Wednesday, June 30, 2010

147.8 Hospital Food YUCK.

My yesterday meal choice was a double cheese burger with the bread gone and the tomato in between the patty's. The only other healthy thing to pick form was a bag of raw cashews, cheese sticks and some salad. Not much in the healthy category except a salad and I wasn't in the mood for that. I survived sleeping on a big hospital bed with little guy who had a rough night but we made it through and finally got to leave. That Jer would tell them to get the blood pressure cuff off because it was done and he knew it. The nurses sure got a laugh out of that we had to bribe him to keep his hands off the IV and the o2 sat monitored that where attached to his little feet and hidden inside his socks except for the tubing which he was always trying to pull. Bribery paymentL: A diesel truck that looks real is what he wanted and got when we left the hospital because he left the stuff alone pretty much.

My Hubby just realized that for me to return to a set point then I have to eat a steak. He is thrilled with the idea so of course that's what lunch turned into with a really nice salad at Sizzlers. I did cheat with a tiny ice cream cone ( I haven't had one in forever). It was a long ride home and all kids were thrilled to see the little guy. I will post a pic when it's all healed and looking sweet because right now lets face it Steri strips are just not that pretty.

The surgery.

LONGEST DAY ON EARTH!!!!!!!! So all went well even if we had to keep Jer from eating or drinking which the eating wasn't hard but drinking on the other hand not so easy. It started when we woke him to get in the car which wasn't early. Last meal was at 1:00 am pediasure in a bottle. So we left him to sleep and sleep until 10:00 am. Which amazingly he did. But this morning he wants food so we are driving in car listening to begging for a drink or alternating for food for at least an hour. Finally he fell asleep. We arrive, water fountains the decorative kind are outside the hospital, he wants to drink the water out of them. Drinking faucet passed in hall he trys to crawl out of arms to get. Registering, he says he has to go potty, no go, but he tries to get to tap to get drink. He pouts while playing with toys.
He sees backpack and knows that I always carry water or pediasure. I have to put it up high and try again to divert his attention playing. Finally we get into the change room and dang there is another sink and Daddy (who thanks goodness got to come with me) does diverting while I sign more papers.
Anther toy waiting room, potty guise again. Fight that he needs water out of tap. This is getting so so so hard to keep him from crying and fighting to get the water. On any other day he could go forever without water but of course not today. I never thought I would be in the mode to say thank goodness he got into the surgery because he was so set on getting any possible water that he could. After two hours they call and they need me to hold the screaming baby who came up out of the anaesthesia wanting you guessed it WATER.
I do not think I have ever seen him drink it that fast. Everyone was scared he would puke after guzzling it that fast, but no he begged for more. And can you believe this the non eating guy downed a bowl of soft rice and butter. A cup worth it, was so fast we had to slow him on his intake followed by vanilla yogurt the whole entire cup, add 4 little hospital size apple juices and at 12 midnight he was like a pack rat holding on to the other yogurt cup insisting that he was going to eat it even though he was so so asleep. Maybe the trick is to starve him more often hmmm lets see how the morning pans out in the eating category, breakfast is not ever a favorite meal on his part.
It was a good thing that they revised his trach hole because they found that scar tissue was holding to the inside of his vocal cords and that got released so now maybe we will have stopped the possible throwing up that has plagued him at times. Only time will tell if that becomes the needed fix.

He has the cutest little white teeth now and the one that was curved because the ventilator tubing rested on the bud area and molded it's growth roots area and made the tooth formed in a upwards curve at the bottom of the tooth is all straight now. All the brown yucky spots are gone. Supposedly, which is not confirmed the Echo reviled no pulmonary hypertension but that is very unofficial as of right now.

Did he eat all that food that he is so nicely buttering NOPE not a thing. He did drink the apple juice and late that night a vanilla pediasure. Hey the nurse said "do I sense a white theme going on with the food category". White rice, white yogurt, he likes white pancakes usually, white bananas once in a while, white pediasure, white milk, white cheese sticks, chicken nuggets that have white insides, white insides on apples, I think I am going to have to pay attention to all this colorless foods he will try.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Running Miles 2.35
Eating hospital Cafeteria foods danger going to try for a simple steak so I keep from a total wipe out on the diet. I really need to make sure that the scale comes back down and that I reach the maintenance set weight somewhere close to the LIW of 144. (HaHa that should really be LDW meaning Last Drops Weight in my case.)
Now leaving for long road trip and surgery this afternoon wish us luck and keep him in your prayers, but I know he will be just fine I can feel this time things are going to be smooth.

Monday, June 28, 2010

146.6 Dare I say maybe a set weight on the horizon????

Well this might be a score if I keep staying at this number for more then one day at a time. After a good family dinner I am not bouncing high again so this is a very good plus today.
I had to take pretty girl J to leave for 4 year level hike. She has been to girls camp 4 times and once to the 4 year level hike last year. Several of her friends think she is nuts to want to go again on this hike that is not easy and is very long also. She thinks this kind of stuff is the greatest and I admit I am glad it shows that she will be an active girl. She gets to be a camp leader this year which they label a Junior Leader, she will be gone the whole week and she didn't even get to take her texter machine as I have started to call it. So no walk yet maybe tonight when it cools down. It decided to have a wind blowing torrent of rain so I gave up for the day besides mornings are cooler these days.

Breakfast: a cheesy fried eggs with a bit of tomatoes sliced and almond butter with nutella.
Lunch: Steak and tomatoes, avocado, cottage cheese, sunflower seeds and raspberries vinaigrette form Waldon's Farms. Oooh what a salad. Practically forced myself to eat the whole steak.
Dinner:A small smoothy the one I keep making all week with the berries, ya that one.

