Saturday, November 13, 2010

139.2 My Kids are Winners!

Mc took third would have gotten second but the rounds were done in what is called round robins so the kid he won beat out the next kid that Mc had lost to making it drop Mc to third. Give him a few more weeks of practise and that neck hold will not make Mc cringe ever again and he will always be the guy on top.
K boy is a bit of a heavy weight and the other boys his age look at him and "go oh no he is big and he is going to squish me" and then they have already lost without really even trying, so K just rolls them over and pin, he wins.
Z boy well he is little and has lots to learn and so does everyone that he has to wrestle so he took fourth but they still got medals so he was thrilled.

C boy the coaches decided that they will have him wait one more week to burn a few more calories and try staying at this low weight, because you can only do this hydration weigh in one time a year and then your growth allowance is based off that last weight and since his weight was 103.9 that was way to risky a risk to take. There are two Saturdays that they can do the test and so next week they will lay their odds on the scale so to speak. At 5 AM he was 102.3 after running with a plastic bag on him. But we all know that through the day your weight increases a bit and he still had to drink his allotted 2 liters of water plus a Gatorade before standing on the scales.

Why would a coach want a kid to try so hard to be at a certain weight when they know he has very little room to burn down and there is hardly any fat on him. Well a bit of history. C boys older brother wrestled and his uncle, many many cousins, his Papa did in College and his Daddy too. The coaches know this, some even wrestled the Uncle and Daddy when they were in High School. The Coach has taught the cousins and the big brother through the years so they know that there is abounding talent genetically in him. This sets us to the point where we talk about the fact that C boy has hardly ever lost a match in the 11 years that he has been wrestling. All moves come pretty automatic, he is a willing learner and ready to play the game 24/7. They have all been waiting the day when he got to High School. Two years ago they started paying attention to a kid in another county that would be the 103 bracket and hoped that C boy would not have any growth spurts and could be in that weight bracket. This kid is a senior and is very good and the only kid who could even come close to experience is C boy. All the other kids that are coming in weighing 103 that are on the High school team have never wrestled. So that's why everyone is hoping and working to keep C boy at the coveted 103 spot. So another week of teaching him how to eat low and healthy and keep at the 103 spot.

I ate peanut butter sandwiches, cheese sticks, Yogurt, celery with peanut butter and honey. Fried potatoes with hamburger, yogurt cheese gravy sauce and squash with brown sugar and butter and sausage in the middle. C boy ate the same things except for the potatoes that he stayed away from.
I got 1 mile on the treadmill. I am really having to share these days and the time frame is really tight because we both try to run in the morning. It would be so nice if it were warmer outside so I could just get out the door instead of freeze out there.

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