Tuesday, November 30, 2010

140.0 Celebration for Jer!

It's been a rough day of driving to Dr's and and racing back to see wrestling matches. But the very best news of all, Jer the little guy does not have to see the Cardiologist for two whole years. One less Dr. visit on the 6 month agenda that I have to keep track of for him. I am absolutely thrilled I can hardly believe that this is finally happening for us this year. This Dr. was one that has followed him from the NICU and she too was thrilled to see him finally growing past the Pulmonary Hypertension that was brought on by the lung tissue damage from being a tiny little itty bitty preemie guy.

Of course the whole driving trip put a wrench in the diet plan of mine this time. I was not very prepared I forgot my lunch food except the apple because I had eaten that rather early for breakfast. Two hours of driving and convenience store foods with the Hubby who had gotten a pizza and I ate the dang crust which was super thick. Then a pumpkin cookie that Jer wanted to share. A chocolate Zinger that Jer decided he didn't want the bottom of. I felt trapped in a food car and no exercise to have burned off pre-calorie cheating.
Lunch came at dinner time after sitting in the Dr. office for thee hours doing EKG's and Echo Cardiograms on the little Guy, yes we had to ubber bribe him with a diesel if he would hold still for all these tests. He just kept saying I want to be done and go home now, but he did hold still for them, as still as a 4 year old will hold. I ate a apple pecan Wendy's salad and yep I am pretty sure it was well over 500 cal amount.

Racing back to see the C boy "WIN" his first freshman match on the Varsity Wrestling team. 12 to 8 he was so bugged he had the kid pined almost three times and then he wiggled out. 102.6 was the weight before their tiny practise for the day then his weigh in was 101.2. Ohh to have a metabolism that worked that fast again would so be a dream.

Monday, November 29, 2010

142.0 Working down nicely!

The over abundant crackers of the triscuit variety didn't hurt me, yes!!!!!.
K boy has been having to have a meet with the physical therapist for a stiff locked knee so that's where we went this morning to have a pop and all of a sudden fix of the locked up knee. He will have to wear a ace wrap while wrestling but for now there is no understanding as to whats up with this K boys knee and why it locks up every time he runs really hard or wrestles in some certain way. Next time it happens they think he needs to see a specialist, ouch on the pocket book lets hope the ace wrap keeps it safe. Growing boys hate getting slowed down or stop ed from busy activity.

Breakfast: 6:oo am HHCG 10 drops under my tongue 30 min later a nice cold drink of Grape Stevia water. Later an apple about mid morning.
Lunch: Lean Lean lean beef with a lettuce salad and 5 cashew nuts what is with me and the snitching already. 5 Melba rounds and out to ride a bus. Oh ya 10 drops of HHCG at 11:30, 30 min before eating my lunch.
Dinner: Tolapia fish and spinach with vinaigrette that I made myself. Two wasa crackers to eat the fish between and an strawberry drink. And of course ten drops of HHCG.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

143.2 Stretch and loose?

I just love my Pilate's video it helps me stretch all those old muscles that are attached to my bones. I think I need to take some joint helps though because the hip still has issues four days after doing my run but never two days after. It's the craziest thing too because you would think that my other hip would hurt in about the same amount, but it never does. The boys kept trying to use my stretch bands as I was trying to work out this hip of mine. MY Hubby keeps saying that the steroid shots that I got in my hip, right where it hurts, four years ago have nothing to do with the pain; but it sure seems crazy that it is sorta the same pain that was there in my past.
Snow snow snow again it's going to be a long winter maybe that's why my hip hurt this morning.

Eats: Lemon twist stevia in 2 liters of water
Lunch: a hamburger with onions sauteed in coconut oil and some crackers that are not really legal.
Dinner: Chicken, cabbage soup with illegal triscuits I am having a problem with these carbs today it looks like. One half grapefruit.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

144.2 Last loading weight increase.

Well it looks like I do have a faster metabolism since I really didn't increase to much on the scale and I promise I ate homemade whipped cream and lots of pie yesterday. Now to loose the last few pounds

Today will be Water for breakfast
Lunch: 100 grams of Chicken grilled and a tomato with 1 melba round and one orange.

I watched Dr. Oz and he said that a good way to wash off some of the pesticides that are on certain fruits, one being apples, is to soak for a min in vinegar or just peel since it won't wash off the wax that is on the skins.

Dinner: One big apple a honey crunch kind yumm. Talopia fish in a bit of water with celery cooked and some raw bites. Three melba rounds and a bit of peanut butter that I forgot I should not eat in a moment of making sandwich's for the little guy.

Friday, November 26, 2010

143.2 Result of Loading day for my 4th round with HHCG.

That's a whole lot of turkey and dressing in that scale load. Didn't even get a pumpkin pie in so maybe tomorrow but I do not think I will load to much since I really only want to do a 23 day round.
This was one of those do nothing days, well I did run to town with Pretty girl and she got a good deal on a pair of jeans that I still can't fit into and one belt and then we got out of dodge. We are both lame shoppers, besides she wanted to ride horses more then fight crowds of people once we got there and watched for a min.
I took naps ( I feel slightly comatose with this much food in my belly) and watched Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat and ATE Pie because I am still supposed to be loading, it was good but I just can't fit anything more in and I so just want to start losing the last of this tiny fat that sits on the back of my hips and around my belly.
Going to take Vitamin D and not eat as many toasts to see if that helps me lose the weight faster during this round. Oh and I am still going to run 3 miles at least one time during the week so I can move towards running a half marathon someday.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

137.2 My own 10K goal and Thanksgiving

It was a race against myself to increase my pace and go the distance and I did it. 6.12 miles so a little over the amount needed yes with my trusty old treadmill. I got my pace going and kept at it with only three little potty breaks and one cookie removal from the oven. There was never above 5.o and it took me 80.14 Min's to do the run; But I felt good and not like I was going to crash at the end, keeping steady the whole time. I had wanted to go do a run in Moab Utah but ended up having a training day for the buses along with wanting to do one more round to meet my goal of 120 before the year is out so that Xd my true race that would have gotten me a bib and pace recording but oh well maybe a different race will come to my availability.