Someone was whining to me about the cost of using Stevia in their water every day. Here is a math count down of the price of a soda drink that's 64 oz. by the time you bought one everyday for a 1.25 that's including the tax you will have spent 37.50$ over a whole 30 days. One 10.00$ or 14.50$ liquid stevia will fill 3 liters everyday for 30 days and sometimes more at 3 squirts a bottle and guess what you are more healthy in the end. So STOP WHINING AND GET A HEALTHY DRINK EVERYONE.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

146.6 Picky baby eats probars.


One day while watching a show called Good Things Utah I hear about a guy and his bar. Now the way I watch TV is sporadic and usually I am only half with what is being said half way. The only thing I caught was it was good, runners liked it and the creators name was strange with an"Egger something?" I watched to see what the clip was about but the commercials were so long that I got doing something else. Then right when it comes on one of my boys decides it's time to yell and have a fit so I can only catch something about organic. I felt irritated because I knew it was created in my state of Utah.
About a month later standing in the health food store I realize that this is that same guys bar so I get the Coco Pistachio for a fast breakfast since I left really early and hadn't gotten to eat. Talk about yummy that was the best, but the ultimate to me is the fact that after talking my very non eating child who has oral and texture aversion in to not just tasting, he liked it, and kept eating it. SCORE now that's a great bar because he is the kind of kid that will pass up candy when other kids would drowned in the candy.
So now I better let him try some more to see if I can get something that's good into his little body.

Miles 3. 57 run well maybe I better say jog slooooooow, someday I might get faster.
Crazy run for the morning, then church and then family barbecue. I got to hold the most yummy set of 1 month old twins ever and they are my niece and nephew. I ate my own homemade hummus again and salsa with corn chips, a hamburger because hubby didn't bring the steaks. A bit of bean chicken stew, olives, eggs deviled, watermelon, grapes and the most yummy avocado corn salsa ever. I got full fast oh and a bit of choco cake but I really didn't like it that much. If I am off the scale tomorrow I guess there may be no hope for getting a set weight this round for me. And most important on a steaming hot day Lemon Stevia 3 liters of water. I actually drank more it was so hot today.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

148.4 WHAT THE HECK GIVES!!!!!!!!!!

20 crunches
20 leg lifts
4-H competition today took my run time away.

So I ate hummus and butternut squash yesterday and what do I get an increase again. The only two things that could have bumped me that high were the hummus and squash which really means danger for me later or maybe the Aunt is coming to visit???? All I know is this up and down is so so crazy. I can handle 2 pounds but more ugggh. So you know all day hungry and the steak and apple for dinner. Really the strange thing is that I was never hungry the whole day. I am doing a steak day again tomorrow not to lose but because the family is having a get together with barbecue for the day.
Maybe my body swells like crazy after I go 5 miles in a run and that's why this happens? Well all I can say is I sure am looking forward to another losing round in the late fall.

My biggest struggle with this whole idea of this diet at the beginning was how much water I had to drink and the run to the throne, but I have noticed now that if I do not take in my 3 liters I feel so dry and I start tanking up in the late evening. This has happened 3 times to me when I forgot my water to bring so now it's like caring my purse it's just part of the travel bag.

How much water are you drinking daily?

Friday, June 25, 2010

145.4 Gearing for surgery.

I awoke to hubby coming home at the time he should be leaving. When he is on call we never know if he is coming or going. He mumbled something about sleeping and thank goodness Surgeons left for vacation cause he can't handle one more week like this week. I drag out of bed and try to see the scale through my hazy eyes. Back to bed for one more hour and then 6:00 am alarm starts blaring.

50 crunches
50 leg lifts both sides.
I ran a 5.18 miles rather dragged out the first part and energized finally towards the end. Nice soaking hot bath after yelling at C boy that he had better stoke our fire really big since the whole week has been luke warm showers from lazy boys who do not put enough coal and wood in to make the boiler unit heat all the way up.
Foods eaten yesterday and smoothy today. A yummy breakfast smoothy with half an 8oz cream cheese block, almonds, yogurt, berries, sweetened with Stevia and a bit of flax seeds ground . Hubby is neurotic about making sure its preground, he has had to unplug to many throats from quickly swelling and not passing the whole seed.
Homemade dinner last night was, curry with salmon and sauted onions and coconut milk. It was a bit hot and no one wanted to try it so the more for me later on down the road. Into the freezer the extra goes.
Dinner was turkey burger with Havarti cheese, butternut squash, a tiny bit of cream cheese eggs some almonds and hummus on celery.
Maybe now my body is going to settle and make it's set point after all. Dr. Simeon talks about it taking 3 weeks and I am almost to that cut off date.

Jer has a surgery that is being scheduled yet again. Lets see if I get in the car and arrive there this time before they cancel it. I have said it before it's pretty simple an echo cardiogram, clean teeth and then fix two little teeth and make a smile line where his tracheotomy hole is on his neck (it looks like a belly button now) but they usually wig over his history and if they will be able to get him back off a ventilator should it all go haywire in the process. I am feeling braver this time around. But I will be missing my bloggy world come Tue morn. I love reading all about what you all are doing in your worlds.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

146.8 Peaceful Day.

Finally no taxi service after today required for older kids. Pretty girl has her driving pass to get license and summer school is done.

I did have a drive to the lab early this morning to have blood drawn to see what little Guy Jer's cortisol levels were for the growth Dr.

