Saturday, June 26, 2010

148.4 WHAT THE HECK GIVES!!!!!!!!!!

20 crunches
20 leg lifts
4-H competition today took my run time away.

So I ate hummus and butternut squash yesterday and what do I get an increase again. The only two things that could have bumped me that high were the hummus and squash which really means danger for me later or maybe the Aunt is coming to visit???? All I know is this up and down is so so crazy. I can handle 2 pounds but more ugggh. So you know all day hungry and the steak and apple for dinner. Really the strange thing is that I was never hungry the whole day. I am doing a steak day again tomorrow not to lose but because the family is having a get together with barbecue for the day.
Maybe my body swells like crazy after I go 5 miles in a run and that's why this happens? Well all I can say is I sure am looking forward to another losing round in the late fall.

My biggest struggle with this whole idea of this diet at the beginning was how much water I had to drink and the run to the throne, but I have noticed now that if I do not take in my 3 liters I feel so dry and I start tanking up in the late evening. This has happened 3 times to me when I forgot my water to bring so now it's like caring my purse it's just part of the travel bag.

How much water are you drinking daily?

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