Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Coconutoil is amazing

I love this site. At our house we have used this brand of coconut oil for over 5 years now. Its an amazing thing to know and understand. I am even going to make my own deodorant with it and add a few essential oils so it smells the way I want a deodorant to smell. I have made it into a lotion and the C boy used it all up after spending every day life guarding out by the lake.
Link where you can buy coconut oil online. The kind you cook with and make bread with stuff like that.

Did you know how it can help go here and learn. Coconut Oil and Diabetes.
Are you worried about this because it runs in your family? Research on Alzheimer's
All fats are not equal so what does this make you think. Research on Saturated Fats.

Fractionated coconut oil is the oil we use if there is an essential oil to hot to use directly on the skin. We buy it here go ahead click that link and then go to the shopping  button and it looks like this.

Reminds me of some  tanning oil I used as a teenager hmm. enjoy!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


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doTERRA Essential Oils
I need and want the fan exposure and hope to help you learn a few more cool things that are out there in this wonderful world we live in.

Have you heard of F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S
The secret is out…and it’s F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.! There are multitudes of products out there, and few consumers have the time or resources to research the products that are truly F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. Their network of bloggers are constantly researching a plethora of new trends, cutting edge ingredients, applications and innovative ideas, using their years of experience in the beauty industry to only report on quality products that are true to their promises. Each quarter they highlight unanimously voted on products that are the most effective, use-friendly and overall sensational, by awarding them with the “Certified F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. Seal of Approval."
go here to learn lots more
They reviewed Deep Blue Rub and said they really like it but then my whole  family would  have told you that too. Remember you can get it at a discount price and I can tell you how. Go ahead and visit the Streams of Health and tell me you want  more info and I will make contact to you. Go read the review down there by clicking the Blue wording.
one cool product.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Introducing IT WORKS! Shrink a fat cell today.

On my HCG Journey I have found all these amazing products that are coming into my life to help keep my body strong, healthy and well fed and now Drop Inches naturally. Let me introduce you to


The Results are amazing and so very very cool contact me at HCG Willpower on Facebook or Like my Facebook page Streams Of Health /wBrooke Jones

Here are some result photos to look at.

I Know this guy personally.

Do an 8 Week tone up of all the areas where you have lost with HCG.

One of the ways you can do this program.

Seriously dont wait its worth the toneing and tightening.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Essential Oil History Lesson

Essential Oils throughout History

Essential oils have been used throughout recorded history for a wide variety of wellness applications. The Egyptians were some of the first people to use aromatic essential oils extensively in medical practice, beauty treatment, food preparation, and in religious ceremony. Frankincense, sandalwood, myrrh and cinnamon were considered very valuable cargo along caravan trade routes and were sometimes exchanged for gold.
Borrowing from the Egyptians, the Greeks used essential oils in their practices of therapeutic massage and aromatherapy. The Romans also used aromatic oils to promote health and personal hygiene. Influenced by the Greeks and Romans, as well as Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic use of aromatic herbs, the Persians began to refine distillation methods for extracting essential oils from aromatic plants. Essential oil extracts were used throughout the dark ages in Europe for their anti-bacterial and fragrant properties.
In modern times, the powerful healing properties of essential oils were rediscovered in 1937 by a French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, who healed a badly burnt hand with pure lavender oil. A French contemporary, Dr. Jean Valnet, used therapeutic-grade essential oils to successfully treat injured soldiers during World War II. Dr. Valnet went on to become a world leader in the development of aromatherapy practices. The modern use of essential oils has continued to grow rapidly as health scientists and medical practitioners continue to research and validate the numerous health and wellness benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oil.

Wouldn't you love to use pure oils from these countries, well doTERRA Essential Oils Company goes right to the source of where the plant originated to get the purest, healthiest, truly native source of plant to access their oils out of. You can get some of your own at this cool store link below.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Acid Reflux Relief want some, get some, heres how.

Have you ever tried all those lovely antacid heart burn relievers? Rolaids, Tums, Zantac, Prevcaid, Prilosec, ETC. We have had to at this house. Even the little guy Jer is supposed to use it so he won't reflux back into his lungs. Frustrating thing is it costs a
lot after awhile and sometimes they stop working. Here's a fix that I have found that is pleasant and tasty and keeps on working. Safe on kids and all natural. Here's what the Doctor says about its abilities too down below there, and go here to find some of your own to relief from the burn in a nice pleasant way. I drop it under my tongue but rub it on Jer's tummy.

