Sunday, November 14, 2010

140.4 Whats the Eats?

My boys did dinner last night, they caught a rooster that is killing their hens and they made him for our dinner. They plucked the feathers off and cut the meat down then put a bit of flour and seasonings on and walla dinner right off the good old farm. That will teach roosters to hurt their precious hens ever again.

I fell of the wagon a bit no exercises today. I am freezing, there is one draw back to losing weight and that comes under the fact that cold weather can really put you down. I have the sniffles a bit and my head hurts. I will hit it hard tomorrow though because I want to attain my 10K now not next year.
Eats: almonds, carrot, cabbage roll, cauliflower pizza with cheese,eggs, broccoli and turkey pepperoni, and some home grown boys made baked chicken breast,

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  1. Oh, honey. That sounds not fun. I hope your sniffles go away, along with your headache. I also hope that your winter is mild. Just to really get your legs under you.

    AWesomesauce on the rooster from the farm! WooT