LOADING for my 4th round with HHCG today. THANKSGIVING dinner will be enjoyed by me a ton because I am not going to avoid a single thing. The only problem is that I have to actually force myself to eat more then the usual since I fill full so fast these days. It was a struggle the whole time but I made it and there had better be a significant rise on the scale that I hope slides off faster then an entire week like the last time that I had to do a big round before the loss kicked in.

I am thankful for family
4wheel drive
Financial security right now
Heat and heaters
Home to live in
Hope and happiness
Healthy body
Happy kids and Hubby
Honest people
Most of all I am thankful for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and all that they do and have done for me in my life.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

138.6 Vitamin D and losing.

I read an article kind like this about how this group was doing a study on losing weight and found that many people were also lacking vitamin D but when they increased the amount they were able to start loosing because the fats cells stoped keeping it locked in and unavailable to the system, interesting so of course the article led me to research and study this so now I am upping my vitamin D so this next round i do might be a bit easier to lose with.
Eats Messy when you start cooking for Thanksgiving Dinner or leave super early to get to a Dr. appointment and there is only a killer yummy bakery open when the hungry signal hits.
Egg croissant on the most divine croissant and a cinnamon roll with a blueberry almond milk smoothie.
Lunch Chicken rolled tiquitose and broccoli trees.
Dinner pumpkin cookies with lots of almonds two tastes of killer cranberries salsa ohhh its a good thing i get to eat whatever I want tomorrow.

Things I have noticed since doing this diet. When I was a kid and I awoke in the morning there was a hungry signal that my belly sent to the brain and i hear it. Then over the years it got mixed up and lost or maybe ignored with the activities that were around me. The signal just wasn't honer or listened to much and some days it even quit working. Now that my metabolism is speeded up a wee bit I get that message rather quickly in the morning. Now the test is to make sure that I give the message something so that I keep the metabolism moving, that's one key element I have noticed happening.
The second thing is that when i eat I am filled rather quickly and have lost that need to fill till i am so full I want to pop and can't move. I now don't like that feeling so much. Ya here comes one of those days when I have to load and feel almost sick inside.
The third thing comes under motility. If I eat over the amount my insides make somewhat of a protesting and work at top speed so that they are free of the cramped feeling that make the space feel squished. I am glad that the break down works better these days then it used to in my past.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

140.BRRRRRR its cold!

We awoke to find the little boys room freezing cold and the wind whipping into it in record strength. There is a huge storm brewing that is supposed to be record cold, wind and snow by tonight. Let me back up just a bit, a few days ago we had an earthquake, the epicenter was very very near our home. It was small but it must have knocked a few of our nails around that keep the house together because the window frame that the Hubby still has to frame around on the inside came loose in the boys room. This allowed wind to blow through the crack that is between the window and the framing spot. It let the foam seal crack and with as much wind as we have from the impending storm that was one dang cold room. Yep no exercise this morning because I was trying to seal the frame back in without realizing that the window was loose. After everyone got on the buses I headed for the Hardware store and got caulk to reseal the area. They asked me if it was loose because they just couldn't understand why the air would be getting in like that especially after I said it has been sealed for like 4 years now. I hadn't even thought to look that the window might be loose. By the time I got home the Hubby was back from a short day at work and I discovered a way loose window that had nails that were not sunk in on one side of the frame. The Hubby used his strong hands to crank the screws back in and hold the window back in tight and I caulked the seal back together. It sometimes is a small blessing to find such things can you imagine what a wind at 50 mile and hour could do to that loose window with this up coming storm we are supposed to have.

Eating was making sure I got breakfast because now like never before my body is saying I am hungry feed me when I get up and get going so here goes the eats.

Eats: Well an apple muffin on the run for breakfast.

Lunch is a hamburger with spinach salad for lunch.

Dinner: Steak with a handful of almonds and a huge cup of hot chocolate that I might very well regret on the morning scale read but after being ice cold all Dang day it felt good to drink something warm.