Digestive Blend (one drop in 4oz. of water works great)
DigestZen is one of the doTerra Blends that is considered an effective metabolic blend (like Slim and Sassy and Zendochrine). This is major active relief in a bottle.
Dr. Hill’s experience with patients and his research has concluded that most gastrointestinal disorders are secondary to inflammation from bacteria, viruses, parasites and other microbes and a lack of good nutrition.
Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-micorbial, anti-nausea, anti-parasitic, anti-spasmodic, Soothes Hangover symptoms (alcohol, sugar, carbohydrate or meat protein) Soothes and subdues acid reflux, stimulates repair of damaged tissues of the digestive system, been credited with reducing polyps in the intestinal tract.
Ginger: anti-spasm and anti-nausea, dissolves old mucus, warming and comforting, can inspire courage, excellent digestive aid; warming to tissues and organs, uplifting and motivating of spirit. Excellent for Rheumatic Fever Recovery.
Peppermint: It relaxes the smooth muscles of the intestinal tract and promotes peristalsis. Soothing and cooling for the whole body. Kills bacteria, parasites, yeasts, fungi and mold. Known to help relieve distress from food poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, halitosis, colic, nausea, and motion sickness. Enhances bile processing. And reduces heat of fever so body can deal with restoring healing with less discomfort.
Tarragon: Antiseptic and combats intestinal parasites and urinary tract infections; anti-infectious, prevents fermentation in the intestinal tract, assists absorption of B Complex vitamins in intestinal tract. anti-micorbial, reduces muscle spasms, is Great in helping to relieve genital urinary tract infections,
Coriander: Is soothing to the Pancreas and the Gall Bladder, besides assisting in processing of nutrients; anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and motivates good oxygenation. Increases action of basic digestive enzymes so nutrients can be absorbed to create healthy new cells.
Fennel: Helps to improve digestion by supporting the liver. It may also help balance hormones; Caraway: Subdues acid reflux, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, anti-parasitic, Good relief of gas and pain of colic.
Anice: Calms and strengthens the digestive system, calms the sphincters, balances acid and supports creating an environment for healthy digestion.

Protocols: DigestZen on the wrists for indigestion. DigestZen around the core of the stomach and on the wrists for nausea, severe indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, food poisoning, acid reflux, esophageal burning, gas, bloating, colic (tiny baby on bottom of feet), DigestZen Ingested prior to each meal will assist in good digestion and depress Candida overgrowth in the stomach, discourage mold circulation, calm acidic food reaction, and assist in eliminating parasites, will reduce acid and inflammation of tissues it comes in contact with to allow system to return to natural state of excellent good health. DigestZen applied on the forehead will help relieve cold and sinus infection congestion, applied along the nose and on the cheeks can relieve more congestion. DigestZen applied to the reflex points on the bottoms of the feet and hands can assist people getting off of over the counter anti-acid medications. Will stimulate great digestion and assist in absorption of nutrients from food DigestZen applied around the core of the stomach can relieve seasonal allergies. DigestZen applied around the core of the stomach and on the low back for low back pain (and when the pain is relieved or lessened while in motion) can indicate that long term constipation can be relieved with consistent use and increase in water intake and walking for minimum of 20 minutes each day at a steady pace (not fast just steady and consistently). DigestZen: 1 drop added to warm water makes a great soothing cup of tea when recovering from flu or during lots of travel stops to help body get back in balance. DigestZen 3 drops, Melissa 2 drops, Lavender 2 drops, Oregano 2 drops in a capsule 2 times a day suggested upon return from a recently flooded zone (hurricane or flood where mold could have sprung up or after tornado destruction – like in Joplin, Missouri)…to eliminate molds that might have been breathed or eaten from the air. Ulcer: Dr. Hill recommends DigestZen, Oregano and Lemongrass in capsules 3-4 times a day to heal ulcer and balance H-Pylori that may have been cause. Colitis: DigestZen 3 drops, Lavender 2 drops, Melaleuca 2 drops Headaches: For headaches associated with flu, cold, cough or sinus issues apply DigestZen to bottoms of feet, especially the big toe and the bones behind the ear (may dilute with coconut oil if very sensitive skin) on the headache points of the hands and wrists. Candida: Sometimes when applying DigestZen on the core for the first couple of times in people who are new to oils a little rash may appear on the stomach, which is just Candida that was already present in the system, that the wonderful pure oils released thru the skin. Discontinue use on the tummy area and just ingest or apply to the bottoms of the feet. Menstral Cycle Cramping and constipation: DigestZen 3 drops, Whisper 3 drops, Marjoram 3 drops – rub on the stomach area of cramping as needed—before sleep in anticipation of relief DigestZen can be used in suppositories with virgin coconut oil in ratio of 20 drops of DigestZen with 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil to sooth vomiting and intestinal distress. DigestZen may be used in a retention enema for ridding the colon of parasites and Digestive Candida. Rheumatic Fever: DigestZen applied to chest after diluted 4-5 times a day. Avoid dairy products and white sugar during recovery. Morning Sickness: Dilute with coconut oil and massage into tissue of the outer ear gently, and drink plenty of water. Caution: Not for use by people diagnosed with epilepsy.
Resources we use on a regular basis:
Modern Essentials, Abundant Health, LLC, 2009
Healing Oils of The Bible, David Stewart, 2005.
Aromatherapy in Medicine, Jacque du Preneau, 1908.
Aromatherapy, Essential Oils for Vibrant Health and Beauty, Roberta Wilson, 2002
Clinical Aromatherapy, Essential Oils in Practice, by Jane Buckle ,RN,PhD.,2003
Aromatherapy Handbook for Beauty, Hair and Skin Care, by Erich Keller, 1992
Aromatherapy For Healing The Spirit, by Gabriel ojay, 1997
The Art of Aromatherapy, Robert Tisserand, 1995
{} for: Books, Bags, Tools etc.
NOTE: The advice shared in document has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help. Kindly understand that essential oils work to help to bring the body into balance - thus helping the body's natural defenses to restore homeostasis. Essential oils are not used to "treat" medical problems. Respectfully researched and presented for sharing on DigestZen by Dr. Susan Lawton, 2011.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wanta Wipe out that Acne face, I know a way!

