Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tailbones are important!

So just when its warming up in this crazy Utah weather and the urge to run at all costs is sitting in my mind bugging me and pestering me, What do I go and do, slip down the stairs with full load of laundry bucket and bang the heck out of  my tailbone on six steps.

There is wood under that carpet you know. So frustrating because now I can't even get a hop along speed of any kind going. I had to have broken it, definitely bruised it, there are big dark spots all over my back and bottom end.

I went right back up the stairs after the fall put an amazing oil called DEEP BLUE RUB on the whole area along with Helichrysum  and Lavender oils. All of them are from doTERRA essential oils.
Go here to learn more yep click it on that line back there.

Did you know that  Lavender keeps swelling down and it did just that. Never had time for an ice pack as it was time to leave for work right then. No swelling that I thought was abnormally out of control happened. The Deep Blue Rub is warm and penetrating and went right to that owie spot. Yes I am going to admit that in the middle of the night I had to have alot of painkiller to keep from passing out from the pain but every time I used the Deep Blue Rub it warmed me back out of shock and helped reduce the owie factor.
You want  more in depth info go here.

I haven't missed a day of work. I have used painkillers helping for at least 3 days and then only at night because its apparent its a broken tailbone. I just kept Lavender on for two days, along with soaking in the hot tub with some drops in my water along with Deep Blue Oil drops. I walk normal but I havent ran yet, dang its going to be awhile.

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