Monday, November 22, 2010

138.0 Serving someone else.

Crazy I am finally catching up in the dish department. Today I had to help the Little Sis out doing her daycare while she saw the dentist. Sunday night was cold and snowy we had to park cars at the top of our hill so if we couldn't get out then we had cars available on top. Yes we 4Wheel drive out of our yard most of the winter.
I was lucky and made it out in the morning on the tracks that the Hubby left for me to follow. Not much in the exercise department since helping out the Sis. I kept hoping but finally gave up. It is so dang cold here that I have been doubling up on the clothing layers. Riding a bus is cold and the Hubby thinks I am always cold cold cold! He says to make sure I add another COLD on this sentence.
What is it with me and eating I am a mess I feel like because I just can't be consistent or something I can't really even put it into words at the moment. I missed breakfast, ate pizza with chicken on top had chicken tacos for dinner and could not stop eating the chips. I did get some green lettuce and avocados and tomatoes so at least some of it was healthy. The squash was filled with brown sugar and yummy turkey sausage. Quit being grumpy and be glad that you got food to eat I tell myself as I type.
I missed getting the exercise in and it is really bugging me. I feel like I need a stress relief that I can not reach somehow. Maybe its the cold it just keeps seeping into my hip and today it is bugging me again. Ya that's it that's why I need and want the missed excise for the day and if it isn't gotten in the wee morning hours it just never gets off the ground most days for me.
Gratitude thought, at least I had the ability to serve someone today let that be enough.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

138.0 Ouch I hate aching!

Aching I did not sleep really well my back hurt and my legs felt all cramped from running. The Hubby gave me a karate chop sort of massage and the muscles felt better in my back after that. I am sure having off days this week it seems. My eats were slightly messy. I am hungry at moments but can't think of anything that is really appealing so it was more like a snack of this or that the whole day. I hate it when I get this way with eating because I just can't think of what would be good to eat.
One broccoli tree, some yogurt, one cheese stick, a bit of lasagna, spoonful of ice cream, a bit of apple slice with a bit of peanut butter, spinach with a tiny bit of feta cheese a sprinkle of sunflower seeds, one small tomato. I kept tyring to figure out what it was that would fill me up but never really sat down to eat. Even if I had wanted to cook I couldn't because the kitchen water had to stay off as our dishwasher had melted a hole in the bottom and the Hubby needed one more new part to hook up a new dishwasher. So you guessed it I got my Christmas present that I didn't really want but when you spend two hours everyday doing dishes and then by night time two more hours the Hubby starts to get grumpy and gives in and got one instead of tyring to get kids to take turns washing and fighting over it. They are much better at just getting all the dishes put away after something else dose the cleaning.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

138.2 Love that good drop down look.

Feeling thin today, the brain is thinking do I really still need to reach the 120 goal when I feel so thin? Hmm the Thanksgiving loading day is close approaching.
Wood hauling that's what we did for fun today not that its tons of fun more like its just a necessity to keeping warm around our parts its what keeps our house warm.

Eats: Quinoa with honey and butter to sweeten
Lunch : Chicken taco with spinach leaves and cheese.
Dinner: A pretzel bar and an apple with some peanut butter.
Of course my 2 liters of water with hazelnut cream stevia today.

I ran 5 miles on the treadmill today while watching a show with the kids then went and got my Christmas present early. Ugha, it is not really what I would have wanted but its a big need around this house. It has to do with the daily doings that a family of nine would do three times a day or maybe more. Any guess what it might be that would be helpful like that? Tell you tomorrow when I actually test it out.

Friday, November 19, 2010

139.6 A bit higher on the scale after all that.

I think that the lovely Aunt visitor coming is why the scale is a bit higher and why I was more hungry then usual yesterday. Also I have no energy today so it was one of those sitting around not feeling that great kinda of days. Tomorrow will be better I am sure.
Pro-biotics are really good for breaking down fiber very important to the gut so I think I will make sure I take some and get the Little guy to take a bit more in his pedisure. He told me that he ate a pumpkin pie at school. I wonder if that means the crust or the filling or the whipped topping. I guess I will have to test that out on him on the up coming holiday meal plan.

And yep C boys scale reading was back to 103.6 after his kitchen tasting splurge. He is going to have to be mighty careful all season long. Good thing he is the energizer bunny.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

138.8 C boy made the GOAL!

C boy is 101.2 and after wrestling yesterday he was 100 pounds. He said "I don't know what I was worried about, I feel better then I have all summer and fall". I was more out of shape then I realized and it shows". He was unable to wrestle after Christmas last year because he broke his ribs and then protected them for three months. Now that he has paid attention to eating healthy and really put it all out on the mat he realizes how out of shape he had gotten over that time frame. This morning he could have eaten breakfast but he wouldn't so I made him egg salad sandwiches with Cheese on my thin bread. He will drink his water and poweraid and do the hydration test and chow down tonight. The goal for him has been met and passed and it was all done with healthy eats cutting the junk right out and increasing the water that his body needed.
Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal

My eats: Breakfast: Omlet with homemade salsa, slice of cheese, Chocolate malted milk.
Lunch: Egg salad sandwich with another slice of Cheese, I think I am protein seeking today.
Dinner: Sloppy joe that I didn't make, with Orange slices three carrots, white bread bun, Chocolate pudding with whipped cream; ate at Jer's reading party for school. Ohh I just ate in a big danger zone wonder what will happen now. But as we can all see the rice and corn syrup didn't bump the scale to bad now for tomorrows readings. I am hungry today wonder whats up with me.

Note: C boy passed the test really easy and the kitchen wanted to go into hiding if it could cause he took foods out of hiding spots that he had stored all week and ate little bits out of them. The Hubby and I were laughing at him so hard he is like that dog looking at the steak in the stream and growling at everyone. He was nice and shared his sandwiches with all the other starving wrestlers that were having to do weigh ins and hydration tests two hours away from home with no packed dinners to eat.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

138.6 Cow Bunga

I think we finally get to say that we, and yes I mean we today are hitting near the goal.
C boy's scale reading was 101.6 at 5 AM now if it will stay near there by the time practise comes after school. He is filled with healthy eating, hard core wrestling in the evenings, fast paced quick 30 min run every morning wearing a black plastic bag and tomorrow evening I can say he has hit it right on the nose with room to spare because they have bumped up the weigh in day to Thursday evening.
He is drinking the amount his body needs and he has had a complete protein every single meal combined with a veggie and a fruit.
Now I need to visit the store to replenish my pre frozen chicken cuts and get apples and oranges he has eaten them all.