 I have been testing this Essential oil out for  awhile now. My first experience with it was at a show, I had a very sore spot near my nose. I commented about how sore it was but it wasn't even red on the top surface yet. My Mom said put this Clear Skin (Dr. Hills Info on Clear Skin at this link here) on and rub it in and then don't touch the area. About 4 hours later I went into the bathroom and there on my face where the sore spot had been was a huge white head. Of coure I wasn't going to stand at this booth all daywith a big white ziter on the face for all to stare at so I got rid of it and washed the area and then went  back to find my Moms bottle of Clear Skin to place another dab on the broken surface. It healed very quickly and its been that way pretty much every time I have used it on any acne spot that I put it on so far. Here is a few clips out of Dr. Lawtons info on how these oils help skin blemishes. These oils are mixed in this powerful Essential Blend of Clear Skin.
Black Cumin Seed Oil:
Black seed contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B2 and C, plus iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium. Additionally, black cumin seeds contain several amino acids, including arginine, alanine, aspargine, tyrosine, linoleic acid, thymoquinone and tryptophan. Black Cumin Seed oil is amazing for wound recovery, skin elasticity and rapid bacterial balance

Excellent for skin repair and for centering of energy. Very soothing for skin distress and aging. Helps to clear mucus glands, has sedative properties, heals pimples, sores, acne, dermatitis, scars, wounds, wrinkles and general skin care: sensitive, dry, dull, combination skin all respond very well to this oil.

Works on: Athlete’s foot, thrush, cold sores, herpes, insect bites, dark spots, acne, and minor abrasions; open wounds, scrapes, blisters, Candida Rash, warts, abrasions, dandruff, Jock Itch relief, eczema, seborrhea.

Analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-catarrhal, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, antiviral, decongestant and expectorant. Great for acne recovery
Happy to work with other oils in this blend to facilitate penetration of elements for repair of skin in its many layers.

anti-fungal, astringent for skin, haemostatic; Geranium is: an effective antidepressant, antibacterial, anti-infectious, antiseptic, astringent, deodorant, gentle diuretic, haemostatic (it stops bleeding), is a general stimulant so adds nicely to the active repair part of so many elements of this blend; Valnet spoke highly of Geranium as an anti cancer agent for some of the early identified cancers.

