Friday, November 26, 2010

143.2 Result of Loading day for my 4th round with HHCG.

That's a whole lot of turkey and dressing in that scale load. Didn't even get a pumpkin pie in so maybe tomorrow but I do not think I will load to much since I really only want to do a 23 day round.
This was one of those do nothing days, well I did run to town with Pretty girl and she got a good deal on a pair of jeans that I still can't fit into and one belt and then we got out of dodge. We are both lame shoppers, besides she wanted to ride horses more then fight crowds of people once we got there and watched for a min.
I took naps ( I feel slightly comatose with this much food in my belly) and watched Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat and ATE Pie because I am still supposed to be loading, it was good but I just can't fit anything more in and I so just want to start losing the last of this tiny fat that sits on the back of my hips and around my belly.
Going to take Vitamin D and not eat as many toasts to see if that helps me lose the weight faster during this round. Oh and I am still going to run 3 miles at least one time during the week so I can move towards running a half marathon someday.

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