Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 6 170 BMI 29.06

I would call this my body hostage at the weight where my last baby delivered. If I do not move down I am going to scream. I know there are ounces moving off but it's been and up and down right here at this weight spot and I do not like it. I am walking on the treadmill to get it moving off me. If I am busy I feel warm but otherwise I keep freezing. I even tossed some clothing I kept out of desperation when I couldn't fit in anything comfy. I really hated them. Lunch was a yummy picante sauce with lean hamburger and Wasa cracker bun and one leaf of lettuce and strawberries. That is a mix of veggies so I am being very careful. Curry fish with salted fresh tomato bed to lay the fish and grissine cracker crumble topping on with apple slices. I ate right at 5:30 pm and the kids tortured me by popping popcorn. It smelled so so so can I say it again soooooo good. I just kept telling myself that skinny is better and I can have all I want in a little while. I never did get to the treadmill to many kid demands so I just ran up and down the stairs as much as I could.

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