Geranium is a great balancer of essential oils, due to it being an adrenal cortexstimulant, it helps regulate hormones and moods alike. It is one of the most useful essential oils to detoxify the lymphatic system and help eliminate cellulite, Geranium is often included in lymphatic drainage massage blends.

detoxes layers of skin tissue so that inflammation can be reduced excellent effectiveness with Staph infections, bladder infections, fluid retention, kidney disorders, lymphatic drainage, and strengthens vascular walls.

Pretty amazing  stuff is all I gotta say you should try some on those dang  zits that I thought were only supposed to be around as a teen. That's where you can find it back at that link website and under shop and I promise it works, its powerful stuff too.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Clean your teeth Naturally :) make it shine.

Can I tell you about this cool new fluoride-free toothpaste. This amazing product comes with the protective benefits of doTERRA’s blend of  On Guard Essential Oil. The toothpaste fights against germs and pathogens and reduces plaque. The toothpaste even provides amazing teeth whitening characteristics with cinnamon-mint flavor polishing. doTERRA’s new toothpaste leaves your breath clean and fresh with xylitol.
I am excited to share doTERRA’s Natural Whitening On Guard Toothpaste!
My Kids love On Guards seasonal protective results against germs and the winter colds.
They have used it on canker sores in their mouths and it has gotten rid of it in two days or less. They just put it right on the spot and let it sit. Whalaa it's gone.
I like how when I went for my dental cleaning there was very little plaque so that horrible scraping didn't have to happen as it has in the past.
Now the product is offered in an easy to use toothpaste so you never miss an application of On Guard which was proven to stop the h1n1 virus.
 Learn more about On Guard and what its health benefits are by clicking here.
  Click here to see 52 top ways it can be used also.

Amazing Benefits
  • Provides natural germ protection with On Guard protective blend of essential oils
  • Whitens teeth naturally with polishing agents by removing stains and discoloration
  • It supports healthy gums and strong teeth
Get some for yourself  by visiting my website you won't be sorry its amazing. I have even taken just the oil itself and dropped it in the mop water for the wrestling room before they moped because I didn't want my boys to catch all the other kids yucky flu bugs that were growing in the wrestle mats. It's well worth its weight in Gold to keep you out of the Doc office.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Geting rid of Pests - the Terror of Horrible smells!!

I am really affected by smells and those ones that come in a bottle of Raid to get rid of bugs is no different. The one that has to be used to keep the mosquitoes at bay is the worst. Some days I just go ahead an endure the bites because the smell is so yucky from the off or repellents that we have to use. Well that’s not the case anymore. TERRASHIELD Essential oil from doTERRA works to keep them away and calms the bites if they got me before the spray was placed on my skin. It smells like vanilla  sweet like that and it is pleasant to my airway. Look on that cool pest control list down there for other things that it can do to rid bugs of from my area. Cool is the result I am thinking.
Yep Hurry Junes almost gone and its a sweet deal. Not only that but it works and is safe on kids faces and arms and won't make them
sick from the smell. click back there to get some of your own and use it like this. 8 to 16 oz spray bottle filled with water add 20 or so drops in the spray bottle. Shake before spraying and it lasts about 6 hours to keep them pesky biters away.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

LLV Life Long Vitality you want some?

This is what I call a life saver. I have never had vitamins that helped me stay more alert, energized, along with helping to cut down my need to consume which is mainly I think because I am getting a really healthy dose of what my physical body needs. Take this info from a girl who is really not great at doing the vitamin thing all through her life and now can't live without them. When it comes to essential these are the most essential you can get.

click here to learn more about Alpha CRS
click her to learn about the Micro PLEX VM
And here to learn about the EO Mega

Keep your health inline because it's all you got ya know.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Fathers like to be pampered too. RIGHT!

We are going to try the facial suggestion on this news clip, we are useing Serenity Essential oil (click to back there to read info about this blend of oil) because we can at this house.
The Pretty Girl has ideas to help make her Daddy's face feel new again.
Want to get your own doTERRA essential oils just go here to buy your own ok.
Hope the fathers in your world will have a great day of respect and recognition.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Strawberry Shakeology YUMMINESS

Shakeology Healthy Meal replacement but don't take my word for it want to see one of the best reviews online go here.
I think this stuff is the most amazing meal. my kids think the same thing.  You should try a sample. I can drink my shake at 6:00 AM and go all the way to 2:00 without a single hunger pain. I am even walking tons all that time because of  the job I happen to be doing at the moment.

