Wednesday, June 23, 2010

147.4 All My WISHES on one list.

ThisTo keep my arms warm wish.

Ran 2.14 miles today.
Ate steak again and almonds, dried blueberries, and red ripe tomato Yum.
The boys are going to eat me out of the house. I went foodie shopping on Sat and it's all almost gone eeeewww I really hate to go shopping. Would much rather be in the garden or running or avoiding the laundry folding.
There is trauma in my house tonight. No one is going to go upstairs to bed because a blow snake is in the family room. They left the deck door open while we went to peewee 4-H. The boys are watching until it comes out of it's hiding spot at the bottom of the wall where the trim needs to be put on still. Jer boy is the one who almost walked on it, he didn't come screaming to me he screamed at C boy to get that snake out now. This is the pretty girl J holding the terrified Jer on top of the table no less. Mc boy is on top of my treadmill he says he is not scared just trying to see from a high point. Little guys Z and K are looking on. It's bedlam and I wish I could go to bed now but I can't see it happening. The Dad was up at 4:30am and didn't get home till 9:00pm so after two attempts at dismantling my house to catch the snake he went to bed leaving it in C boys hands and here I sit writing about it and thinking about just letting them all to there own devises and going to bed with him myself. We have a love hate with snakes, they eat mice. Blow snakes which is this kind also eat rattle snakes which are a lot more scary to have around. But this is our house and he needs to get out. I think I will go to bed and then finish the story in the morning unless I end up awakened all night long with progress reports.

Snake still at large C and Mc boys crashed to sleep at 2am and are still on a mission as I post a bit rested. I looking on bright side, maybe it will get the mouse I keep waring with that seems to elude all the traps of every kind that I have set so far.

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