Saturday, November 6, 2010

139.8 Turkey Trot run 5K.

Mc and K boy getting ready to run their first race for one mile.
Resting at the end of the race. Mc third place and K second place for their age brackets but no turkey lots of learning and realizing they needed to train more and run more everyday. They had fun that's the most important thing of all.
Jer is not to happy that he can't come along for the race so I had to come give him a hug till big brother swooped him up and got him paying attention to other things while we got ready to run for our turkey dinner.

At the end of the run we were met by the boys and of course Jer who still wanted to come run even though we were definitely done for the min. No turkey won but determination and fun to make it to the end was won on all of this crews parts today. I did have the place of second in my age category but then there were only two of us that were that age and I was three years older then the winner.
Eats: well celebrating ice cream malts with pumpkin mix the Hubby claims that they are filled with protein and these kids will think up any kind of reason to celebrate even if it was second place or third. Cheese on chips, broccoli trees, mushrooms, and a tiny bit of chicken.
I went on later today to to run 2.1 miles on the treadmill making a total of 5 miles for the training goal towards my 10K. The Hubby is still complaining that I must lengthen my stride when out on the road. I tend to find it easier to do when the treadmill is threatening me that if I do not speed up I am going to hit the end and land in the wall so somehow I have got to take that faster pace out to the road and get an imaginary threat of maybe a dog biting my heels I don't know any suggestions I will definitely take them so bring them on.

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