Wednesday, November 17, 2010

138.6 Cow Bunga

I think we finally get to say that we, and yes I mean we today are hitting near the goal.
C boy's scale reading was 101.6 at 5 AM now if it will stay near there by the time practise comes after school. He is filled with healthy eating, hard core wrestling in the evenings, fast paced quick 30 min run every morning wearing a black plastic bag and tomorrow evening I can say he has hit it right on the nose with room to spare because they have bumped up the weigh in day to Thursday evening.
He is drinking the amount his body needs and he has had a complete protein every single meal combined with a veggie and a fruit.
Now I need to visit the store to replenish my pre frozen chicken cuts and get apples and oranges he has eaten them all.

I had a 3 mile run, barefoot, too lazy to put my shoes on today, might pay for it later. I am getting a bit faster in my pace but only a bit. Strength training after with Pilate's done by Denise Austin my gut is going to hurt I only did 30 min of it.
French toast for breakfast.
Lunch was stuffed 2 green peppers that had hamburger and rice and the Stouffer label said corn syrup like every other ingredient it seemed. It is an experiment to see if I gain from eating that kind of food.
Dinner: Hamburger with tomatoes on a wasa cracker bun, broccoli with ranch dip and about 6 no bake cookies that have chocolate, peanut butter, oatmeal and sugar in them. Two chicken nuggets that Jer fed me, and a big lick of chocolate peanut butter spread while making Jer a sandwich hopefully he eats it and not me.
Lots of water from my container with grape Stevia and maybe more then my two liters because I ran today and drank out of the tap instead of my container while working out.
Wonder what the scale will do in the morning. I felt ubber full today.

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  1.!!! Woot.

    I love that Cboy is doing so great. You are a good mom. Really.

    I can't believe you ran 3 miles BAREFOOT! Congrats She-Ra. I hope you can see a happy scale number, and I'm excited to see if Cboy has any placements. I'm sure he will.