Saturday, June 12, 2010

145.4 Maintanace 3 mile run.

I head out and in an hour I have ran 3 miles and walked for a total of 1 mile.
I feel on top of the world.

Brunch: Egg with cottage cheese and grated cheese and 6 olives and garlic. Also a handful of almonds. A glass of milk with frozen strawberries and stevia on top with the milk over it. I ate outside of the protocol for the last of a 3 day protocol on the diet plan. Why because I had ran and I am hungry feeling a tiny bit.
I had to walk to our family reunion .5 of a mile ( Boys left key turned on so battery is dead. It's hubby's family side.) it's just down in our river bottoms. Good thing I walked I forgot that they were having potluck dinner with fried chicken a few more calories burned.
Lunch/Dinner: Pushing limits big time. Coleslaw salad, fried chicken breast i picked off the breading, salsa that has beans and corn (no no's but I want it) and a tiny piece of cookie and an orange. I am really not very hungry and it feels amazing to not want to eat and eat and eat. I avoided all the mac salads and breads that were available.
I still need my oven fixed more now then ever so I can do the California pizza recipe that I have wanted to try for ever.

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