Monday, November 29, 2010

142.0 Working down nicely!

The over abundant crackers of the triscuit variety didn't hurt me, yes!!!!!.
K boy has been having to have a meet with the physical therapist for a stiff locked knee so that's where we went this morning to have a pop and all of a sudden fix of the locked up knee. He will have to wear a ace wrap while wrestling but for now there is no understanding as to whats up with this K boys knee and why it locks up every time he runs really hard or wrestles in some certain way. Next time it happens they think he needs to see a specialist, ouch on the pocket book lets hope the ace wrap keeps it safe. Growing boys hate getting slowed down or stop ed from busy activity.

Breakfast: 6:oo am HHCG 10 drops under my tongue 30 min later a nice cold drink of Grape Stevia water. Later an apple about mid morning.
Lunch: Lean Lean lean beef with a lettuce salad and 5 cashew nuts what is with me and the snitching already. 5 Melba rounds and out to ride a bus. Oh ya 10 drops of HHCG at 11:30, 30 min before eating my lunch.
Dinner: Tolapia fish and spinach with vinaigrette that I made myself. Two wasa crackers to eat the fish between and an strawberry drink. And of course ten drops of HHCG.

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