Talk about stress, he tries to get all his calories at night by drinking Pedisure through the night. Blood draw had to be fasting. Eating all night is partly the fault of being tube fed and how I would and still do always try to pump calories into him. At night is when he lets down his resistance guards and I could get him to eat without rejecting as we were trying to teach him to eat and move from feeding tube to mouth feeding. If anyone has ever tried to start out feeding baby lambs or even kitty's that's as close an example as I can get to what teaching Jer to eat was like. He had no milk in his mouth for 7 months. He had to pass a swallow test without a ventilator pushing his lungs open and removal of a ventilator didn't happen till he was almost seven months old. He had started to learn to suck, but then his trach was removed and he was scared to suck after the removal, and because he had to coordinate breathing with swallowing and not choking it was a continual chore. Night became the easiest to get any fluids in him. I taught him to drink with a ketchup bottle that has the long squirting end. I would aim it to the side of his mouth and push a tiny bit and wait until he swallowed. I would post a picture of this bottle but they got chucked as soon as he could suck by himself. Only me and pretty girl could get him to do it without it being all back over us.

It also takes womanly patience if you know what I mean.

We had a feeding specialist that came and helped think up other tricks but I usually was a bit ahead of them only because I had had other children and feeding animals under my belt to pull knowledge from. Every day we had to use a little bristly brush on his gums and stimulate his mouth or maybe desensitize his little mouth is a better way to explain. We worked on drinking out of a cut away cup so that I could see when the liquid hit his lips and kept him from freaking out by drawing it back away for a second and then doing it over and over again. He could drink out of the cup before he figured out how to do the suck swallow motion. We tempted him later down the road with colorful straws and soon he was working his little lips over the straw till finally we were able to have a sippy bottle that you have to suck out of and this became his bottle. This whole process took six months in an of itself to teach. Now we are stuck and he thinks he needs to get all his nourishment from the drink. So you can imagine what last night and no bottle was like, late to bed and then sleepless on top of that. So grateful when we were done and able to fill his belly with some liquid. Surprise he did eat some of my breakfast bar so that is a gainful plus.
Well needless to say I didn't get to run or walk because it was to dang hot by the time I made it home. Instead I did chores with kids and tried again to clean up the demolition from last nights escapade of the snake which is at large still.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

147.4 All My WISHES on one list.

ThisTo keep my arms warm wish.

Ran 2.14 miles today.
Ate steak again and almonds, dried blueberries, and red ripe tomato Yum.
The boys are going to eat me out of the house. I went foodie shopping on Sat and it's all almost gone eeeewww I really hate to go shopping. Would much rather be in the garden or running or avoiding the laundry folding.
There is trauma in my house tonight. No one is going to go upstairs to bed because a blow snake is in the family room. They left the deck door open while we went to peewee 4-H. The boys are watching until it comes out of it's hiding spot at the bottom of the wall where the trim needs to be put on still. Jer boy is the one who almost walked on it, he didn't come screaming to me he screamed at C boy to get that snake out now. This is the pretty girl J holding the terrified Jer on top of the table no less. Mc boy is on top of my treadmill he says he is not scared just trying to see from a high point. Little guys Z and K are looking on. It's bedlam and I wish I could go to bed now but I can't see it happening. The Dad was up at 4:30am and didn't get home till 9:00pm so after two attempts at dismantling my house to catch the snake he went to bed leaving it in C boys hands and here I sit writing about it and thinking about just letting them all to there own devises and going to bed with him myself. We have a love hate with snakes, they eat mice. Blow snakes which is this kind also eat rattle snakes which are a lot more scary to have around. But this is our house and he needs to get out. I think I will go to bed and then finish the story in the morning unless I end up awakened all night long with progress reports.

Snake still at large C and Mc boys crashed to sleep at 2am and are still on a mission as I post a bit rested. I looking on bright side, maybe it will get the mouse I keep waring with that seems to elude all the traps of every kind that I have set so far.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

146.8 Skirt Sports | women's activewear, running clothes, cycling & triathlon workout clothes

Sorry about re post but my wight got reversed and I needed it corrected.
Looking frumpy and old when I run is not fun. Not to mention that my t-shirts are hot and they do not move well with me as I run. But I like to not be totally exposed and I have never been a short shorts kind of girl. This company has the cutest running and exercise wear that I have seen in a long time. I plan on getting me a cute skirt or two with the longer pants and for sure pockets to hold my phone in.
Go see how cute they are.
Skirt Sports women's activewear, running clothes, cycling & triathlon workout clothes

Brought to me by reading THIS cute blog.

Yesterdays Steak day seemed to help even if I still can't make it back to the 144 spot.
I am achy today so I simply did my lovely Pilate's and I feel so much nicer in all the achy spots.
I am the mean Mom today. I got rid of lots of toys that seem to never be played with and are all over everywhere most of the time. I of course did it while they were playing at the neighbors and sleeping early this morning. I even took away some of the toy shelving so things look less cluttered in that area. Now if I could diminish the ever lasting paper pile that accumulates.

Breakfast: yummy smoothie of berries, almonds, milk and cream cheese sweetened with Blue Agave.
Lunch the other half of 8oz cream cheese mixed with garlic salt on broccoli spears Yum. Turkey burger with cumin, and onions.
Dinner: Butternut squash with thyme and some bit of hamburger from my little guy.

Monday, June 21, 2010

148.4 Well it's lower rather then higher.

So I am doing a steak lunch today but I am eating some almonds too.
I have started a morning mini workout to tone my gut. 30 crunches and 30 leg lifts both sides today.
Miles: 5.18 mile (11'149 steps) running and 1 mile walking (that's 4'047 steps). I think I can now do a 5K and live to tell about it. Other steps today. 2'667 over the rest of my whole day.