So come on take a min and go see this site full of  info and videos that tell why its the best. Take it from a cute little guy at our house he likes it and he might even share some with you if you were around  to share here. Go ahead click the link down there and see the yummy info about this shake in video form for your educational info gather.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lavender ( Baby Powder Recipe)

Can you believe it, this lavender oil will cut a burn, make a bug bite manageable, work better then neosporin. We all 9 of us have put it right to the test at our house.
 When there are lots of boys in a house there is going to be a
cut or two or four. Burns not as often but they happen especially when its summer and no shirt is the order of the day. I just add it to a spray bottle of water so it spreads farther and spray on the burn or before going tanning to get a burn. We have used this for years at our house in diaper rash ointments, baby cornstarch mix to replace baby powder (someone at our house is allergic to talc) so this works better. But now I am the one who is mixing the mix for baby powder gifts and adding my own Lavender from doTERRA (read info on this oil back on this link). Yep go here to get your own lovely smelling baby making ingredient.
Natural Baby Powder Recipe
* 1/2 cup arrowroot powder (cornstarch can promote candida so I don't use it anymore.)
* 8 drops of organic lavender oil ( if you purchase a 5 ml bottle it will contain approx 100 drops )
* Optional : White Clay  I get mine from Redmond Clay , sometimes called Kaolin Clay or White Cosmetic Clay
* A Container  I used an old container that had powdered makeup to shake out of the holes but you could use (a wide mouth jar with a powder puff for dabbing the powder onto your baby’s bottom)
Have fun creating and smelling nice
My boys have used Melaluca (read info on this oil back on this link) in the powder mix to put in their shoes or on that area that can chafe when the legs rub together. Just another oil that can help when it comes to powders.

My good friends father who has had both legs cut off and uses this lavender oil applying it to the stumps to heal the sores that come because of his prostheses. After 34 years of painful sores he is free from this frustration because of the Lavender oil. He wipes the insides of the plastic sleeves with Melaluca to keep the bacteria from breeding there when he wears his legs.

Essential oils are amazing go ahead give them a try its worth the smell and staying away from toxins.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I am really coming to love this essential oil. It's been a great balancer in my morning routine. I have some son's who use it when they are feeling very overwhelmed. It takes the stress right out of the situations that we face everyday. Mixed in some coconut oils it would make a great shaving cream. I think I will be trying that for my guys there are several at this house who are shaving and getting to dream about shaving.
Please go to this website to see about getting some of your own. .

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Answer to a safer healthier Medicine Cabinet

Take a look at this link of info and you will find the answer to the cheaper medicine cabinet. Click the Link

Dosen't that above one seem safer then this one here? Some of these have side affects. We have experianced a few at our house. Like reactions to red40 in the feaver reducer, or reactions to the bug spray. Anyway just nice to know there are other options to trade off with in the world that are healthier and safer.
Have an amazing week.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Get Rid of Lysol and Do a safe All Purpose Cleaner Recipe

So you know how when you catch your baby holding the spray bottle filled with Lysol Spray Cleaner and you want to scream and cry for fear because you know that they have been sucking the toxic cleaner out of the nosal end. Here is a very safe alternative with proven research info that will not harm your baby if that curious little thing gets into your cleaning bucket while your scrubbing away at the germs.
Two ways to choose.
Spray bottle filled with water and Lemon Essential Oil from doTERRA.
Or 1/4 cup Vinegar, 1 cup water and 30 drops of  Lemon Oil.(link to why this oil is so good to clean with) 
You can also use Lavender, Eucalyptus,or Wild Orange.(any time a word has color its a link check it out.) 
To do heavy traffic door handles use On Guard oil especially in the winter time.
To make an even tougher cleaner lets add a 1teaspoon of Borax or Baking Soda. Ooop scary some will say, not going to spray that on my counter, well here's a few linky views that may help you decide if that's the way you want to move in your recipe mix. Crunchy Betty says Getting to the Bottom of Borax and then of course there is the infamous (as my kids call it) Wikipedia.
So there's the scoop or the spray however you want to see it.  

Personally I like getting rid of the toxic Lysol and going green and feeling like the toast that gets set on the counter isn't picking up some residue that's harmful. You can actually consume doTERRA oils they are that safe but your not supposed to do that with Lysol.

