Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am alive and here is my green hoop house and Garden.

We prepped the ground with lots of fertilizer from of course the cow pens down yonder.

Built a frame that holds the pipe in a curve and wont let if flip up. Laid soaker hoses all over the ground and put plastic over the top.
The last phase will be to put the plastic cover over but since it finally warmed up we will wait till the end of the season to put it on.
I pulled back some of the plastic in the center point to plant little rows of lettuce and radishes and green onions. I figure I can stay ahead of that much weeding space in the inside.
We tried our hand at  a few green beans some grew some did not. Of course these are on the outside because they have a shorter growing season.

Check out that yonder weed patch that sits right on the edge. This years moisture grew all kinds of stuff that is already going brown now that the rain and snow is gone  on a daily bases.
These are onions with some lettuce and chives and carrots of course trying to stay ahead of the weed patch that can take over.
Its been a lovely garden and I am now eating the produce from it.
I started another HCG round to drop the summer no run, few pounds gained. We have had lots of fun picking out the veggies that  are here and now I get to use them to lose the non attentiveness. The kids have kept me so busy with animal raising and then our faraway boy returning has made lots of changes so the pounds crept back on and yikes when the Levis were tight one day after wearing lose summer shorts I got back on the weight management ball, so here's to loosing my summer roll in the middle that I didn't relize was getting back on me.

Where do you put the fat back on?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer busy and having fun.

I am so busy its crazy.
Still sticking  close to my end weight but moving up a few pounds with all the holiday BBQ and reunions and you know not paying attention as well as a person should.

The lovely Aunt also throws a loop or two in there.

Love Coconut oil dropped three pounds after starting taking some of my own home made chocolate treats once a day. Not sure why but who cares it was a good release of the pounds.

The garden is getting there. I have a rabbit that keeps eating all my lettuce so that is not too cool and something is going to have to be done so I can get some for myself.

Keep having and amazing summer. We are counting down the days to when our faraway Africa  boy returns. Yippy can't wait.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Diabetes, Obiesity, lack of growth hormons and hypothulmus

You know that part where you read in Dr. Simeon's protocol about reorganizing the hypothalamus? At the time that I read this I had just started giving my little guy shots to trip his growth within his brain because the hormone was lacking.

Endocrinologists are so cool.

Lets add the fact that why I had gained during the last few years was in part because Little Guy had lived in a hospital for 7 months with me camping in a trailer in the parking lot away from my other 6 children and the hubby, two hours away to be exact. He had to be born 3 months early.
Lets add that I almost died, my hormones were screwed up, my kidneys had tried to shut down, the liver was whacked, so delivery was necessary and then me eating and eating, not what I would have cooked and ya trying to salve the stress somehow through the chocolates and sweets that release endorphins sending it to the brain to help calm the turmoil going on.

Then lets add Dr. statements like well if Jer lives he will go to school with a trach and a vent for the rest of his life, But there are no nurses who are willing to come relieve you ( we live very rurally located) so that you can sleep through the night as he needs 24 hours watch to keep the trachea from clogging. Uh if you don't sleep its hard to lose weight and usually you gain.

Well you get the craziness that would come from that kind of life. STRESSSSSSSSSS!

Talk about a Mom really feeling like she was up against a wall.

Then lets add the looming factor that diabetes is huge I mean huge in my household. We already have another member who is a  maintainer and not on shots but someday it could happen. What about my other kids, will the way I feed them make them be even more susceptible to the genetic factors that are in their systems?

A diet of corn syrup, or high sugar containing food with no fibers and veggies the kind that school lunches are seemingly turning to more and more or the fast food that kids take as a that's how we eat now attitude. Celery what the heck is that? Just give me a biggy sized burger without the tomatoes or the lettuce out and make sure there is ketchup loaded with corn syrup too.

My kids think I am mean because we rarely buy pop only for camping. The veggies drawer is full all the time now. And I say if your hungry eat an apple or an egg that's boiled. Eating out is only if we are not at home or near home because we did not plan well and often times I pack lunches to go when we are not going to be near home.

Now you know why I want to keep the weight off and the foods healthy at all times along with the activity levels really high, its a matter of helping  me feel good and staying in shape now.
Why study nutrition and the hows whys and whens are so important to me, cause I always have to figure out how to get the little guy to eat a veggie without knowing that he actually ate asparagus in disguised or strawberries blended in a smoothie that's secretive.

I question everything and make sure to test out all things with scepticism and want to know why and how it works on a cause affect level not just because you or the Doctor's says so.
Well the good news is the Jer little guy is finally hitting the chart, barley but he is making it. And me I am still maintaining a healthy set weight. Right  at 140 lb still would love to maybe go down but it just does not seem to work that way for me. Besides when you stick in all the small jeans in your closet you gotta be happy and that's me. I hope your all having  am amazing summer my garden is getting  yummy green.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer is full force.

You know how all of a sudden your life does not seem like your own when you have chillins. Well add that to the fact that I have job riding a bus with a whole lot more chillins and then I really start to feel like the chillins all have life sucking motives.

Well now that all the get done with the end of school programs and settling into lazy summer mornings and whip cracking get your job done afternoons I think I might have a handle on the summer. Ha who's kidding who! But at least I will keep trying.

Next post will be filled with the most wonderful dream come true green house. Who's dream, mine or the Hubbies, is a real toss up. Two days ago we had to turn our house heaters on it has been so cool thus the dream come true if we are ever going to slash the grocery bill for the summer.

Nightmare: our lower bottom of our farm is flooding from the spring run off that has not even hit peak yet. Its only done this two other times but this time its being a doosy since the river is cutting the banks where 100 year old trees have stood. A whole field of hay has been wiped out.

Thrilled: Far away mission boy will be home the first part of Aug. Has it really almost been two years wow how the time has flown. Most likely he will go far away again to school but at least we can call him and not have it cost us a fortune and we get to see him for a little while.

Computer mess: Technology is really cool but it sure can stress you when your dependent on its every feature. Our computer caught a virus and so all are hesitant to go into things. It has been fixed by experts. Its also overwhelmed since two of the chillens are doing extra school online to jump ahead.