I found a google pedometer and was able to map out my runs with a aerial view. My C boy was helping me and we had a good laugh when we realized that one of the other maps that we started using had the canal as the road that I would have been trying to run. Boy was the miles off on that site. It made it so nice to be able to see right where I was going to try to run since some of the area is not passable with a car only ATV which I do not have but I sure have feet. Google a pedometer if you do not live on city blocks and need mapping tools.

Night all, going to try dragging pretty girl on a 2 mile run tomorrow. She told me she was glad to see that I had lost weight and was running. It meant that she could to someday if she got to heavy she knew she would be able to lose and run. I told her you have to start now not later and make it a habit forever or it will sneak up on you and kick you in the pants. So here's to making a lifetime habit for me now.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

149.8 GRRRRRRR Seriously

I am trying to remember that the scales is not the only indicator that I am getting in shape and be all right with the number game. I am as bouncy off the drops this time as I was on the drops. With one huge exception I can run miles. It was so easy the first round I did the drops that it is really frustrating to have the scale going up and down this time. I really should be doing a steak day today but its been a really very wild day and I have not had water to cook with (not that you need it for steak but washing hands would be good). and Fathers day treats is havoc.
Brunch: Yogurt, almond, flax seed, milk, peach, shake.
Lunch: Cake and ice cream. The ice cream was supposedly sugar free but it tasted sweeter then the regular ice cream that I got for the kids. I couldn't even eat it so I put it away for another day.
Dinner: Grilled chicken with broccoli and dip.
Miles: 3.5 mile walk with my C boy.

The day started with a nice walk to discovering two boy horses that got out and fought till stuck in wire fencing and at least we found them early enough before the one had the circulation cut off in his leg. Next a cracked pipe leaking a stream of water down the basement. So we shut the water down until we could find plumbing glue and get it fixed. The poor Dad didn't even get breakfast in bed because me and C boy had rudely awaken him to hurry and rescue the dumb horse by" bringing us wire cutters please" what a way to wake up on FATHERS DAY.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Catch up but not the kind u eat.

Thur. 147.2 1 mile very fast on treadmill.
Fri. 149.0 3.5 mile walk fast on treadmill.
Sat. 146.0 4 mile run and 1 mile walk out in our valley.

It's been wild around here. Cub Scout Day camps and 4-H competition and a fundraiser extreme horse ride for a local cop who was killed. I even bailed out of going to pick up my C boy from Leadership scout camp this morning and left it up to his leader. I just cannot get in the truck and drive anymore hours. I will fall asleep at the wheel if I do. I also want to run and not be stuck in terrible eating spots when I am trying to get my weight to become set. I want to keep running miles and eat veg, protein and fruit but keep getting into bread bread and more breads at every turn for lunch. The weight is evidence that I have not been very careful and I have got to get back on track.
I did a steak day yesterday which worked but didn't come clear back to the 144.0 end point when I stoped my drops for this round. Also I am so sunburned from two days out in an arena and cub scout camp and that's taking it's toll on me. I have also only gotten a bit of working out done over the last 3 days. It is defiantly easier to have the school schedule rather then this summer horse competing schedule that I have to deal with.

My sister in law called and said come try on levies that her Dad usually sells on eBay. HOLY SMOKES I fit into a 9 but couldn't yet zip without a struggle. I got to keep 8,7,and 6 out of a big bin of brand new Levi Strauss jeans for the day when I finally get down in size. That was an amazing experience that I never thought would happen to me again in this life time.
I have jeans and my hubby is going to go nuts when he starts seeing me wear them instead of old stretch pants or old maternity pants.

Meal today: Omlet with onions, flax seed ground, cream cheese. I never even had a hunger pain and made myself eat some chicken and an apple.

I wonder what the scale will say in the morning.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

146.6 Looks like this is my bodies settle point, the 46 number.

I awoke to the most horrible headache at 5 o'clock. I could not go back to sleep at all. It will not go no matter what I have done. Took aspirin, ate food, drank water, took potassium, magnesium, calcium, B12. Can't find the blood pressure cuff today. That's the last possible answer to whatever my problem is this long drawn out morning unless I am getting one of those dang head colds that seems to be going around.

I had so wanted to go for a long run but to pound in the feet and the top of your head is not a friendly kind of idea to my body I don't think.

Breakfast: Orange juice, apple, apple Laurabar and an egg scrambled.
Lunch:Part of the burger off a hamburger. My little guy decided to eat it and I gave it away willingly. Got a grilled chicken, ditched the bread lids and ate the lettuce and tomatoes as the lid.
Dinner:Ate my leftover of the yummy hamburger casserole stuff with quinoa I made earlier in the week and put away in freezer for a later date.
My headache finally left late in the afternoon and I went to bed early. I want to run in the morning.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

146.0 Call me the bouncing lady.

Morning excersize 50 leg lifts. 50 side leg lifts both sides. Oh dang I forgot to do sit ups I got interupted. Pilates only had time for a little bit.
Brunch: Omelet with cheese and turkey pepperoni. One chocolate Crack with Jer's blueberry in it.
Dinner: Chicken,with onions and spinach and coconut oil sauce. Way to many Crack pieces had to get out of the house from that craving desire for chocolate.
Miles: 4.5 nice steady walk.
I have been relived of the Taxi job, Yeawhoooo. The Driver Ed teach went for a family trip the rest of the week and C boy went to Scout Leadership week at the last min. So I thought I would do a little sleep in, alas my body is now a fine tuned machine that it's internal alarm says "GOOD Morning it's 6 o'clock wake up". I can't even ignore and go back to dream land. What bunk.
Laundry day, Now I am doomed to boredom I really hate that job. It just never lets up and it is always undone no matter how long you spend time trying to finish it. Besides what is it with boys they think its a blast to dump the buckets and swim in the dirty items making an even bigger mayhem especially after I just get it all sorted and into all the correct coordinating colors per bucket. I love it when they hit the scout merit badge that requires them to take care of their own laundry, they value the Mom so much more after that.

