Thursday, November 4, 2010

136.6 My second steak day did the trick.

I got back closer to the last weighed dose day from doing that steak day. I had a rough night. I think you could call it a hypoglycemic attack. I woke up shaking feeling sick lightheaded and dizzy and wanting to throw up. I started to shake and barley was able to tell the Hubby that I needed a spoonful of sugar fast. He got me jam and it was the craziest thing to feel the shaky sensation slowly move down and out of my body leaving through my toes and finger tips. Why did this happen to me I started wondering so I of course went searching for insight on why this would be happening to me. I read this and this and this.
After doing what would be considered fasting two days and then a big protein intake with minimal sugar for the day, but having over the past weekend eaten large amounts of sugar pure sugar in candy form I would say that my body was trying to get back to a normal, the first this article link really states it in a form I connected with.
But when I got up at 6 AM and going for the day I felt normal and back on top of things.

Breakfast Eats :Protein shake of cream cheese, milk, and strawberries along with a handful of cashews.
Lunch: Salad from Wendy's with grilled chicken. All 4 of my youngest boys had Parent Teacher conferences today. Plus a nutrition check and weight appointment for Little Guy Jer.
Dinner: Salad and steak and lots of steamed veggies. All 10 of my Hubby's brothers and sisters got together and celebrated their birthdays for the year. Hope the scale isn't undone from the meals eaten today.
Getting geared to run with my kids this weekend.

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