Tuesday, June 8, 2010

147.8 Taxi Service anyone?

So I can never say what my last three days have been like as well as this lady can. Go have a laugh she is too funny in her lovely descriptive telling of our humanly likeness that we all get to face daily. As my Hubby puts it "whats so funny about all that, it's life" (he is a nurse it's normal to him to suffer strange body functions) ya well some of us don't want to acknowledge that we are less then perfect in all bodily functions.

Taxi Service available. I really would like to get paid for the job that I have been assigned this summer.
8:00 Summer school starts for C boy.
10:00 Driver Ed, hourly driving for J girl.
11:30 Summer lunch program kids beg to go to because they need to see friends living out in the boonies deprives them.
11:00 Driver Ed done, she has to hang at friends until I get back over the little mountain that splits our town from the town holding the school.
12:00 C boy is done with his summer school stuff.
Figure out how to get Kennels cleaned when we drive by on one of these many trips for J girl little job.
Can I hold out for two weeks of this that's as long as its supposed to last? Why couldn't we live in the town with the school instead of 15 min there and back. Oh Oh ya cause we live on a beautiful farm that's why.

Lunch: 500 cal tuna fish on a wasa cracker with mustard mixed in it and an apple.
Dinner: Halibut, with tomato and a wasa. Stevia covered frozenish strawberries with 2 tablespoons of milk on top.
I think maybe I will try for some miles tomorrow since somewhere over the weekend I fell of the goal for that.

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  1. Is it time to enroll in swimming lessons? Or with little guy is it just too hard to stay in town.

    Thanks for the link! I'm glad you liked my Trauma. I had fun writing that out, it helps me to process instead of being emotionally scarred. :P I hope that it works out for two weeks somehow. You deserve a medal. That is too much.