Sunday, November 28, 2010

143.2 Stretch and loose?

I just love my Pilate's video it helps me stretch all those old muscles that are attached to my bones. I think I need to take some joint helps though because the hip still has issues four days after doing my run but never two days after. It's the craziest thing too because you would think that my other hip would hurt in about the same amount, but it never does. The boys kept trying to use my stretch bands as I was trying to work out this hip of mine. MY Hubby keeps saying that the steroid shots that I got in my hip, right where it hurts, four years ago have nothing to do with the pain; but it sure seems crazy that it is sorta the same pain that was there in my past.
Snow snow snow again it's going to be a long winter maybe that's why my hip hurt this morning.

Eats: Lemon twist stevia in 2 liters of water
Lunch: a hamburger with onions sauteed in coconut oil and some crackers that are not really legal.
Dinner: Chicken, cabbage soup with illegal triscuits I am having a problem with these carbs today it looks like. One half grapefruit.

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  1. Man! those stretches feel so heavenly. Thank you dear. Off to sleep I go! (you are amazing. I hope those help you as much as they did me and my hip:)