Monday, June 28, 2010

146.6 Dare I say maybe a set weight on the horizon????

Well this might be a score if I keep staying at this number for more then one day at a time. After a good family dinner I am not bouncing high again so this is a very good plus today.
I had to take pretty girl J to leave for 4 year level hike. She has been to girls camp 4 times and once to the 4 year level hike last year. Several of her friends think she is nuts to want to go again on this hike that is not easy and is very long also. She thinks this kind of stuff is the greatest and I admit I am glad it shows that she will be an active girl. She gets to be a camp leader this year which they label a Junior Leader, she will be gone the whole week and she didn't even get to take her texter machine as I have started to call it. So no walk yet maybe tonight when it cools down. It decided to have a wind blowing torrent of rain so I gave up for the day besides mornings are cooler these days.

Breakfast: a cheesy fried eggs with a bit of tomatoes sliced and almond butter with nutella.
Lunch: Steak and tomatoes, avocado, cottage cheese, sunflower seeds and raspberries vinaigrette form Waldon's Farms. Oooh what a salad. Practically forced myself to eat the whole steak.
Dinner:A small smoothy the one I keep making all week with the berries, ya that one.

Someone was whining to me about the cost of using Stevia in their water every day. Here is a math count down of the price of a soda drink that's 64 oz. by the time you bought one everyday for a 1.25 that's including the tax you will have spent 37.50$ over a whole 30 days. One 10.00$ or 14.50$ liquid stevia will fill 3 liters everyday for 30 days and sometimes more at 3 squirts a bottle and guess what you are more healthy in the end. So STOP WHINING AND GET A HEALTHY DRINK EVERYONE.

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