I had a 3 mile run, barefoot, too lazy to put my shoes on today, might pay for it later. I am getting a bit faster in my pace but only a bit. Strength training after with Pilate's done by Denise Austin my gut is going to hurt I only did 30 min of it.
French toast for breakfast.
Lunch was stuffed 2 green peppers that had hamburger and rice and the Stouffer label said corn syrup like every other ingredient it seemed. It is an experiment to see if I gain from eating that kind of food.
Dinner: Hamburger with tomatoes on a wasa cracker bun, broccoli with ranch dip and about 6 no bake cookies that have chocolate, peanut butter, oatmeal and sugar in them. Two chicken nuggets that Jer fed me, and a big lick of chocolate peanut butter spread while making Jer a sandwich hopefully he eats it and not me.
Lots of water from my container with grape Stevia and maybe more then my two liters because I ran today and drank out of the tap instead of my container while working out.
Wonder what the scale will do in the morning. I felt ubber full today.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

139.4 A Need to win hmmmm!

I feel better today. I was afraid that my hip might hurt when I woke up this morning after running for that many miles. I was pleasantly surprised that it must be starting to comply to these exercises that I am making it go through. I sure do not get why it didn't hurt like this back when I started running in the summer for the first time in 19 some odd years. And even at that I was not really ever a big runner.
I hope I win this (go read about it) never wanted one until lately when I can't tell how fast i am getting or how far I have gone.

I had such a busy day that I only ate a steak on the run at a restaurant and had an apple with it.
My pants are so dang baggy but I am having a revers experience about not wanting to give them to someone else but they do not fit me very well at all. Why would that be, well they are dang cute they are long not capri's, they keep me warm and I only got them a year ago. I am back in that space of not wanting to go buy pants (costly &, no money to spend) but this time its to get a smaller pair not a bigger pair. Oh that felt so good to be able to say and think that.

So today off our school lunch menu C boy can only eat the salad which is only a bit of shredded iceberg lettuce, and apple wedges with milk to stay safe in keeping his scale level at a good space. The Macho nachos have way to much sodium and the chips are corn with dextrose, He could scrap the cheese and meat off and eat that but there is barely any there and it is all mixed with the beans that are totally sodium loaded. The treat is a Rice Krispie and so no sugar if he is going to play it safe. Then I read this off the Lighter side blog and about died. Maybe the schools should watch what they are feeding the kids first before telling the parents how to fix the kid. Made me fuming because the kids have to pay extra to get a nice side salad if they do not want to eat off the school menu at our school areas.

Monday, November 15, 2010

140.0 Winter cold has my head!

I am freezing again today. My head is in a foggy, my eyes are feeling scratchy, but I determined that running on the treadmill would at least warm my body up so I did it. I started with just a walk for a mile. Then I broke into a slow jog. Then a nice steady pace of 5.0 and ran for 4.5 miles moving up and down between the 4.0 pace setting and the 5.5 pace setting. My mind was distracted by a show on exercise and then the news for the day. By the time I got off I had a sorta clear head at least my nose was running instead of being stuffy from sleeping. I felt thinner too that was nice. I took a cold then hot shower took a nap oh ya somewhere in there I sent Jer off to preschool. Then I got dressed like a snow bunny and headed for a very cold bus ride later in the afternoon. Nice that the kids were good and all sat down today. It was the kind of day you need when you feel like you should have just stayed in bed.

Everyone in the house ate Chicken noodle soup so that I did not have to to anything except read to little boys and go to bed. Oh ya we did watch AFV as a family for our family night. Everyone was in bed by 9:00 PM I sure hope that isn't an indication of others getting sick because that is really early for three teenagers to be getting into bed.
C boy still being a very good diet listener to day. He has til Thursday night to keep that weight in check. He is only allowed to drink distilled water, The coaches say our water has way to many minerals in it to pass the hydration test for wrestling. His eats egg whites, salad, steak, cucumbers apple and a stolen piece of cheese.
My eats an orange, cucumber chicken salad with feta cheese. Almonds, a bit of chocolate spread and some peanut butter. I really did not have much of an appetite.
Jer stole K boys chicken noodle soup from him and ate the whole bowl. We were all very surprised and K boy just let him have it he was so shocked that he would take it right away form him. Maybe Jer is having a growth spurt.
I really am thinking about doing my 4th and hopefully last round with the load day on Thanksgiving weekend. It will make Christmas dinners hard but that's ok I want to make my goal this year not next.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

140.4 Whats the Eats?

My boys did dinner last night, they caught a rooster that is killing their hens and they made him for our dinner. They plucked the feathers off and cut the meat down then put a bit of flour and seasonings on and walla dinner right off the good old farm. That will teach roosters to hurt their precious hens ever again.

