Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010 170.7 Wii 168.6 new scales BMI 29.02

Finally moving down again. My Wii scales got dropped yesterday and so I knew this morning it was not going to say the same thing I am going to convert to the scale that never gets moved because it is also staying close to the old one that my hubby has and they are both never ever moved. I strength trained on the Wii this morning I just felt like I needed to keep the muscles stretching and toning. I felt some new spots that were different then in the past year so I am glad that I did the training. Lunch was off of my amazing Recipe book that I have but you have to request it and then I will email it if you want it FREE.
So Lunch Strawberry Vinaigrette with the Chicken cooked in a bit of it and the rest pored over cucumbers and the rest of the strawberries sliced and the chicken on top. I saved my melba toasts and ate while the kids I taught ate their fishy crackers, Yeah no cheating for me today. Dinner was the most yummy Picante sauce off my HCG Recipe book. I did eat hamburger (181 cal) on top of a few, meaning like 5 spinach leaves (less then 7 cal because it was not a one cup measurement) with the sauce on top. Sauce has tomato (20 cal for the sauce and 1 tomato 32.1 cal making a total of 52.1 cal and you divide that by 4 you get about 13.2 cal of the sauce) and well I only had about 1/4 cup of it so that really is the allotted Veg. Oh yeah the bun was a Wasa cracker (60). It was pretty messy but so so yummy. So cal count up is----506.6 if I am doing all this counting correct. I just know that staying away from Beef and shrimp on the same day is the best route. This is totally my theory but it seems like when your body starts burning the fat storage areas that you stop being hungry at odd moments and the diet makes you feel really full and when your at a set point or holding spot then you might end up more hungry because your not burning. Good day good day.

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