Monday, June 14, 2010

145. Not as much as I had hoped.

Those steak days are rad and I am glad they work. Now for a busy day of eating more protein and exercise.
Lunch: I ate yummy salad with cheese, broccoli, carrots, tuna and sunflower seeds mixed with Waldon farms Ranch dressing. Yogurt with almonds mixed in also.
Jer and I made Chocolate crack that had dried blueberries and almonds broken into it. Jer made them and now I just hope that he will eat what he helped to create. (Recipe is one that I can send if you ask for it).
Dinner: I made the most yummy spaghetti sauce with lots of onions, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower,a cube of cream cheese and quinoa, I ate it without the noddles that everyone else in the house got. This is following Dr Simeons protocol menu for being off of the HCG drops that helps to set your weight during the maintenance phase. The rule is to have no starches, such as breads, potatoes, rice, corn and peas. Quinoa is actually pushing it a bit but it's protein rate is higher then it's starch rate so I am trying it. The only thing is that it was so yummy that I ate 3 bowls so I most likely undid the steak day.
Miles: Ran 2 and walked 1.5
I did exercise of a new kind, lets call it a form of weight lifting with heavy muddy boots. I wore my hubby's mine irrigation boots (steel toes if only I had known) to take care of his field watering job in our new hay field. After an hour my thighs were so dang tired and I still had to walk a mile back to the car.

My boys watching me get started with the water moving, they have to open gates when I signal to them.
Me and my lovely Hubbys HEAVY boots.
UP close with the mud washing off so I can keep walking.
Silly boys your supposed to keep the boots empty of the water not fill them up so you have to dump them.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Celebrating Life

Celebrating a Birth Day!
It's been 5 years since my life had an attack of stress beyond belief. At the beginning of that five is when I found out I was preg with a pregnancy that I wasn't prepared for. Then I miscarried, the next two months was up and down filled with guilt that I hadn't wanted to be preg and then sad that things went wrong ( I even had Aunt Flo visit once in this time frame) and anyway 2 months later I had ultra sounds to find that I was either still pregnant with a twin or got pregnant in between there again and or had a chorionic bleed from the first pregnancy or whatever, it's not something anyone could explain or make heads of. Bottom line there was a viable pregnancy there an I was two months along. What followed is crazy, no lifting, no heavy anything no exercise, cramping intermittent bedrests. My last pregnancy I had to be on med's to stop labor so once I hit a certain place they start that medicine on me again if I cramped to much. Then my blood pressure started to climb, I was sent to bed. Bedrest with only allowance to pee, no stair climbing. So starvation, my kitchen was downstairs ( really I didn't but I did have to do alot they said not to). 6 kids none with a drivers license, we live in a rural area. Then monthly trips to the big Dr. of Perinatalogy 2 hours away. When I was 26 weeks and 6 days along I was life flighted (flying in a helicopter is not fun in that condition) with blood pressures that were out of sight and cramping. I had a headache that would rival a jackhammer with it's pounding. I couldn't open my eyes without seeing a rainbow in the left side of my eye (retina was detaching). They tried to keep me on bedrest for two days more and then decided that it was not going to work at all my kidneys were shutting down and a million more medical terms that I used to could spill out but now I do not care because once they did the c-section (my first after 6 natural births) things started to switch back to normal for me.

Warning if you are sensitive to photos with needles and tubing of life support in children do not go on.

Well now I am ok recovering and able to return to normal body function but I am going to have to have a lifetime experience with the NICU. The short end of a very long 7 1/2 month hospital stay is that we have a little guy who is a fighter and wanted to be on this earth at all costs. He was 1lbs 14 oz fit inside the palm of your hand and did everything on his own the first 24 hours then needed a tiny bit of blow by air to help him maintain his oxygen levels.
A few days old.
He had a picc line infiltrate TPN( layman term) sugar water into his lung cavity on the right side because the vena cava that it had been threaded into eroded. They stuck a needle in to pull off the fluid and he turned around in 24 hours and was back to ok and simply growing. Well the lung was damaged and once down the road he spit up and sucked it into his lungs and pneumonia hit 4 different times to be exact. It's what they call a roller coaster ride inside a NICU and you are never sure which kind of ride your going to get or the direction it's going to take you. Equipment out the wazoo surrounds you.
Ventilator tubing down his throat.
Tracheotomy done to remove tubing from throat after 3 months of it. He was getting good at flipping the tubing out with his tongue which is life threatening if you are struggling to breath correctly.
He ended up on a massive ventilator to a Jet vent to a Tracheotomy and Jet vent (which was never done before with a trach) and iNO that helped to vasculate his lung walls so he could grow new tissue. This iNO had never been used on a preemie in that hospital and was a last ditch effort to save him. It worked shock of all shock just when they were getting ready to send us off home with all that kind of equipment he couldn't tolerate the ventilators so they trialed and he got off the vent. Then a swallow study test to see if he could eat or suck a bottle YES we are allowed, so training started on that. Nothing in the form of food had been in his mouth except our continual providing of his binky so that maybe some day he could nurse.
Another month of watching and the best Christmas present of my life they told us on that very day that they wanted to see if they could remove the trach. Traches on babies are not usually removed until about 5 years of age so this was shocking and a first for that hospital he was 7 months old. His Daddy traveled all the way home to work one day and then returned to find his baby free from the big elephant tubing that had sent air into his lungs through the trach attachment.