I fell of the wagon a bit no exercises today. I am freezing, there is one draw back to losing weight and that comes under the fact that cold weather can really put you down. I have the sniffles a bit and my head hurts. I will hit it hard tomorrow though because I want to attain my 10K now not next year.
Eats: almonds, carrot, cabbage roll, cauliflower pizza with cheese,eggs, broccoli and turkey pepperoni, and some home grown boys made baked chicken breast,

Saturday, November 13, 2010

139.2 My Kids are Winners!

Mc took third would have gotten second but the rounds were done in what is called round robins so the kid he won beat out the next kid that Mc had lost to making it drop Mc to third. Give him a few more weeks of practise and that neck hold will not make Mc cringe ever again and he will always be the guy on top.
K boy is a bit of a heavy weight and the other boys his age look at him and "go oh no he is big and he is going to squish me" and then they have already lost without really even trying, so K just rolls them over and pin, he wins.
Z boy well he is little and has lots to learn and so does everyone that he has to wrestle so he took fourth but they still got medals so he was thrilled.

C boy the coaches decided that they will have him wait one more week to burn a few more calories and try staying at this low weight, because you can only do this hydration weigh in one time a year and then your growth allowance is based off that last weight and since his weight was 103.9 that was way to risky a risk to take. There are two Saturdays that they can do the test and so next week they will lay their odds on the scale so to speak. At 5 AM he was 102.3 after running with a plastic bag on him. But we all know that through the day your weight increases a bit and he still had to drink his allotted 2 liters of water plus a Gatorade before standing on the scales.

Why would a coach want a kid to try so hard to be at a certain weight when they know he has very little room to burn down and there is hardly any fat on him. Well a bit of history. C boys older brother wrestled and his uncle, many many cousins, his Papa did in College and his Daddy too. The coaches know this, some even wrestled the Uncle and Daddy when they were in High School. The Coach has taught the cousins and the big brother through the years so they know that there is abounding talent genetically in him. This sets us to the point where we talk about the fact that C boy has hardly ever lost a match in the 11 years that he has been wrestling. All moves come pretty automatic, he is a willing learner and ready to play the game 24/7. They have all been waiting the day when he got to High School. Two years ago they started paying attention to a kid in another county that would be the 103 bracket and hoped that C boy would not have any growth spurts and could be in that weight bracket. This kid is a senior and is very good and the only kid who could even come close to experience is C boy. All the other kids that are coming in weighing 103 that are on the High school team have never wrestled. So that's why everyone is hoping and working to keep C boy at the coveted 103 spot. So another week of teaching him how to eat low and healthy and keep at the 103 spot.

I ate peanut butter sandwiches, cheese sticks, Yogurt, celery with peanut butter and honey. Fried potatoes with hamburger, yogurt cheese gravy sauce and squash with brown sugar and butter and sausage in the middle. C boy ate the same things except for the potatoes that he stayed away from.
I got 1 mile on the treadmill. I am really having to share these days and the time frame is really tight because we both try to run in the morning. It would be so nice if it were warmer outside so I could just get out the door instead of freeze out there.

Friday, November 12, 2010

138.6 Wrestle on, steak day helped.

We are all very happy today, its Friday. The pretty girl made a healthy breakfast for the guy friend and surprised him with breakfast in bed. She is taking him to a dance tonight.
C boy is almost to the weight that he needs to be, all the while eating very very healthy, no starvation going on here even though he thinks it is when all the other kids get things like tortilla's or chips.
Me I am happy because for at least today I got the pounds to drop back a bit and even got a run in late at night.

My eats Cheese, Steak, lettuce, almonds, chocolate nut spread, Eggs, and two candies. Its the strangest thing to not get that grinding hungry pain and to just pay attention to if I really am or am not hungry.

Had to laugh at the C boy, he was cooking the steak, making the food he gets to eat after his weigh in tomorrow. Being all fussy in the Kitchen, finally I asked what he was doing; he even washed dishes. He said "I can't stand that the steak is setting and no one is rushing to eat it." "And I am just trying to be helpful." I told him he was testing his strength and he better get out because he can't eat tonight as he is so very on the edge of what he needs to weigh tomorrow.
All the little boys are doing a Bantam tournament and they were really quickly in their beds out to sleepy land. These tournaments start at 7:30 am and there is always travel time to have to take place.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

140.4 Modified Steak day again.

I decided to try another steak day to see if the weight would drop back down to the lower level that I had ended this last round with. I am not really ever hungry and eat really rather small in portion but I always seem to slowly climb up bit by bit. That's even with all the hard working out that I have been doing. I look great so I can't complain that the scale sits a tiny bit higher then when I finish but sure makes me nervous for when I reach my goal point. I just might have to go way past the 120 mark so that my system does its final set point right at the 120 when its all said and done, if you follow my gist here.

The C boy came and said he had a go to the bathroom problem. The Hubby and I asked him how long it had been going on. He said like 4 days now. We were a bit surprised and then the lecture about didn't you listen about how the wrestling coaches said you needed to drink water? Ya Ya but he hadn't believed and now he was sick. Well since that Hubby is in the Med field and the Little guy Jer has to often use things to help the motility, C boy got a dose. Needless to say those few pounds that he has been stressing over came off and the morning weight was 1 pound away from where he needs to be by Saturdays weigh in. Now all we have to do is good healthy eating of nice veg and protein for three meals in small portions and lots of water with tons of exercises and I bet that boy makes the coveted 103 pound bracket that he desires.