 Eating and Exercise: I have to pump it in to gear and start clocking the run miles since the far away boy has placed a challenge and has been running even with crappy old shoes and he says he wants me to do a 5K with him. Hard thing is the K boy always wants to go with me and he is not of long legs so we can't go to far before he gets sore and tired.
Eating is Divine: I love that Shakeology and I am sitting right on 140.0 again no matter what I do I can not go down on the scale and it also doesn't matter what I eat I pretty much bounce up and then go right back to that scale spot. But the gut is really getting tight and the skin is getting firm cause the muscle is stronger and stronger. AND THATS soooo nice. Have a great summer mine is feeling full full full, a photo gallery to come soon.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Proud of my Mom

My title today reflects the fact that ya my Mom is getting back into her healthy grove and I am going to say that I am way pleased about it. Even to the point of saying, Hey I am proud of MY Mom. Last year at this time I was filled with the hope that somehow I could show her the path that I had found and the way to lose weight  along with getting really healthy foods into my system and yet I just could not figure out a way. Now today because of my example and dilagence my Mom over the last month at the golden years has gotten to the 199 on the scale after being several several pounds above that point for several years.
She always taught me healthy ways to eat but lots of stress that comes with Mommy years held her in the not able to lose weight area, but not anymore. I too have learned that I must watch when those Mommy stresses show up in my life that  I am learning  to not eat into them but instead face them head on and keep the green food there an kick that nasty stuff that gets me back to fat as far away as I can while I face the Mommy stress at hand whatever that may be.

For me Mothers day started off with a call to South Africa to talk with far away mission boy, priceless. Then the kids at home begging that we go eat the most carb,sugar filled meal of all since we just never ever go get chinese food "except on Mothers Day". When the heck did that become a tradition that I can't remeber being in place past yr 2008. Oh well I caved since if they cooked I would still have to clean up. I ate lots of brocoli beef and chicken with the bread picked off and salad salad salad. They promised that they would eat enough that they would never even need dinner that evening (hmm is that really healthy for kids?)

Home to take a nap that did not happen because instead the Pretty girl gave me a pedicure and a manicure with spring color to go on  my nails. Then I watched as each of her brothers begged to have either thier nails or feet done. Even C boy begged but she would only do his if she could paint his toenails when she was done. He caved in and allowed her, I bet he has a bottle of hidden remover that he would not let on that he had because he is just smart like that or maybe crazy because these boys do things like light potaote booms with the stuff. I mean seriously on Fri. I came home from work to find 3 live fish in my bath tub. Muddy boots on the deck, at least they had changed the water in the field of the Alfalfa hay. Along with one really muddy dog that they were letting in the house. Pre Mothers day tears was the lot I had going on and then lets top it with a trip to the ER because C boy tried to be in a hurry and the lighter fluid explode up on to his face and chest with no shirt on, causeing 2 degree burns to lots of his skin and face.
Mommy stess at its fullest right there and we still had two days to go before celebrating the love that they should show thier Mother.
Finally the real Mothers day ended with me talking to that amazing Mom that I have, just before she went to bed.
I love you Mom alot!
Thanks JBS for a good moment to tell about being a Mother and honoring my very own mother.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Experiment number one results. Shakeology to lose.

Started another HCG April 1, 2011, round to lose 10 pounds that came from not paying attention. Holidays can really mess you up at times. Strange thing the pants still all fit right, well could stand to lose some hip fat is what I thought.
I can lose using Shakeology but I admit I was impatient so in comes HHCG diet again.

Learning things:
Making your mind be in control is such a crazy thing. I took a whole week getting back into the rules of the diet and not trying to pick up little bits of food here and there so I kept not doing the protocol correct. Its such a mental thing at times and you have to get past the fact that your being deprived of what? nothing, really because you have plenty of food and usually when you cheat your not even hungry you just want the food thing and so you take it. I stalled a lot.
I sat at 140 to 139. for a whole week THENNNNNNN. After popping back up to 140.0 one certain day I did the below plan.

So Experiment going into affect NOW with pump up plan.

April 12, 2011 Yesterday changed my eating plan to sub a SHAKEOLOGY meal in, kept the protein and then dropped the fruit. That was my dinner meal.

RESULTS: April 13, 2011         138.0 the scale says I dropped 2.4 pounds to 136. 8. The next day 1.2 pound drop.
April 20th Last day of drops ended 135.8

The last 10 days of a 20 day round this is how I worked it. I tried to see how I would lose if I subbed in the Shakeology as my meal replacement and took it at breakfast time along with still consuming the 100 grams of meat protein too, eating it a bit later in the day. I got to 135.8  Aunt flo stoped in at about a week into P3 dang I did not plan this well then on top of all that the flu ewwww. What a weekend by the 30th of April.

I used a CaliKicker:
I used it to get rid of a horrible sneezing from allergies in the air with a nice side benefit of dropping whole pound not even using HCG and kicking the sneeze to the gutter so to speak.
But I am not sure I like the cayenne in combo with the bottom end removal that your body has to deal with after lots of births, lots a weight and ya know sitting for two years holding a little guy trying  to get him to grow and eat it's not helpful to a persons bottom end. Ok I hope you all are getting that I am talking about the thing truck drivers get that starts with a big H.

Things I like about this round:
I like that there is no hip fat left and its seems to be getting leaner as I pump up into fast running and the muscles in my legs are much much more defined now. Even the gut is getting a small very small six pack type look to it. Now if the lower gut where they cut the skin during my c-section would just tighten up a bit, not much just enough to not sag out so I could maybe wear a tankiny, at my house only though.
Is that vain?

Can I say it one more time I love SHAKEOLOGY and even the video that came with it is a gentle workout to move into after a round of loosing. Here's to the next part Phase 3 getting a really tight  setting in my system.  Here I come month of MAY and P3 without being sick or aunts visiting nor any more allergies.
Today I am 137.4 ekk a tiny bit  up but I will get set back to the 135 spot really quick. I hope!

Friday, April 29, 2011


I don't feel good!

My charity run 10k up in smoke!

Only one draw back to having lost all my fat.
FREEZING when its cold and never being warm enough even when its balmy, which its not its snowing again.

Hubby is on an errand for Knorr broth in a package, yes for me.
Pizza for everyone else, the sound of that makes me double over and hold my tummy,

I should have known that I was not on top of the game the day before when I could not stop sneezing, the virus would just be getting started good. Thank goodness pretty girl can drive since the bus came and left them all this morn.

Jer woke up mad that I hadn't taken him to school, but that throne kept me hostage and we are not talking about the one with the marriage that was going on over there in the England.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BMI being Smart, Diets and Kids, take your pick.

