Thursday, June 3, 2010


Worming down the scale and inches off yessiree! I fit into those skinny jeans (we got them for my daughter but they are to hippy for non having babies body yet) today only in the leg area couldn't do the button up yet but that's ok it will get here soon I am sure. I was so excited I didn't even say anything to hubby cause he loves jeans & he would say something like, just wear them undone with a long shirt to hide the button top being undone. Right if I sat then they would slid down my butt. I have learned it's not all about what the scales says because firm in muscle is going to be a bit heavier then what my weight goal would be. I only have a few days left of my HCG drops to go so I will see if I can lose this 2 pound elusive point that I want.
Breakfast: Protein bar because I went for a long walk/run.
Lunch: Fish cooked with coconut oil and sauted asparagus, crushed my wasa rye cracker in to soak up the juices left. Grapefruit. Chicken grilled. Raw spinach salad with strawberries and gissini sticks.
Miles: 6 I ran two miles with my C boy who is starting high school football and his most beloved Wrestling training. It was punishment for not going to bed till 2 in the morning (yes I caught him watching t.v. when checking little guys oxygen to make sure it was on his nose). He kept up ya it was more like I kept up, he was impressed that I went that far. I had to admit that I do not do it everyday yet.
Danger!!!!!! I will be leaving to attend big wedding with cousin tomorrow and then big family reunion on Sat. I am taking all my own food. I am going to have to resist the treats and delicacies at both parties. Tell me I can make it wish me well I can check my notes on my phone I just can't blog back or reply till I get back home on Sun. but I will be being accountable to my blogging buddies to stay strong and hit my goal.
I am in bed early with threats laid that no one will go with me to the parties if I find children awake at 1or 2 in the morning.

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  1. Congrats! You are amazing.

    Considering everything you are doing of COURSE you can do this. You can do it. Go girl. :)