Sunday, March 14, 2010

168.6 New Scales

This morning explains why I am still just sitting at the same weight spot. TOM came to visit or Aunt Flo as others call it. That tells me why I had a headache last night and felt hungry and couldn't pass the M&M's that my girl held out to me. I also drank chocolate stevia water yesterday in kind of a craving type mode felt it would help and it did. Funny note here. My little guy who struggles with lots of things will not drink enough water. This causes some struggles on the other end since there isn't enough washing the system shall we say, well he likes anything chocolate and I tricked him yesterday into drinking lots of water in the name of chocolate water. He kept asking for the chocolate milk water. So I think I have now found a cure to the not enough water in his system too. HEEHee.
My partner told me that during her Flo visits she felt more hungry and the cravings were more intense so that's a good thing to note and not beat myself up over.
So I had egg white pancake made with my grissine sticks and strawberries as sauce. It was sorta ok is all I am going to say about my creation. I took my apple with me and later that day went to dinner at a fancy restaurant and shared my flat iron steak with my daughter and ate all the green salad. She ate all my fries and veggies and the biggest part of my steak. It worked out pretty good. I couldn't measures the size amount but I made it be smaller then my fist so I think I should be ok. Besides with the Aunt visiting who knows. This morning was a shocker since I was so tired I could hardly wake up what happened to that lovely bubbling energy that has been with me and my nice deep sleep. Ok blame that dang Aunt Flo.

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