The kids were ecstatic to hold him and really hear his little laughing sounds. The sound did scare him so he didn't do to much of it at first. Tyrell and J were very relived because their whole Christmas vacation had been centered around training them on how to clean and switch out a trach. Neither one wanted to ever grow up and be a nurse they said after having to have their brothers very life depend on their ability to pass that tiny tube into the opening of his neck and strap it up all while he wiggled and would not hold still. The kids themselves were only 16 and 13, young to have to handle that huge a job. His Nana was beyond grateful to not ever have to train on how to do the change out of a trach. He went from sorta sucking a bottle to not sucking at all again and nursing slowly went from a tiny success to zilch nota never going to happen at all. The pressures from having to coordinate breathing and sucking and swallowing were to hard for him and he stressed out. But we did get to come home with 3 liter flow of oxygen and a feeding tube, breathing treatments, and a back up suction machine. Then alone Mom fun began because it was all me and whatever the kids could help with and when the Dad was around his ability to help out. But that's for another day of agenda and how to teach a non eating child to eat. Anyway it's been 4 years and he is amazing even if I am the one that gained all the weight that he should have. We are so very blessed and I just want to wish him tons more fun filled days with his crazy brothers and one pretty sister.
Tiny start out.
Big fat finish when fed through a tube.
Four years old, many a bumps along the way but I only have to wear the oxygen at night when I sleep or get sick during the day. We have come a long way baby!

147.0 Steak Day already.

I was prepared for that rise after family dinner yesterday. I hoped with my run I would have had enough calorie burn but I guess not so my meal plan all day is fasting and then a steak. Should be a yummy one because I haven't had one in a long while.
I ache today so I am doing Pilate'sssssss this morning so that I feel stretched out more. I am sure it's from my super duper run yesterday. Now if I can just get my speed up more I would look more like a I am running.
That steak was wonderful and the tomato with it yummy. Early to bed because I do taxi service for a summer job (heeee just kidding).

Saturday, June 12, 2010

145.4 Maintanace 3 mile run.

I head out and in an hour I have ran 3 miles and walked for a total of 1 mile.
I feel on top of the world.

Brunch: Egg with cottage cheese and grated cheese and 6 olives and garlic. Also a handful of almonds. A glass of milk with frozen strawberries and stevia on top with the milk over it. I ate outside of the protocol for the last of a 3 day protocol on the diet plan. Why because I had ran and I am hungry feeling a tiny bit.
I had to walk to our family reunion .5 of a mile ( Boys left key turned on so battery is dead. It's hubby's family side.) it's just down in our river bottoms. Good thing I walked I forgot that they were having potluck dinner with fried chicken a few more calories burned.
Lunch/Dinner: Pushing limits big time. Coleslaw salad, fried chicken breast i picked off the breading, salsa that has beans and corn (no no's but I want it) and a tiny piece of cookie and an orange. I am really not very hungry and it feels amazing to not want to eat and eat and eat. I avoided all the mac salads and breads that were available.
I still need my oven fixed more now then ever so I can do the California pizza recipe that I have wanted to try for ever.

Friday, June 11, 2010

GOAL GOAL GOAL made 144.6 TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:30 AM I awoke to the dang worst gaging feeling ever. The top of my throat hurt like someone was burning it with dry ice. I drank a tiny bit and gaged and gaged. This is going to be a rough day and I had so planed to go 3 miles running. Instead I went back to bed and ignored my throat. I was awakened again at 10 am, good grief what is wrong with the Mom? The J girl was giving all the little boys breakfast in bed. We did go to bed late after the long drive so no one was very up early at all. She knew something was wrong and was being nice to me. The boys were all surprised by her caring way. She would have made me breakfast but she had no idea what I could or could not eat. NOTHING TODAY is how I felt. I made myself drink some tea. Oh punky that's me today. What a week.

I must admit I allowed myself to try on a new dress yesterday only one. One that I can make tighter as I lose more off my waist also it was the only medium, there were no smalls so necessity to altar played in. I tried two tops on and the boys picked the one they liked the best. Both were smalls. They like the business looking style so when I do my photo shoot you will get to see the cuteness of it.

Two more days of staying low cal and then I can start the maintenance menus. (Except I am cheating and already adding tiny bits here and there now.)
Lunch: Turkey burger, lettuce salad, sauted onions, sunflower seeds, 6 olives, Waldon family dressing. Apple. You can see that I added veg's together and one extra of the olives and seeds I just need more, I feel weird without the HCG making my fat stores release fat food for me to burn.
Dinner:Beef burger wrapped in a lettuce wrap. I ate a LARABAR tonight Apple cinnamon so that's my apple count for the day. Wasa crackers all gone. I was not really very hungry and it hurts to swallow any way.

Pouring rain killed my walk and I am going to bed really early cause I just feel yucky and don't like what the treadmill looks like.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I had hoped it would drop the .4 but alas not today. I have a break from running today because I am driving instead. Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could like have a car that would let you run in place, call it TREADMILL car Ya. I so badly want to either walk or run instead of driving oh well not to be.

