Monday, November 15, 2010

140.0 Winter cold has my head!

I am freezing again today. My head is in a foggy, my eyes are feeling scratchy, but I determined that running on the treadmill would at least warm my body up so I did it. I started with just a walk for a mile. Then I broke into a slow jog. Then a nice steady pace of 5.0 and ran for 4.5 miles moving up and down between the 4.0 pace setting and the 5.5 pace setting. My mind was distracted by a show on exercise and then the news for the day. By the time I got off I had a sorta clear head at least my nose was running instead of being stuffy from sleeping. I felt thinner too that was nice. I took a cold then hot shower took a nap oh ya somewhere in there I sent Jer off to preschool. Then I got dressed like a snow bunny and headed for a very cold bus ride later in the afternoon. Nice that the kids were good and all sat down today. It was the kind of day you need when you feel like you should have just stayed in bed.

Everyone in the house ate Chicken noodle soup so that I did not have to to anything except read to little boys and go to bed. Oh ya we did watch AFV as a family for our family night. Everyone was in bed by 9:00 PM I sure hope that isn't an indication of others getting sick because that is really early for three teenagers to be getting into bed.
C boy still being a very good diet listener to day. He has til Thursday night to keep that weight in check. He is only allowed to drink distilled water, The coaches say our water has way to many minerals in it to pass the hydration test for wrestling. His eats egg whites, salad, steak, cucumbers apple and a stolen piece of cheese.
My eats an orange, cucumber chicken salad with feta cheese. Almonds, a bit of chocolate spread and some peanut butter. I really did not have much of an appetite.
Jer stole K boys chicken noodle soup from him and ate the whole bowl. We were all very surprised and K boy just let him have it he was so shocked that he would take it right away form him. Maybe Jer is having a growth spurt.
I really am thinking about doing my 4th and hopefully last round with the load day on Thanksgiving weekend. It will make Christmas dinners hard but that's ok I want to make my goal this year not next.

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