 If I could I would put a big red X over that Lysol container. Which one would you choose to use? Healthy spray bottle with consumable oil or toxic Lysol wipes or sprays?
On this link you can see lots of other ways to use doTERRA oils as a cleaner with the recipes and all, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Wood Floor Cleaner,  etc. just hit all those words back there.
(Key: any colored words are usually a link on this blog.)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Non Toxic Homemade Antibacterial Liquid "Soap"

I made my own liquid hand soap which was because of someone else's finding and sharing a recipe of course on Pintrest, but mine has my own little twist because I used an Essential Oil called, On Guard, it is so amazing. There are antibacterial properties in this soap and it does not make my little guys hands crack and bleed from using it. It's helped keep my kids from getting the flu this year and the ones that did get the flu were only sick a very short time. With 7 kids, 6 of them boys that's a feat I would say.

So here goes sharing my own Non Toxic antibacterial liquid Soap from our house to yours.

1 Bar of no scent soap,  I choose Ivory because it's known to not cause allergic reactions as often.
2 Tablespoons of Glycerin bought at the store in the Pharmacy area.
1 Gallon of boiling water.

Shave the soap then place shavings in the water until dissolved, I stirred it and then let it cool all night. See in that big silver pot.
Next morning I took my beaters mixed it up to break up all the chunks.

Added 30 drops of the On Guard Essential Oil that comes from doTERRA Essential Oils
 Go click back there on the word doTERRA to get some.
It has a very clean grapefruit,clove, cinnamon smell to it.
Why use that essential oil?  Well it's incredible properties and qualities are all listed at this LINK  and this LINK and this LINK too.
Try your own soap and then make your own nontoxic antibacterial soap that won't make your kids hands crack and bleed.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Make over your Medicine Cabinet so its safer and healthier.

 So here's a question for you do you like wondering what the medicine you take might do to your insides?
Do you want to use natural products that works and increases your health instead?
So which one costs more? Enlarge the photo notice the code numbers and see what you could use to replace the medicine that is in a drug store with one that is natural.
Place your guess and I will give you an answer with a sample of my favorite Essential Oil. Deep Blue Rub.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tailbones are important!

So just when its warming up in this crazy Utah weather and the urge to run at all costs is sitting in my mind bugging me and pestering me, What do I go and do, slip down the stairs with full load of laundry bucket and bang the heck out of  my tailbone on six steps.

There is wood under that carpet you know. So frustrating because now I can't even get a hop along speed of any kind going. I had to have broken it, definitely bruised it, there are big dark spots all over my back and bottom end.

I went right back up the stairs after the fall put an amazing oil called DEEP BLUE RUB on the whole area along with Helichrysum  and Lavender oils. All of them are from doTERRA essential oils.
Go here to learn more yep click it on that line back there.

Did you know that  Lavender keeps swelling down and it did just that. Never had time for an ice pack as it was time to leave for work right then. No swelling that I thought was abnormally out of control happened. The Deep Blue Rub is warm and penetrating and went right to that owie spot. Yes I am going to admit that in the middle of the night I had to have alot of painkiller to keep from passing out from the pain but every time I used the Deep Blue Rub it warmed me back out of shock and helped reduce the owie factor.
You want  more in depth info go here.

I haven't missed a day of work. I have used painkillers helping for at least 3 days and then only at night because its apparent its a broken tailbone. I just kept Lavender on for two days, along with soaking in the hot tub with some drops in my water along with Deep Blue Oil drops. I walk normal but I havent ran yet, dang its going to be awhile.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Whee time flies!!!

I am back!
Fiddling away a blog moment is tricky! Our computers crashed dead it takes time to get them back to.
I have so much going on I feel like I am drowning some days!
I gained, not lots, but more then I want to. Mostly because I can't ever carve time to get on treadmill these days. And its stressful in my job at the moment. I work with a severly handicaped girl and it makes me tired at times. I miss several bloggers gotta read and catch up somehow.

HCG does work but you have to have to have to keep working out with a walk, run, Insanity, P90x once you hit your goal spot! I maintained for well over a year and a half so I know this for sure.

I love Shakeologys new strawberries meal replacement  drink! Now if I could get a  min of P90x.

I now love doTerra oils. Check them out, more of my posts will talk about them.

Life is good, busy and moving fast but thats better then siting and molding old right.