Monday, March 22, 2010

Funny Note

First I do not ever notice the pounding that was in my core at the start. It is just never there anymore.
Hubby's Watch Out, this diet affects them in the strangest ways. Mine always wants to eat what I am eating and is now very into what I am weighing for the day. Also he is very into my need to exercises.
They will do many strange changes as you change. I have caught mine looking in the mirror making his belly pull up back into his chest area.
He has climbed on the treadmill and ran not walked for about 20 min and then the next day complained that his knee hurt and he didn't know why. Ah Hun did you forget that you used the treadmill last night I say. HEHEE.
He will look at your body a bit more like he did when you first met and didn't have any of that having had a baby look.
Mine also told me that I needed to clean out my closet. He never cared about style in his whole life and now he tells me to clean out my closet go figure.
Remember the wife and the mother are the ones who make this world turn around so feed them boys well and they will do well for our world.

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