Monday, February 28, 2011

Maltodextrine/Maltodextrose & a New P3 recipe

Hey did you know that the Malto word and mix has stuff made from starches of the grain wheat or corn!

Read your lables its not for P3 it will get you in the end just eat clean and green right off the vine is the safe way to get it not out of a box or in a mix cause most likly it has Malto in there somewhere in it.

Read about it here and here and here or here hit the links on these read spots. Most off all remember that you should not use any starches in P3 and thats what this is made with.

My recipes from the last week that I tried my hand at even though I am on maintenance.

Take one yellow onion rather large, slice into rings.
Saute in coconut oil sprinkle stevia over and have about a tablespoon of water in it also.
Add a handful of walnuts and warm through with mixing in the onions.
Yummy Beyond Belief

4 oz chopped precooked chicken
6 kale leaves washed
1 leek sliced in rings make sure to wash dirt out if it shows in ring slice.
Put a little bit of chopped garlic to your liking.
1. c. water
1/4 cup cream cheese

Cook until tender then smear cream cheese with almond slivers on the top of steamed leeks and kale. Let cream cheese get a bit warm and melt and then eat.

I really have never eaten Kale in my life so this was my first try at it and let me tell you my Hubby really liked it lots and lots which made me feel super happy to have succeeded at a real good dinner meal.

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