Did you know that you might get dumber as you get heavier yikes. What is your BMI go figure it there and see at Dr. Amens site click here.

BMI is so important that they even did that study to see what affect it has on your brain. WOW believe me I am working to get mine down even more. If you want to go right to the study that Dr. Amens linked to click here. Mine is low but it really could be lower. I wonder how low it was when I was a teen. I do recall it back 4 years ago being at 39%. My Pretty girl's is 17% and she can eat like a horse. I right now have a 24.1% but back in Oct it was 22.8% and believe me I pay attention every day to the consumption in this body. A very good BMI for me at my age and height is 20-27%.

Below this study is a link here about kids and their calorie consumption and the affects it has later in life. Some days I can just feel really defeated over this when it comes to my little guy Jer. He has the hardest time consuming things like veggies or fruit. We can get small amounts of protein like steak and chicken and breaded fish in him once in a while but wow its a constant battle when you look at the calorie consumption of my other 6 kids. Now that I have Shakeology that he just loves I feel less defeated.

HEY would you want to try my shake cause let me just tell you its AMAZING compared to all the other protein carb mixes out there on the market.

Just click up there and it will link you to that cool site that makes it so you can get some too.

Did you ever wonder how a food breaks down in the gut and what it does to get you fed from that gut? Take a look at this spot here what a really good break down of why we need to avoid certain foods for certain reasons.
Or what about what might really be a starch in a food that you hadn't thought about look at a list here
How about the science as to why a gut can get sick here.
All this info has me really thinkin about how and why HCG worked for me and what the gut does in breaking down our foods.
What do you think?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sugar Toxic? you decide.

I often talk about my Little Guy who will eat anything that has sugar in it with the form of candy and for sure chocolate but will not touch a fresh peach or a beet or even a casserole. One of his many issues is oral aversions and texture issues that we work with daily. Let me tell you there are bribes, and conditions, and kids that are not allowed to say they do not like something here at this house all in the name of getting Jer to eat. Thats why there is an ad up there about hating veggies. We can get him to drink veggies in that amazing shake called Shakeology these days.
I also talk about the fact that when he was in the NICU just before sticking an IV or shot or sometimes even just when he was upset they gave him a taste of glucose on his tongue. Back there are two red spots that can send you to links about this practice.

Why?  Well it was supposed to act in the exact same way as Morphine would, making it so that the procedure was not has hard to handle and not create an addiction to a drug like Morphine. Today thanks to an update from the Lighter Side of Low Carb via my facebook I got a very interesting update that is lengthy but really an eye opener to how affected we can get from sugar. Maybe you should take a look and draw your own conclusions to this article.
Is Sugar Toxic click to read or watch the video its all very enlightening.

After this I get even more bugged about the amount of corn syrup and maltodextrose (ie. the one that comes from corn) in his pedisure yep gotta get him to eat real food even more now. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Working on an experiment !!!!!!!

I am trying a new angle trying to see if there is a loss of fat % created in a different way.

I will let you know in about 10 days!

Work on, workout, keep moving and eating a good breakfast. I have eaten my apple or fruit I should say in the morning when doing HCG rounds so that I trip my metabolism and keep the body saying oh it might be smaller but its still food and gas in the early morning hours (get the drift).

Have a most spectacular day spring is in the air even if here in my valley we keep getting snow pelting every dang weekend. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Water!!!!!!! and KIDS their take on it.

Now that it has been a year and I can't possibly live without my liquid fuel for the day and I even crave more then what I used to consume. Plus I like chocolate or grape or lemon or hazelnut Stevia in my water some times. We have a crazy occurance at our house, here are a few angles to view.

Kids responses to me when I say drink water!

C boy ugh a I know I know I need a water bottle but you are never given time to go pee in school!

Pretty girl Jo, "Water isn't the cure all to all things, now you have my boyfriend telling me all the time that I need to drink more water!" "A drink of anything is better then nothing so buy some pop once in awhile!"

Mom Response NO!!!!!! POP!!!!!!

Mc, "WHATEVER it is not the fix everything MOM!"

K boy, ok mom I will. "Mom this morning (at 6:00am) I drank two big cups of water and now my tummy hurts."
Me, "well its just your body getting woke up inside in a new way because it got cold all of a sudden and you never drink until after getting to school", ( he wont eat breakfast here he wants to eat at the school.) I don't think he realizes that this makes your metabolize get into gear for the day when you start feeding and gasing it with water.

Z boy, "wahhh I don't want a drink", then quick change of tune before going out the door or at times returning to get a drink and missing the bus, even on days when I told him he should get a drink first thing in the morning. I have to remind him that he needs to drink whatever it is that he is going to drink before 8:00 pm or the Mom and the bed pay a price and I already have enough laundry daily to add to the load.

Jer the little guy, asleep at 6am "Mom I need a drink from my bottle", or get me some green stuff. When he is fully awake brushing teeth he wants to suck the water out of the brush instead of drinking from a cup.

The Hubby, he thinks liquids that are diet like Dr. Pepper is a good enough substance and he would float if he tried to drink the amount that I can now drink. He can't keep a balance here at all and I win in that area.

The crazy part they are fighting over my morning SHAKEOLOGY all the time now. I guess I am going to have to share some with more then just little guy. 'The fave at our house is peanut butter and strawberry with the chocolate shakeology.
Have a super great day, gotta work my abs now. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

POWERFUL Mystery drink, feeding me and Jer. Shakeology.

The mystery drink is Shakeology!!!!!!
It will no longer be a mystery now that I have tested and tried it on lots of my family. I am a very sceptical person when it comes to how something will work for me. Like it took me 3 months before I tried to see if there would be results from doing the HCG diet. Even as I lost a pound a day I had a message running in my head about how it was just not working on me.

My trial tests on Shakeology are first and formost was to see if the little guy would like it and he does. WIN thats how I feel about that because he is so picky that I often get stressed that he will not eat any veggies at all. Besides little brains neeeeed protein to be able to think and learn when its growing, along with some healthy fats believe it or not. Go watch the Doctors videos they are so informative wish I could add what my little guys doctors all said about it also.

Then I tried it on all the family members. We all did the green shake, I am not going to lie not so great and I ended up adding my own powdered chocolate to get it down. After a bit it does grow on you but it is just not the best tasting one.
NOW The Chocolate Shakeology now thats a huge WINNER. ITS the best healthy drink evvvver. Now remember I wasn't a big chocolate lover but this stuff is the cats meow.