Lunch: Hamburger, tomato and a grapefruit, wasa crackers again. Can you tell I am being cheap and do not want to buy more of the allotted crackers or melba toasts. Why do it when I am almost done with having to eat them.
Dinner: Tuna on wasa with mustard mixed in and lettuce leaves. I forgot my apple ate some of the boys fries and ice cream at ten remembered my apple but didn't eat it just crashed into bed.

All went well with the little guy. We get to see the lung Doctor to see if there is new lung tissue growth happening along with the growing shots and years of maturation that have passed.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

145.4 do I say Goal yet or drop the .4 first?

Goal is tangible floating right there on the horizon. Tomorrow it will be a total conceivable finish when I get rid of that .4 reading on the scale.
I survived the taxi service day and even got peewee 4-H in tonight to top of the day. Loaded three horses (well J girl did) I really only helped load 1 but you see last year she wouldn't even get in the trailer at all so we have accomplished a feat. Hubby and I did the team work on getting her in not once but twice in one day.

Before taxi job started I walked 1 mile and ran one mile outside then awoke the summer school boy and then finished 1 mile on the treadmill. Hurried to do the 15 min taxi run. Back to the house, watered the garden, set sprinklers in motion, jumped in the shower out to dry the hair. Then back to taxi service drive for J girl, race back to make sure all other boys are dressed and head to our little town to do scouts and lunch program. Quick pick up of J girl drop her at job and head over little mountain pick up C boy. Return to hang at dog kennel job for 10 min while she finished and home to the household chores. Divided out chores everyone done in 20 min and Jer takes a nap. Made dinner ahead and all ate J girl left to practise with her horse and then called telling me she was ready to load all the other horses. Leave to accomplish above horse accomplishment. Mc boy babysat the sleeping Jer boy and keept him as happy as a lark. Whew day is finally over. I get to do a 4 hour Dr. drive tomorrow, of course after I do the morning taxi service. Making the C boy go with me leaving when I pick him up on third taxi service run.

Lunch: Hamburger in a wasa cracker bun, grapefruit with a salted cucumber. LAST HCG DROP NEW MEASUREMENT STATS COMING AND OF COURSE PHOTO SHOOT SOON.
Dinner: My last halibut from the freezer, wasa crackers, apple and some yummy raw asparagus's salad.
Miles: 3 and were 2 running.

I am grateful that this day is over and it feels great to have survived it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

147.8 Taxi Service anyone?

So I can never say what my last three days have been like as well as this lady can. Go have a laugh she is too funny in her lovely descriptive telling of our humanly likeness that we all get to face daily. As my Hubby puts it "whats so funny about all that, it's life" (he is a nurse it's normal to him to suffer strange body functions) ya well some of us don't want to acknowledge that we are less then perfect in all bodily functions.

Taxi Service available. I really would like to get paid for the job that I have been assigned this summer.
8:00 Summer school starts for C boy.
10:00 Driver Ed, hourly driving for J girl.
11:30 Summer lunch program kids beg to go to because they need to see friends living out in the boonies deprives them.
11:00 Driver Ed done, she has to hang at friends until I get back over the little mountain that splits our town from the town holding the school.
12:00 C boy is done with his summer school stuff.
Figure out how to get Kennels cleaned when we drive by on one of these many trips for J girl little job.
Can I hold out for two weeks of this that's as long as its supposed to last? Why couldn't we live in the town with the school instead of 15 min there and back. Oh Oh ya cause we live on a beautiful farm that's why.

Lunch: 500 cal tuna fish on a wasa cracker with mustard mixed in it and an apple.
Dinner: Halibut, with tomato and a wasa. Stevia covered frozenish strawberries with 2 tablespoons of milk on top.
I think maybe I will try for some miles tomorrow since somewhere over the weekend I fell of the goal for that.

Monday, June 7, 2010

149.8 Down again

There has been a sudden heat wave at our land and it went from cool to hot. Me and heat with my blood pressure does not adjust to well. Add the Aunt visit and I am usually wiped for 3 days or 4. So sorry I am trying to come back to normal. Add a ton of kids and having to drive all over and entertain them, things are just not my normal routine. It has felt like a messy two days of headache whirl wind around me while I slowly bake in the heat. I vaguely remember wishing for that warmth a few days back there when I was always freezing.

Still singing a headache from high pressures. In my world that I create some day the men will get to have this lovely visit and crazy hormone package (really just being sarcastic here). At least the belly finally settled down. There are two others in the house that are doing a bathroom run at least there isn't any fevers with it.

Lunch: Grilled Chicken, cucumbers, apple and wasa.
Dinner: Fish sauteed with asparagus and balsamic vinegar and oranges. I ate my wasa crackers later. I also had extra turkey and a tiny bit of cheese. I hope tomorrow is back to normal.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

150.0 What hormones can do to you.

So that's a rise that I am not to happy with but it is explained away with a visit from Aunt Flo or TOM however you code your words of the month thingy, I know it will come down but it is a bit higher then the last round that I did and had to entertain Flo with. We girls are so complicated when it comes to the weight thing and hormones.

Eating is a mess cause I need more protein so I am giving myself that today and I can't remember what I ate because I had way to bad a headache and went to bed for most of the day. Late in the evening when the heat was gone I went on a 1.5 mile walk in the cool air. I will be back on track tomorrow. Oh ya my stomach isn't feeling so well either. So you know back labor and tummy gurgle means yuck.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

146.4 Hope its not undone by tomarrow morn.

So I got up and used the hotels treadmill and bicycle. 4 miles on tread with one of them running miles. Then 2 miles on the bike. Not sure whether there was much hard workout to the bike thing but I felt pretty good.

