bar. PLEASE body don't make me pay for that mistake of human frailty. I feel so nice in my skin.
Lunch Hamburger 3.5 oz lean with onion rings and strawberries. I made the batter off this HCG BLOG that has recipes, I will put a link at the end. Dinner Crab cake with spinach and apple made a vinegar sauce for the dressing that was really good. I was freezing all day again that is hard to handle. I just wear my coat and tell myself I burn more calories and fat when my body is trying to stay warm. Oh also took my potassium and calcium with magnesium again for the last three days.