Its like drinking a ice cream drink but its healthy. I am so goofy that I even lick the blender clean and use a scraper to get the last little lick off. As I type I am drooling and want another shake this morning even though one is really good enough. I add all sorts of things to increase the protein levels and get a completely good breakfast from it. Some might ask why not just take the blender and put all the good stuff in daily and make it from scratch. After 3 years of doing that with the Little guy I am kind of getting tired of thinking up stuff and would love to just have an easy mix on hand at times and the Shakeology helps in that area, besides he watches and sees one dang veggie go in and he won't drink it. It also is a heck of a lot more healthy then the pediasure that he is drinking to keep his calorie amount up. Along with the fact that a month supply is a whole lot cheaper for the Shakeology then what it takes to buy pediasure for a months supply. It is going to take a bit to slowly wean him out of his expensive pediasure, but at least now I know he is getting good healthy veggies and fruit in disguised modes. And here is one more plus the shakeology tastes good even if it goes in just plain water on a drive up to the doctors making it so that he still gets a full meal in a cup for the day.

My lovely mystery drink is helping me stay un-hungry and keeping my little guy well fed in spinach and fruit and green things stuff he just will not eat unless its hidden and this hides it well. There are videos that came with the drink. Those workout videos are kicken the gut up a ton. I love the nice steady workout that is well rounded that comes with the first time you order the package special deal. Just 30 min of moving with lots of variations. It is helping me tone up.

Most important to me right now is that I am doing the shakeology workout videos and starting to feel the tight abs that I want to have after being a fatty girl. Its something I didn't think would be a part of my life ever again. Now I know I have Willpower and POWERNSHAKOLOGY to get me there.

To all HCG people you can drink this stuff after your first week off of HCG during P3. I know I have tried it to see the results of how it works and you stay pretty steady with it as one of your meals. My Mom and sisters have used it also along with my Dad who uses it as his breakfast on the diesel truck that he drives. He already lost 5 pounds most likely because now his body is getting a healthy meal. C boy drinks it before his wrestling matches and soccer games. Jer the little guy drinks it at night in a bottle and the Hubby is getting his cholesterol level with it as his early on the go meal in the morning ( you know these busy health providers need to learn to provide for their own health first). 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Can be your most important meal of the day!

Don't leave home without it. It can even be in a 72 hour kits. What about a boy who needs a really good wrestle or soccer quick meal to get him to the next meal this is it. Last but not least feed a non vegetable eating child that wants to consume out of a bottle for the most part. Yep that's a really good food source for on the go.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Maybe you don't agree that eating green food is healthy for you but that's how I have always felt. Then came the day when I realized the I, me, yes the one and only was not getting enough green. You know that crisper in the bottom of the fridge? Mine was not ever filled with much greenery. I remember contemplating it but then only bought apples to fill one side of it. Once I started the HCG diet I had a realization the it was me and my shopping habits that kept the crisper empty. That is not how it is at our house now. My Hubby is so glad to have celery available to him at all times now of course he slathers his with peanut butter. Of course all the boys live on apples as their standby snack so its been a learning lesson to get them to like the Hubby's celery treat. C boy will eat every cucumber in the fridge if I let him. But we have one little guy who will just not eat anything that is green, slimy or resembling alive. So I have now resorted to feeding him a highly green healthy drink mixed in his pedisure or any other liquid form that I can get him to drink. These are some of the ingredients of this most incredible mystery drink. I am assured that he is now getting veggies along with all the protein that he needs.

Acerola is a fruit. It is rich in vitamin C, and also contains vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. People use it for medicine.

Acerola is used to treat or prevent scurvy, a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency. Acerola is also used for preventing heart disease, “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis), blood clots, and cancer.

Some people use it to treat the common cold, pressure sores, bleeding in the eye(retinal hemorrhages), tooth decay, gum infections, depression, hay fever, and collagen disorders. Athletes use acerola for improving physical endurance.

How does it work?
The health benefits of acerola are due to its vitamin C content.
Source came from here.
Click to see one more point of veiw on Acerola fruit.

Camu-camu powder

The world's highest concentration of Vitamin C
Have you ever heard of the Camu Camu fruit? I hadn't either so I thought I would show you a few interesting facts about this fruit from the Amazon Rain forest. It is a small fruit the size of a large cherry. Residents in the areas where these low-growing trees are found often harvest the fruits directly into small boats or canoes as they row under the trees. The reason this fruit is so highly concentrated in vitamin C is because it thrives in lush rain forest soil enriched by the flood waters of the Amazon Basin. This fruit contains thirty times more vitamin C than an orange, ten times as much iron, three times as much niacin, twice as much riboflavin and fifty percent more phosphorus. It is a significant source of potassium, minerals and amino acids. So a "full-spectrum" vitamin C is an all natural nutrient rich nutritional supplement that is highly absorb-able by the human body using all of the natural cofactors required for nutrient assimilation.

Dr. Gary Null, Ph. D. has named Camu-Camu at the top of his list of compounds with antidepressant properties, as well it's effectiveness against the herpes virus. Vitamin C is a highly effective antioxidant, even in small amounts it can protect molecules in the body (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, DNA and RNA) from damage by free radicals that can be caused by normal metabolic processes and exposure to environmental toxins. Vitamin C is known to be able to regenerate other antioxidants such as vitamin E.

Additionally,Pure Camu™contains natural cofactors that support proper serotonin levels in the brain, enhancing and elevating mood.
Dr Mike Adams, aka The Health Ranger explains in further detail about the benefits of Camu Camu. "I'll tell you a secret about camu. Camu camu is the highest natural source of vitamin C in the world. And it's not just one isolated chemical (ascorbic acid), it's the full symphony of protective antioxidants. My research on this herb, based in part of the works of Dr. James Duke, leads me to the conclusion that camu camu crosses the blood-brain barrier and offers extraordinary protection to the nervous system. There is no question in my mind that this product can drastically reduce eye disorders, including macular degeneration, as well as protect the brain and nervous system from degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia."

Put that name in and see all that is said about it.

There was a video that I watched when doing all this research that talked about how Camu Camu helps tissue growth. All I could think about was the fact that maybe it would help my little guys lung tissue grow faster since they say lung tissue will continue to grow until age 8 in little peoples lungs. Consuming these super foods that will help him is worth it to me.
Click to see this point of view.

