Monday, February 7, 2011

Ughs the sicks WHY!

I have been lifting some weights and owwwie my arms hurt. The Hubby just laughs at me. Well to tell the truth the whole household is a bunch of moaning groaning these days. The Pretty girl has been doing weight lifting in health class. The C boy is wrestling his guts out and the Mom like I said I have been working my muscles. I can feel the burn that is now consuming and I can tell that my metabolism is much higher inferno ration then what the past was like. All I can say is that it feels good to be this in shape. Now if only I could get rid of the c-section sag of my last baby brought on. It also is of no help that there are 6 others that swelled that area to maximum capacity over my past.

As our week progressed the C boy spent 3 days in bed sick and then the rest of the house slowly fell in a slow motion domino affect taking turns feeling sick. By yesterday me and the Hubby spent the day in bed with the sicks. It was really not fun. The households meals consist of that amazing stuff called Vitamin C. We will recover but it has affected with a few negative side affects.
C boy was only able to place 4th in region but will still go to State Wrestling Competitions next weekend. He has really had the fire snuffed out of him by getting sick and by the last round he had no energy left to defeat a kid who really knew what his moves would entail. But the team placed third so that made everyone at least happy.
The dishes are crawling out of the sink and the Jer boy is left with a nasty cough that has us digging for the big gun medicines and our shaker machine that helps him to move the yuck out of the bottom of his lungs.
Thank goodness it hasn't lasted very long for me because I really have no time to be sick I have got to get back to running on the road without making it to the bathroom and back only.

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  1. Aw. That's rough stuff. I am praying for you guys that it's over soon without any complications. I hate when they're sick.

    As for the rest of you, you rock! I can't believe how active and healthy your whole family is now. Congratulations. You are such an awesome mom.

    I've missed you! Mr. is not so happy with blogging now, and neither are any of the kids. So, I'm not alone that often to get it done. But. I hope you know that you are amazing. And that you are doing wonderful things! Take good care. Until next time, xoxo