Monday, November 22, 2010

138.0 Serving someone else.

Crazy I am finally catching up in the dish department. Today I had to help the Little Sis out doing her daycare while she saw the dentist. Sunday night was cold and snowy we had to park cars at the top of our hill so if we couldn't get out then we had cars available on top. Yes we 4Wheel drive out of our yard most of the winter.
I was lucky and made it out in the morning on the tracks that the Hubby left for me to follow. Not much in the exercise department since helping out the Sis. I kept hoping but finally gave up. It is so dang cold here that I have been doubling up on the clothing layers. Riding a bus is cold and the Hubby thinks I am always cold cold cold! He says to make sure I add another COLD on this sentence.
What is it with me and eating I am a mess I feel like because I just can't be consistent or something I can't really even put it into words at the moment. I missed breakfast, ate pizza with chicken on top had chicken tacos for dinner and could not stop eating the chips. I did get some green lettuce and avocados and tomatoes so at least some of it was healthy. The squash was filled with brown sugar and yummy turkey sausage. Quit being grumpy and be glad that you got food to eat I tell myself as I type.
I missed getting the exercise in and it is really bugging me. I feel like I need a stress relief that I can not reach somehow. Maybe its the cold it just keeps seeping into my hip and today it is bugging me again. Ya that's it that's why I need and want the missed excise for the day and if it isn't gotten in the wee morning hours it just never gets off the ground most days for me.
Gratitude thought, at least I had the ability to serve someone today let that be enough.

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