Here is how some athletes use this amazing herb.

Cordyceps research

Many Pubmed studies have been done on cordyceps take a read here.

Macu root
One more good ingrediant to look at check out info here.
This article tells what organs of the body that it can help and how good info to know read here.

Sacha Inchi
What a super food we have here and one great omega source too. Check it out here.

Yep one more research info spot to review here.

Dr Oz: Best Snack: Inca Peanuts or Sacha Inchi Nuts
Dr Oz said that the best snack for weight loss are Inca Peanuts (also called Sacha Inchi Nuts) that come from Peru in the Andes Mountains. Inca Peanuts are high in omega 3′s and vitamin e, both of which fight off heart disease – plus it has lots of fiber. Dr Oz said that Sacha Inchi Nuts have 3 times the omega 3′s of walnuts and twice the fiber of walnuts


One cool prebiotic read here.

So after looking at a few of these cool ingrediants that are within my mystery drink I am impressed and ready to get others to see what they think watch to see reviews in posts ahead.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

HCG helps, eating and Dr. kudos to me.

I thought that maybe those who are reading my blog would like a few more spots that have good input about how to do the HCG diet. I do not get my product from this site but I really like the layout of how to make an HCG diet work for you. Click the link here to see their take on how they make it work.
I really like to pay attention to this girls success mostly because she is a diabetic and has been successful at making HCG work for her. Click here to go watch her video.
As for me this week I can really see that because I did not do a very good ending to the last round that I tried at Christmas time, well lets just say things are catching up to me. I also have had very crazy sporadic workouts, sick kids, busy at work and going to far away Dr, visits. but it will be ok I will be getting the weight back on track and under the control that I am used too this next week.
I really hate that lovely visitor Aunt Flo and the havoc that comes with her. I notice these days that I am ravaging hungry just before and it seems that I do not get filled up no matter what I eat.
One plus though is that this mystery drink I have been testing is really helping me and Jer be very very regular and for Jer that is a major plus. After seeing a huge panel of Doctors that follow his growth and mental capacity, weight, elimination and eye sight because of being born 3 months early we are getting a, he seems to be right on track, with the adjusted age that they use to do all these developmental measurements. The Hubby wished that he could have seen a lung Dr. that would give us a measurement but nope that was not one of the Doc's on the rotation this time. My favorite Doc is the one who has tons of experience of course because his very own son tested him in many ways and he told me if the only way to get my silly little guy to eat a piece of cheese is with chocolate on it go for it anything when he is this picky is better then nothing. Thank goodness he will take a vitamin these days so going without a few veggies is not hugely detrimental to his development. I told him about my super duper mystery drink that gets veggies into Jer without him realizing it and he said he had heard of it and to keep on using it that it was a great thing for growth of a little body with eating issues. It was salve to hear this Doc tell me that he thought I was doing a super good job with all the tricks that it takes to get Jer to eat even if I have to brush his teeth like crazy because he thinks drinking a powerpacked ( this means mystery drink, cream, yougurt, peanutbutter, spinach, fruit with no lumps that kind of thing) bottle all night is the only meal on certain days. He said believe it or not but kids with issues like Jers can really truly starve themselves if they didn't have Moms like me, yep made me feel pretty dang good after all.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What BPD does to Jer, oxygen and weight hand in hand.

This is a vest that shakes Jer softly with vibration to make the fluids and "boogers" as he calls them, come up from the bottom of his chest. It blows up with air and then oscillates at different rates to help the body break up whats in your chest if you have low lung capacity to expel it up out
In order to get him to sit for the 20 minuets we bribe with whatever we can think up. Books usually can get us through for the most part but today you can see there is a sucker and the kids did things like bring him trucks to play with. I usually have to hold on to him to get him to sit still long enough and now that he is bigger he tries to unclasp and get out. When he is really sick and overwhelmed with the coughs or lack of being able to cough it up out he will just lay still mostly out of exhaustion because if you can't get enough oxygen in your body then your not going to get very far. If you look close you can see that the vest is more puffed up with the vibrating air that is doing the shake the yuck loose in his little chest.
Last week he had to have the oxygen on during the day now that he is older he usually only has to sleep with oxygen on at night. When he was 1 and a half years of age we were able to take the constant oxygen off during the day, so to have to be tethered again did not make him happy this week. He willingly let me do a shaker treatment so he could get the halter off his face for the rest of the day. This was the smile he gave me when I said we could take it off if he did a shaker treatment. That's about the happiest I had seen that face all week.

You know oxygen is something you just can not live without. It is amazing all that it does for your body. Here are a few links that enlighten the need for oxygen. The statement that is about oxygen in this first link is rather closer to the end of the video clip but there are so many good things to learn before you get there that please take the time to hear all of the comments that Dr. Oz makes here.

Because of my success of losing my extra weight as of right now I beat the odds of needing oxygen but if you after losing weight didn't stop falling asleep in the middle of the day and slowed your snoring down pay heed to this guys way of fixing things in his life from lack of oxygen here and then maybe just maybe you should get a sleep study test to see whats going on with your breathing system.

There are many factors that we face when we have a kid with issues. What might I face for Jer's possible future when it comes to eating good foods and not succeeding to get him to some days and why I who wants to lose weight , and am always careful of what I eat, yet I turn around and put cream of all things in a bottle with my very cool mystery drink to bump the non eater child's calorie consumption up. Cream can you believe that, straight cream, ugh of course it has to be doctored cause he loves his pedisure the best and that hides the thick non sweet taste of cream. Now don't get me wrong cream has great fats in it to help a little brain grow its just that I wish he would consume enough of the other good fats that a body needs when your growing to keep a little healthy chub going on there somewhere. Enough chub that is so it would help him grow some great lung tissues, making it so he would never have to have oxygen assistance. Well at least for right now in the oxygen area he is back to breathing at a good rate and keeping saturated at least for today and we knocked that nasty cold out of here.
Read the complications of BPD in older children here.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Maltodextrine/Maltodextrose & a New P3 recipe

Hey did you know that the Malto word and mix has stuff made from starches of the grain wheat or corn!

Read your lables its not for P3 it will get you in the end just eat clean and green right off the vine is the safe way to get it not out of a box or in a mix cause most likly it has Malto in there somewhere in it.

Read about it here and here and here or here hit the links on these read spots. Most off all remember that you should not use any starches in P3 and thats what this is made with.