I ate as close to 500 cal as is possible with tons of yummy around. Spinach salad and lunch meat. Celery, and ah chips and dips and of course a double birthday cake for two cute cousins. How do you resist that little bite. Like I said willpower and I hope it isn't to bad a derail.

Family was shocked some didn't recognize me, cousins wanted to know how much more I had lost since they had seen me just in April. And one sweet Aunt kept telling me how young I looked compared to the last time she had seen me especially with all the children that I had. Let me tell you it made my day especially when you are 43 years old like me.

I only ate the one meal picking through and trying to be careful. I did drink the dieters tea, travel makes me stuck inside and I am not into having one extra day of trouble. Seeing family is one of the greatest rewards that I got today.

Friday, June 4, 2010

147.0 Join the fun enter her site.

Well I still can't get my stuff to past and copy but I am still playing along.

Blog I am watching to get good recipes that are drink form to feed non eater boy. INSPIRE ME GIRL Georgiabe

Sleep was rough last night fire ant bit my knee and it hurt all night arm ached from racking sticks in yard. I have kinebox disese in it (where the blood supply to a bone is cut off and it dies and then the Dr. fused it together so it won't bend like normal, so some muscles in my arm cramp at times and I can't do push ups at all). Took potassium and calcium and magnesium felt quickly better must have peed it and sweated it all off during my run yesterday and needed it replenished.

Love trips hate to get ready for them stressed out trying to get it all packed to leave. .

Lunch: Fish sauted in coconut oil and with asparagus and wasa crackers, grapefruit.
Dinner: Brought and ate my own warmed in the hotels microwave. Chicken with spinach and grissini sticks, and an apple.
Miles: No time today packing and driving and playing.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Worming down the scale and inches off yessiree! I fit into those skinny jeans (we got them for my daughter but they are to hippy for non having babies body yet) today only in the leg area couldn't do the button up yet but that's ok it will get here soon I am sure. I was so excited I didn't even say anything to hubby cause he loves jeans & he would say something like, just wear them undone with a long shirt to hide the button top being undone. Right if I sat then they would slid down my butt. I have learned it's not all about what the scales says because firm in muscle is going to be a bit heavier then what my weight goal would be. I only have a few days left of my HCG drops to go so I will see if I can lose this 2 pound elusive point that I want.
Breakfast: Protein bar because I went for a long walk/run.
Lunch: Fish cooked with coconut oil and sauted asparagus, crushed my wasa rye cracker in to soak up the juices left. Grapefruit. Chicken grilled. Raw spinach salad with strawberries and gissini sticks.
Miles: 6 I ran two miles with my C boy who is starting high school football and his most beloved Wrestling training. It was punishment for not going to bed till 2 in the morning (yes I caught him watching t.v. when checking little guys oxygen to make sure it was on his nose). He kept up ya it was more like I kept up, he was impressed that I went that far. I had to admit that I do not do it everyday yet.
Danger!!!!!! I will be leaving to attend big wedding with cousin tomorrow and then big family reunion on Sat. I am taking all my own food. I am going to have to resist the treats and delicacies at both parties. Tell me I can make it wish me well I can check my notes on my phone I just can't blog back or reply till I get back home on Sun. but I will be being accountable to my blogging buddies to stay strong and hit my goal.
I am in bed early with threats laid that no one will go with me to the parties if I find children awake at 1or 2 in the morning.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

147.8 Thats great!!!! Apples are rad.

Well it's been one of those kind of days that you spend forever in town doing the trillion errands that you have saved up because if your me I do not like going to town to much. Spending money that is meager makes me stressed so stay away from town is usually my weapon.
Garden is officially finished expect for sprinklers set up.
House is officially destroyed with summer unattended boys.

My clothing closet is turning into a store front with what will or will not fit nicely (so fun).
I am craving running which seems odd to me. The fat seems sucked out of spots that you just can't seem to get rid off by simple exercise alone. I do like HCG wish I had known that power during my pregnancy's. I am smooth in my tummy area more and more. My rib cage is smooth on the sides and I am almost to hit my 145 goal set area.

So question is it better to run in the morning or evening?
Is it better to eat a bit before or after you run tell me what you have heard.
Grateful for the warm air that is finally in our valley and seems to be staying for good now.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

149.8 Apple day being a FARM GIRL.

Ok here comes complaining.
I can not get my linky tool to hook up. I know its my own lack of technology know how but what am I missing.
I can't get my paste and copy to pick up diminishing Lucy's cute apple pic.
I can't get thing to show who is linking to the fit to fat list for the week.
This is the day when I say get back here smart tech son, fly over and fix and then you may return to you duties. (Not really)

I can do 40 sit ups today. Done
I can do 20 leg lifts. Done
I can finish my garden. Done well I few minor plants to get at nursery.
I can eat apples all day. Done
I can keep the troops busy at the park. Done
I can wage war on a mouse that is in my house. Still waging, sticky pads from store tomorrow.
I can help pretty girl try for a real job. Tomorrow.
I can put new seed grass out on lawn that we lost while living in a hospital for 7 1/2 months. Got a good start need a sprinkler.
I can do laundry, pay bills, wash dishes. No bill paid, some laundry, dishes done.
I can walk 1 mile today .5 this morning. Steps are 1,998.00. Over the whole day 3,698 in the garden.

Lunch: Stevia water Apples
Dinner: Stevia water Apples

I am dreaming eating, butternut squashes, cucumbers, tomatoes, buttercrunch lettuce, fennel, onions, carrots, eggplant, crooknecks, garlic, spinach, parsley, peppers, acorn squash, potatoes.
I am a 6 generation farm girl on both sides of my parents linage's. I love playing in the dirt.