Me a nice long walk of 2.5 miles since its my rest day but I crave doing something healthy everyday now.
Eats steak apple and some cheese oops not a total steak day.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

140.2 Talking to kids about weight loss.

Last night and all morning starting at 5AM the boy who needs to lose 2 pounds wants to know what to do. As a Mom with the boy who is growing this is a big struggle to be placed in. He is the energizer bunny almost every single day so how could you bump his metabolism up anymore? He is growing you should not keep a boy depleted when it needs to grow. So how do you tell them how to drop 2 or 3 pounds in three days. The only two things I can think of is that he needs to drink more water and flush his system out a bit. Second eat only protein and vegetable carbs. No bread no sugar no treats. And third bump up his exercises status into over drive.

Just like wrestling is mostly a control over your mind and a will to win. Being in control over what you put in your mouth and making sure your willpower keeps you on track is the way to lose a few pounds. He asked me if he could use my HCG and I of course said no it will not work that way for you. You must follow the system and it takes more then three days to lose and you are not fat so there is nothing to pull from fat that is stored on your body.

He admitted that he was hungry after practice last night and went to his cousins and ate a Pizza Pocket. No protein not really any carb worthy eats of a vegetable and lots, LOTS of a bread that's white. Along with the fact that he realized he does not drink the amount of water his body needs to rotate around in his system. So he ate nothing else last night and at 5 was on the treadmill running eating breakfast of only egg whites and a tomato with my sugar free dressing. A bag of celery and a liter of water went with him to school. The bottom line is that if he can't go down then he will have to wrestle the next weight up and be happy there and so will the coaches because the kid is riped all ready and there is no fat on that body to lose.

Me running in a snow storm for 3 miles and some of the Pilate's that worked the abs. I can really feel the tightness in the area around my old C-section scar.

My eats: Cream cheese smoothie with peaches and strawberries and some celery too. Salmon and California rolls made out of brown rice. A wasa cracker with some cheese and almonds.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

140.2 Another day to get it right.

Quiet peaceful house for a min. The wrestling season is upon this household. This means the taxi service is back in full swing, going and coming back and forth alot of driving is going to be happening. This includes one kid who must drop 2 pounds and it would be nice if it were three pounds. Plus really healthy eats have to be in the fridge so that the boys are not looking for fast sugar fixes and empty calories. No white stuff allowed in the kitchen like no fried foods nor cola drinks, and heaven forbid there better be no white rice, white potatoes, white bread, white chips, white is out. You know the saying the whiter the bread the sooner your dead. Muscle maintenance and lots of veggies is the fare what the heck do you do when it won't grow at this time of the year. One very nice plus with boys wrestling is that the coaches demand a curfew time, in bed and lights out by 9:30. I love it because the ones who won't do that rule are faithful to it at this time of year.

My Eats: Omelet with salsa and onions and cheese. A cracker with cheese and a hamburger for my lunch with a cucumber and sugar free onion dressing from the Waldon Farms brand. A peanut butter sandwich only a half on whole grain bread and a cup of milk. I have a tummy ache this evening.
Did the full 45 min Pilate's video with Denise Austin, this is my cross train day. I do not know why but some days I just put it off and then realize when I am in the middle of it that these moves are tough and I can feel the burn that happens in the slow build that I do when working that video out.

Monday, November 8, 2010

139.8 Hold to a spot for a min?

It looks like my body is going to like this spot for a min. I wish it were back down but for now it is just fine considering how badly I ate over the weekend. I am ram ping up the miles and wanting to reach 5 miles so that I will feel like I can really truly reach a 10K at a speed that is decent and not slow as a tortoise even though the steady one is usually the winner right?

Crazy eats today, nothing as nice and green as this turtle is eating.
Oreos, milk, lasagna with extra meat that I added. 1 orange, chipsncheese, bugle chips, milk again. It was sorta pieces here and there and not really ever a total meal eaten. I ran 2 miles at a 5 pace and had to do it in the house on the treadmill. I wanted to do more but had interruptions and finally was just grateful to get what I got in.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

139.2 The day after race ouch!

As the day neared the end yesterday I started to be really "ouch" in my hip on that left leg. I had done lots of stretching and kept wondering why its hurting this race and running agendas compared to back in June and July when I prepared for my first 5K race. I hadn't ached not one time back then so why now. The Hubby just always says something like you need to work it out more, no help there. Well I finally got a jet tub massage going on it. This has helped it quit hurting and being all tight and isn't feeling like it ran any miles at all on that hip for today at least. Hopefully the muscle will settled down in that area now and will stay settled down forever.
Today I rested with a bit of stretching tomorrow. I will hit it hard again bumping up the miles a bit.
The days eats have been crazy sugary such as chicken with sweet sour sauce and oreo cookies.
I had oatmeal with yogurt that had sugar in it. I did eat one healthy half of a cucumber. But then on to a brownie with marshmallows, jalapeno poppers and fruit. Oh ya pepper jack cheese and lots of my water too. This is definitely the dangerous season of foods maybe because our bodies crave the warmth that fats and carbs make under the layer of our skin in preparation for cold weather. Just a thought on why we eat what we do some days. Believe me my body would some days like that fat layer back to keep it warm, it is cold in my surrounding land now days. The only problem is my willpower will not allow that fat layer to come back, no never again can it come back like that.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

139.8 Turkey Trot run 5K.

Mc and K boy getting ready to run their first race for one mile.
Resting at the end of the race. Mc third place and K second place for their age brackets but no turkey lots of learning and realizing they needed to train more and run more everyday. They had fun that's the most important thing of all.
Jer is not to happy that he can't come along for the race so I had to come give him a hug till big brother swooped him up and got him paying attention to other things while we got ready to run for our turkey dinner.