My recipes from the last week that I tried my hand at even though I am on maintenance.

Take one yellow onion rather large, slice into rings.
Saute in coconut oil sprinkle stevia over and have about a tablespoon of water in it also.
Add a handful of walnuts and warm through with mixing in the onions.
Yummy Beyond Belief

4 oz chopped precooked chicken
6 kale leaves washed
1 leek sliced in rings make sure to wash dirt out if it shows in ring slice.
Put a little bit of chopped garlic to your liking.
1. c. water
1/4 cup cream cheese

Cook until tender then smear cream cheese with almond slivers on the top of steamed leeks and kale. Let cream cheese get a bit warm and melt and then eat.

I really have never eaten Kale in my life so this was my first try at it and let me tell you my Hubby really liked it lots and lots which made me feel super happy to have succeeded at a real good dinner meal.

Monday, February 21, 2011


This was about the only photo I could find of myself before using the HCG diet. It was the summer of 2009 before doing my HCG diet and getting my gut tight again. Notice my lovely fat face which is very thin now.

2011 right after the Bantam wrestling turnament one year after my HCG diet rounds.
Back in the blue suit that hides not a single ripple or roll of fat from the eye to see, these are much smoother ripples compared to the past year of before my HCG and 5K and 10K runs.

I can't believe it its been one whole year of incredible learning. More then just how to do Dr. Simeons protocol. I have learned what makes me gain what helps me lose, whats my limits in physical strength, how to push myself more or give myself a break. Learning to reward myself without food as the prize at the end. Now don't get me wrong here I still have to pay close attention to this, be consistently monitoring myself, I am not perfect here yet.

Let me just tell you it feels pretty dang good to sit at the Little boys Bantam wrestling in dang tight skinny jeans with a sparkly belt and feel like a million bucks compared to last year were I felt old, fat, ugly, had stupid fat pants that I hated and feeling like I was never going to be pretty again. And I did hide my face from all kinds of photos back then. I felt Like I was the mother of a bunch of boys and out for my league with all these young moms that brought their little guys to wrestle and they were all dolled up wearing super high heels and looking as young as my daughter. My thought was just get me out of here I am too old to be here looking like this. Yes I started my first HCG day on the Bantam wrestling day on year ago and we just finished the bantam wrestles over the weekend. All of my little boys ended up with first and second medals including Jer who was given a medal from the coach as a prize even though he didn't wrestle, he is a bit to little still to do the sport.

So today one before snap shot and one of my new me in my cute little skinny jeans along with the fact that I am 44 years old and HOT looking instead of the mother of 7 children. Thanks HCG and all the other blogs and Friends along the way with many an alternate path that taught me how to or not to get back the me that got buried over the last 12 years of my life. There were plenty of blogs that I read, many personal stories and struggles that helped my resolve. Close family that gave me reasons to keep on trying to reach my goal.

But the most important was my own resolve and WILLPOWER to gain the upper hand something that I will keep continuing on with everyday for the rest of my life from now on.
I better put a shout out to a girl who is working to loose, a fellow wrestler Mom. YOU CAN DO THIS and its so worth the change too. I think you know who you are.

Doing this diet taught me a few of these things belive me there are more but to many to list:

Portion control

Eating when I am really hungry not just because its there to eat.

Calorie combinations that are low.

How to drink enough water for my body.

Paying attention to what is in stuff, (like the hidden names of many sugars).

How to like warm hearbal tea to keep me warm, hated tea at the begining now its not so bad.

That corn chips are evil in many ways, two chips a calorie amount a must stay away from.

That there is a sweetness that is unbelivable in green leaves and celery if you havent eaten sugar for a long time.

What a healthy portion size is, which is about the size of your fist for proteins.

Most of all that I am always going to pay attention to the amounts that I eat when I eat and what it is that I eat so that I keep this skinny look around for a long long time!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Advice and Wow survived the week. 140 LBS today.

Click to see this one amazing blood pressure chart.

If you do the HCG way to lose make sure your committed to change forever. Well that's really how it is with anything that isn't part of your normal life style.
I do not agree with the statements that I often hear that go something like this.

"When I am done with my HCG rounds and I can eat whatever I want".

NO there will never be a day that you can eat whatever you want again!

Unless you don't want to keep the change that you just made doing the HCG round or whatever lifestyle change that you just quit following to go back to the past.

You will always, must always be aware and accountable for what goes into that mouth. You must always weigh whether its a good choice or a bad choice to make. Do you want that tiny second of sweet taste or the skinny jean look for a long time. Not paying attention can catch up on you so make sure your always watching your game plan and even reviewing the past plan that helped you to lose whatever plan that was.

Today I can wear my skinny jeans but I am 5 pounds up compared to Oct 2010. Even my fat percentage ratio BMI is up compared to October 2010 date measurement. Do I feel differently? Well not really, some days I can do a few more crunches and feel a bit tighter then the day before. There was this euphoric feeling that was around me when I first lost all the weight like that I was lighter and didn't take up as much space as in my past. Now my body has a more normal feeling like that its just how I am not more nor less just am. Some days I crave that light lose feeling that came as I lost but then I get reminded by someone usually the Hubby that I am so skinny compared to the past years of my life and I am still in a really good place.

So am I still wanting to be losing, well I have decided to do a reshaping round soon when all this crazy wrestling is over and I get to just stay home every evening and weekend. Is it my goal to lose more well only if my body wants to mostly I want a lower fat percentage reading because then that means my heart is really healthy and the body will follow that too.

Every day now I am working to tone and strengthen all my muscles, You know really they have to be toned daily to stay up to par and not get all saggy. The thing that is really good to learn before you ever start any kind of life style change is that you must be willing psychologically to really change all the eating around you along with willing to drag the family along also. What you the Mom create in the kitchen makes kids go into upheaval if you change the way you eat all of a sudden, instead of gradual small instigators over time. My boys like to have treat parties at our house that can just about kill me on the scale if I didn't keep up with lots of personal busy activity now that I have lost weight. You can't deprive kids of treats if that's what the comfort is to them so make sure your changes are small and gradual a plan that you can keep healthy around you always as you lose, strengthen, work out, or maintain what you have gained along this road of change that you make. Good advice for myself to take that's who this pep talk is really for anyway just glad if it helps you out their that might want a reminder along your path in life.

My Week last week:
Sick Hubby Mon, and Tue light at the end of tunnel on Wed.
Sick kids, all week just pick a turn take a turn. Sick Jer, means lots of steroid loaded breathing treatments and shaker machine to loosen that crap out of his lungs. I hate breathing that nasty stuff and its close to my face at times.
Mc broke submarine car real good trying to do the daily feeding animal chores ( saddest sobbing sounding boy ever, called me while finishing my bus riding job)
Had to buy new natural gas economical car, yippee it will only cost me 10.00$ to drive to far away Doctors now.
C boy broke his hand Tue, night. Xrays, all day at Doc's felt like, left one sick boy at Aunts house.
Made dash to see orthopedic hand doc to get special cast so C boy can still wrestle at State competitions. Had to drive 2.5 hours to get into Doc then the same miles back without the C boy who was now getting ready to do the tournament.
Friday, got Mc boy ready who went on winter scout camping called Klondike for first time, gotta make sure he wont freeze to death.
Left other recovering sick kids with Jo pretty girl, thank goodness she is a helper like no other.
Went to watch C boy take 4th in state in the 103 bracket as a freshman, the only one to reach that level that young too, with broken right hand AWESOME beyond belief ( he is not please because of course he wants the top spot but when you break your hand 3 days before its a bit handicapping).

Friday nice night alone with the Hubby, early Valentines Day, our own little party. Ate dinner at a Peruvian restaurant, tried an authentic drink, first carbonated drink in over a year and ate fried cream cheese wrapped in a shell that was kind of like a crepe or taco shell covered with carmel. So now I gotta get the muscles to burn that calorie load off like never before. Whew at least I survived last week. Before this dinner I stayed pretty close to a 500 cal diet except I ate larger protein portions, almonds, my mystery drink, and lots of good homegrown eggs that my boys take care of the Momma chickens. I even ate a few whole wheat sandwiches with peanut butter. I made me some dark chocolate crack and added nuts, dates, and berries to it to keep me accountable in the sweet category.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ughs the sicks WHY!

I have been lifting some weights and owwwie my arms hurt. The Hubby just laughs at me. Well to tell the truth the whole household is a bunch of moaning groaning these days. The Pretty girl has been doing weight lifting in health class. The C boy is wrestling his guts out and the Mom like I said I have been working my muscles. I can feel the burn that is now consuming and I can tell that my metabolism is much higher inferno ration then what the past was like. All I can say is that it feels good to be this in shape. Now if only I could get rid of the c-section sag of my last baby brought on. It also is of no help that there are 6 others that swelled that area to maximum capacity over my past.

As our week progressed the C boy spent 3 days in bed sick and then the rest of the house slowly fell in a slow motion domino affect taking turns feeling sick. By yesterday me and the Hubby spent the day in bed with the sicks. It was really not fun. The households meals consist of that amazing stuff called Vitamin C. We will recover but it has affected with a few negative side affects.
C boy was only able to place 4th in region but will still go to State Wrestling Competitions next weekend. He has really had the fire snuffed out of him by getting sick and by the last round he had no energy left to defeat a kid who really knew what his moves would entail. But the team placed third so that made everyone at least happy.
The dishes are crawling out of the sink and the Jer boy is left with a nasty cough that has us digging for the big gun medicines and our shaker machine that helps him to move the yuck out of the bottom of his lungs.
Thank goodness it hasn't lasted very long for me because I really have no time to be sick I have got to get back to running on the road without making it to the bathroom and back only.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

8 miles I went that far.

Wednesday of this past week yes I made an 8.33 miles to be exact in my run or maybe my boys might call it a shuffle since they can both Mc and C walk almost as fast as I can do my running but hey I did it. I went outside so there were no interruptions, no reasons to quit, and a must to get myself back home since no one was coming to rescue me. It took me two hours to do, of course one neighbor talked to me, one cell phone call slowed me a tish and the hill towards the end got a walk instead of the shuffle move because I was just to tired.

BUT I DID IT and its more then I ever thought I would do in my life time.

I had set out on Tue to do this goal but the Hubby surprised me and came home from work early right at mile 6.25. Ya know how if you stop you can't get going ya that happened to me so I decided to call the run for the day good and try later to reach that 8 mile goal.

I am trying to refine how many calories I consume. I hate recording them but by doing so with Dr. Oz Move it to Lose it I am seeing how much I need verses how much I take in and I always seem to go over. I really sometimes just think it would be easier to get back to the HCG diet limits yet I know that is not enough for the body to keep up with running too. So I am learning how to work the limits out and keep the calories low but not to low so that I can still run.

I saw a to die for recipe here that would be good for a maintaince phase it was on Dr. Oz show I gotta log it's link up there so that I can find it when ever the urge hits. I am so dang crazy for chocolet now days it is just pitiful, having never a need in the past as a youth and young Mom but now get out of my way and give me that stuff or I might clobber you for it. Hopefully this 88 cal replacement will help my fix need and maybe even the little guy will think its cool too. Maybe I just lack and seek the protein that chocolaty has so ya the secret ingredient is a protein that just might help my needs.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tools, Goals, Mystery Protein drinks non eater getting food now.

Fit Bit this little item looks like one cool tool I would love to have.

No matter how little or how much I eat it seems that I am staying right at the last set point that I made with HCG. Good thing but kinda of strange when they say the more active you are the more you can lose. Maybe this is my bodies really healthy familiar place.

On Wednesday I had one of those kinds of crazy days where I had to be in about 5 places almost all at once or one right after the other on the time frame of a clock keeping the hours.
Like a good Mom I devided out where everyone would be and asked others to help get one of them to a far away place. By the end of that day we had Mc winning 4th place in the Jr. High tournament for Regions. Go my boy who said he would never wrestle and then changed his mind 2 years ago and started the sport. C boy pinning his 2 opponents that were 112 instead of 103 and one he said must have been 119 and they goofed or something cause he was tough.

You know how you feel so good after a workout and then about 24 hours later you really start to feel the ache in the muscle that you worked out! Ya my gut and butt and legs are in a regular burn up mode. After running 5 miles in the morning and then forgetting that I had agreed to a Zumba two hour party class I am over the weekend feeling so many many new tight muscles. It really actually feels super good to feel each tweak or catch as I move reminding me of the fact that many years after being a teenager I still can get those muscles tight.