At the end of the run we were met by the boys and of course Jer who still wanted to come run even though we were definitely done for the min. No turkey won but determination and fun to make it to the end was won on all of this crews parts today. I did have the place of second in my age category but then there were only two of us that were that age and I was three years older then the winner.
Eats: well celebrating ice cream malts with pumpkin mix the Hubby claims that they are filled with protein and these kids will think up any kind of reason to celebrate even if it was second place or third. Cheese on chips, broccoli trees, mushrooms, and a tiny bit of chicken.
I went on later today to to run 2.1 miles on the treadmill making a total of 5 miles for the training goal towards my 10K. The Hubby is still complaining that I must lengthen my stride when out on the road. I tend to find it easier to do when the treadmill is threatening me that if I do not speed up I am going to hit the end and land in the wall so somehow I have got to take that faster pace out to the road and get an imaginary threat of maybe a dog biting my heels I don't know any suggestions I will definitely take them so bring them on.

Friday, November 5, 2010

140.0 Mmmm WHY??? Turkey run

Why? cause my body wants to be this weight on the scale I guess.
Today would be the first day of maintenance if deciding to keep going that way. I have decide it will be about three weeks of maintenance before I do another round. I am not pleased that there was a rise again after eating pretty moderate. I mean the Cream Cheese shakes with the strawberries was what I ate on my first P3 round. The salad was lots of greens but maybe it has to do with the dressing yep sugar in it. Later that evening I could have eaten less of my dinner, less salad, less steak, less dressing that most likely had lots of sugar in it. I don't know its sure has been much harder this time around to lose, make the body set and now who knows stay at the lower weight. I think I am going to do a Thanksgiving load and then a 20 day round to lose towards my goal. I sure hope I am able to get to my goal without having to do anymore rounds and then the goal would be to maintain that for a whole year without having to do anymore rounds. I must admit I have learned lots and lots about so very many things on this journey. I will continue to learn I am sure for the rest of my life how to manage this body and the quirks that come along with it. Here's to maintenance for the next few weeks and trying to stay at a low level on the scale.
Eats today:
Green salad with chicken cucumbers, sunflower seeds, feta cheese and Waldon's sugar free onion salad dressing.
An apple with some peanut butter.
2 liters of Stevia hazelnut water.
Dinner baked Salmon, Cheese chunk and more water.
Rode my bike for 40 min and hiked the side of our hill for .8 of a mile that's a total of 2.8 miles worth of exercises. My leg hurts on the left side most likely because for a bit of the walk I walked backwards up the hill. Why, I don't know just for the fun of it that's why.

I am excited for tomorrow ready to run with parts of my family in a 5K race to try and win our Turkey dinner.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

136.6 My second steak day did the trick.

I got back closer to the last weighed dose day from doing that steak day. I had a rough night. I think you could call it a hypoglycemic attack. I woke up shaking feeling sick lightheaded and dizzy and wanting to throw up. I started to shake and barley was able to tell the Hubby that I needed a spoonful of sugar fast. He got me jam and it was the craziest thing to feel the shaky sensation slowly move down and out of my body leaving through my toes and finger tips. Why did this happen to me I started wondering so I of course went searching for insight on why this would be happening to me. I read this and this and this.
After doing what would be considered fasting two days and then a big protein intake with minimal sugar for the day, but having over the past weekend eaten large amounts of sugar pure sugar in candy form I would say that my body was trying to get back to a normal, the first this article link really states it in a form I connected with.
But when I got up at 6 AM and going for the day I felt normal and back on top of things.

Breakfast Eats :Protein shake of cream cheese, milk, and strawberries along with a handful of cashews.
Lunch: Salad from Wendy's with grilled chicken. All 4 of my youngest boys had Parent Teacher conferences today. Plus a nutrition check and weight appointment for Little Guy Jer.
Dinner: Salad and steak and lots of steamed veggies. All 10 of my Hubby's brothers and sisters got together and celebrated their birthdays for the year. Hope the scale isn't undone from the meals eaten today.
Getting geared to run with my kids this weekend.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

138.4 Tried another steak day today.

I had a rest day today resting from all exercises. Instead I did house work and the dreaded bills. I made the mistake of asking the Hubby if he thought I was looking like I had tighter legs like in the past. Smart Man he would only say the he loved me no matter what and that I would never be 21 again.
Little guy ate lots again today. Of course I made the peanut butter sandwich with carmel chips so that he would eat it no matter what. He ate it all but the crust. Along with an oatmeal bar from my sisters house. I wonder if he tried new things at school today. Again used the hungry med, I think I will have to keep this up for a little bit until we get him into realizing the messages that he is hungry.
Oh ya I ate an apple and had my steak and lots and lots of water today and I am drinking tea before I go to bed. The teenagers at my house are having a get along battle and I sure hope they get it figured out soon so we can have peace again.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

138.2 Eating disorders in little kids.

Steak day sorta worked, at least the scale is not where it was at (and no I still am unwilling to post it) but it sure would be nice to stay lower instead of always climbing up the scales when I go on P3. I wonder if there really are people who lose instead of gain after P2? My legs are getting really strong and firm, now if my butt muscles would just do the same thing. I guess I am going to have to do the dreaded squats over and over to get that result. Sad thing is we have packed the weights up to finish our basement floor so who knows when I will have that available to me again.