My mystery protein drink came that I have been waiting for. The taste was diffrent then the Chocolate taste test that I did over Christmas. The hubby put chocolate milk powder in it after the first few tastes and the little guy just chugged it all down in his sleep early in the morning hours and then asked for a drink of water when he woke up. He did baulk about drinking it when I tried to get him to drink it later in the evening. Way to much green for him. I am going to admit I doctor the green drink up a whole lot more but it makes me feel so dang good that even if there is a diffrent smell to it I love the energy that I am getting from it.

Well I got in another 6 miles this week and am about to pay the money out that will comfirm me into having to run a real live 10K race. Wish me luck its going to be so fun to accomplish my goals this year.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Progress and starting over some days.

I did another 10K all by myself felt so great the rest of the day. Tue ready to wake up with an owie hip and there was not a single sign of it Yippy that is just too cool.
Dinner was Sweet potatoes fries with too much pepper, chicken and salad and a bit of ranch dressing. The next day the scale was down go figure.

As I look back across the last year with my first date of using HCG coming closer I love being able to review that I can now run 6 miles. Yes that's what I just wrote, Monday I ran that many miles on my treadmill in 79 min. Back when I started this journey just trying to lose the pounds and then needing to tone all the flab all I could do was walk a mile. I told myself every day that I walked that this took forever then I'd groan. The message was I don't have this kind of time to spend here. But really what was more important then getting healthy so I could live longer and stay healthy and not cost my family lots of money in some horrible medical catastrophe.

Now with all that I have learned in being in control of the amount of foods the kinds the combinations and paying attention to what is in stuff that I don't make myself, I feel like I am getting on top of the game of losing and keeping the weight off.

My mental Model: I said this for years and now its almost here. "I will be a happy healthy 120 pounds". That looked like me wearing skinny jeans and feeling strong all over my body. The body follows the mind so a message that you tell yourself is so very body changing. I actually fit in those skinny jeans without the scale reading 120 right now today.

I decided to join Doctor Oz. 11 week move it to lose it and love the plan so that when I am eating whatever I want to eat not doing (HCG) I can also pay attention to how much I need to move to keep it all in check. Along with all the helps of great people that are at my finger tips to glean info from.

Well by the end of the week things were getting straggly. I had a cool late Christmas present of seeing a play in big city and a night out just me and the hubby. It was fun but eating out of the house can really throw your plans out the door sometimes. Also hotels believe in white flour waffles not whole grain kind to feed breakfast seekers.
Wrestling events have some of the worst concession stands filled with ubber junk foods, its a wonder that a boy could even eat healthy stuff at those tournaments. The C boy was at a huge competitions with 66 schools and 68 kids in his weight bracket we went to watch him at the Rocky Mountain Rumble Competition. He placed 7th which is really good for a freshman wrestler. He says "every match is an ability to learn something new to stretch your abilities into new possibilities". "Its actually better to learn while in a real match because both are straining so hard to get the upper move." The food choices were ugha and so I think in one weekend I have undone a healthy scale reading. But I did bring my Denise Austin abs DVD and did it right there in the hotel when I woke up Sat. morning. At least I kept moving.

Heres to keeping on with my maintenance and maybe figuring out what will keep me losing all the time.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bits from the week!

Lots of good runs were achieved this past week, lots of good workouts done also. I would like to have done a run on Sat but alas the thigh muscles on the top of my left leg are screaming after sitting two hours pushing a clutch in and out in stop and go traffic for a total of 7 miles Fri. I think I had better get to a gym and work the right leg so I get evened out in the muscle area.

I did a really cool Bio mechanical analysis on my feet and a look at how they run at a high tech fancy shoe store filled with only running stuff. I need lots of strength support on my outside leg especially the left. WOW what and answer to the reason why my left hip gives me trouble. My shoes are good but a lot of the support is in the arch so now I am going to have to save the pennies to get a shoe that is really solid all the way around and for sure on the back outside of my foot.
Friday at the Dr. office we heard great news that says the Little Guy Jer is actually on the growth charts these days. Now that he has endured a years worth of having to have a growing shot every evening we are finally seeing some progress. I knew it because he was moving through clothing sizes but its nice to have the Doctors see it and start to jump up and down happily too. As mean as it is to have to give your little guy a shot over and over again its nice that there is finally a result for all the torture that has to be given.

Eating is going really well I am paying attention to keeping it all whole grains, lots of veggies and some fruits and not over eating, I think I am eating better then I ever have in my life. At least I am getting more veggies then what I used to. The veggies are with every meal also. I am also working to make sure that my biggest meal occurs at lunch time so that I am not caught going to bed with a heavy tummy.
Breakfasts are getting more consistent for the girl who was never good at that. I do have to kick myself once in a while and think hey its getting past 9:30 are we eating breakfast or lunch only today. I am waiting on pins an needles to get my lovely drink for the morning fueling that I need to do. It should arrive in the mail soon. Now the goal is to get the little guy to tank up eating in the morning also along with the Hubby who has to leave at such an unearthly hour sometimes and so so sucks at doing a morning meal (and he is a health professional who should know better at eat a morning get going meal).

On the wrestling front:
We have C boy who stays right on weight without starving himself, he is eating really healthy except he dislikes celery he says. This week he has had 9 wins all pins and 2 losses. Yes one of those losses was against the Nationally ranked high school senior that he is living to beat some time this year. He said it was a total mental loss because he tried a move that got him in to a position to be pinned and he forgot that the kid has lots of experience and was not using techniques to do the wrestle. Live an learn and go on its just a game is his attitude which is really a good one to have. He has decided he needs to strengthen his fingers lots more because his grip is not very strong.
The Junior high boys K and Mc well they made a bet that I couldn't run with the team in laps and get to the end so I did it after having ran two miles earlier that morning. 5 min laps= about a mile and yep I did it faster then my usual run times. Mc took pity and never went ahead of me. K boy I barley saw he went fast and furious. All the other boys were impressed and gave me high fives or told me that I was good. Made me feel pretty darn good to know that I can run with them too these days.

One confession to make, I can't not keep from a peek at the scale I just don't tell the Hubby and I wont record it, but it is back up 10 pounds but sticking right at my last hypothalamus set point. This was from my previous round that I did a good set job setting my system like Dr. Simeons says to do. Very unlike this last flub up from the holiday avalanche slide that I made. Its a testimony to me that following protocol and doing things right with the diet is important. On to next weeks goal bumping up to 5 mile run at least once this week.