3.2 miles running today 1.1 mile out on the road 2 .1 miles back on the treadmill.

I need ear muffs or a head band that covers my ears too and gloves to keep my fingers warmer.

Eats were chicken noodle soup with carrots. Celery sticks and milk. Lots of almonds an apple and lots of grape stevia water.

Jer the Little Guy and Not Eating Story

I was going to try doing one more steak day today and I was going to do it for my evening meal, but I had to get Jer to have a school picture taken and he then begged me to eat lunch with him. When you have a kid who will not eat and he invites to eat preschool lunch well you had better not turn him down because then what kind of example are you. He can't understand that you have an opposite scenario and want to lose fat where he needs to gain fat any time he can. Since Fri of last week he has been unwilling to eat, even his usually fare of steak or chocolate peanut butter sandwiches or even very much of his stand by Pediasure. The candy of the season has been a HUGE factor.

Did you know that when a baby is in the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) that often when they are old enough to manage and have started to taste that they will give sugar water on their lips to taste, especially before they do a IV stick or draw blood. The sugar water is like unto having a dose of morphine, thus I of course have a very addicted little guy to SUGAR in any form. I feel he seeks sugar more because it is a familiar taste that he is ok with compared to maybe other tastes especially when mixed with textures. Not all children would be this way but remember he had no food by mouth until he was 7 months old. Some do not feel that it is addicting which messes with me since working to be free from the need to have so much sweet laden food is what my diet has been partly about. Seeing how much sweeter and more flavourful food is without adding so much sugar to it is what I have learned along the way.

Read this and this or this to see how sugar acts as morphine to a preemie, how it works and how people feel about its usage.

This could be why he hasn't eaten anything except candy for 4 yes FOUR days including the pedisure which he usually will drink every night. This morning at 6 am when he asked for a drink there was hungry medicine given to him also. I was getting desperate to see him eat something healthy. This included that all candy got baned from the house. All the other boys if they had any left hid it where the Mom has not been able to find it and that includes the Little Guy not being able to find it.

So back to lunch I agreed to sit right down and eat with him. He ate some of the noodles, then the chicken chunks a few minuets later he was drinking the broth off his spoon which was a first for me and the teachers to see. We played a crunch game with the celery all the other little kids ate not him. 6 minuets later he decided to try one of the celery sticks. Yippee on to one more celery stick and one more. That is the first time he has ever tried them. I about jumped out of my seat, between me and the teacher we just kept scooping out chicken chunks and putting them in his bowl and talking about how yummy all the food was. He still wouldn't touch the slimy looking peaches that are out of a can. At my sisters house later that day he ate popcorn and roman noodles and at my brothers house that night Aunt Jamie got him to eat part of a peanut butter sandwich and 3 spoonfuls of yogurt. At bed time he asked for a pedisure and I the crazy girl that I am added the rest of his yogurt to it with probiotics and the hungry med again. We just gota make up the calories in that little body when the eating is good. Believe me I wish he would just do it on his own but at least there is a med. that can trip him into getting hungry some days. The thing that makes me crazy is that everyone elses food looks better then when it is at our house, even if it happens to be the same dang food, who cares though at least he is willing to eat today and that has helped me feel less stressed. I also didn't need to eat for him so hopefully this scale will stick or go down tomorrow. Yes I realize that I stress ate for him on Sunday thus a disgusting scale read got me on Mon.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I reserve the right to not put the scale reading on today.

I really do not want to blog today but I am driven by a goal to keep a record so that I am accountable to this weight loss goal that I have made. I am going to talk about the fact that I fit in all those skinny jeans that have been stored in my closet. Now not skinny in the skinny popular statement just skinny to me size 8 and I can now do the buttons up without sucking to hard on my gut.

I remember the day after my first boy, who is faraway, was born and I tried to put my old jeans on that I wore pre-pregnancy. No one told me that I would need to wait a bit to fit in. My Mom was not there to help me pack the bag and help my brain realize those things. I just thought that I would pop back to a pre-pregnancy shape and fit. Let me tell you how shocked I was to not fit. Hey I had gotten that big ball in the belly area on the outside now what gives. I then had to shove them back into my suitcase and put my big fat clothing back on. I even had to wear those dang things for a few weeks after till I could go get new clothing or pants I should say. Standing in the dressing room was not so happy a moment as I got pair after pair slowly moving up in size way past what I had ever worn before. I wore a size 5 or 6 back pre-pregnancy. I finally wrapped the brain around the fact that it was not going to ever happen for that old size. Even today as I feel grouchy at the scale and have no desire to post the weight I can fit into my size 8 and feel great because they are way smaller then last years size 14 jeans but the size sure likes to play with your brain.

I must focus on the fact that my thighs do not touch together anymore rubbing when I run or walk. My hips are very slim and there is no fat pad on the back side that makes me look like I need to cut a small hunk off. The arms are very defined not as nice and defined as mizfitonline.com but getting there. My muscles ache in lots of ways but it's the kind that makes me say yeah I am getting back in shape and feeling pretty great. So ya let me focus on that today instead of the scales. Oh yea doing a steak day and eating only an apple.
I am so much more in shape then what the scale had to say this morning.
Did stretching, my hip needed it after that dang long run Sat.