Wednesday, June 9, 2010

145.4 do I say Goal yet or drop the .4 first?

Goal is tangible floating right there on the horizon. Tomorrow it will be a total conceivable finish when I get rid of that .4 reading on the scale.
I survived the taxi service day and even got peewee 4-H in tonight to top of the day. Loaded three horses (well J girl did) I really only helped load 1 but you see last year she wouldn't even get in the trailer at all so we have accomplished a feat. Hubby and I did the team work on getting her in not once but twice in one day.

Before taxi job started I walked 1 mile and ran one mile outside then awoke the summer school boy and then finished 1 mile on the treadmill. Hurried to do the 15 min taxi run. Back to the house, watered the garden, set sprinklers in motion, jumped in the shower out to dry the hair. Then back to taxi service drive for J girl, race back to make sure all other boys are dressed and head to our little town to do scouts and lunch program. Quick pick up of J girl drop her at job and head over little mountain pick up C boy. Return to hang at dog kennel job for 10 min while she finished and home to the household chores. Divided out chores everyone done in 20 min and Jer takes a nap. Made dinner ahead and all ate J girl left to practise with her horse and then called telling me she was ready to load all the other horses. Leave to accomplish above horse accomplishment. Mc boy babysat the sleeping Jer boy and keept him as happy as a lark. Whew day is finally over. I get to do a 4 hour Dr. drive tomorrow, of course after I do the morning taxi service. Making the C boy go with me leaving when I pick him up on third taxi service run.

Lunch: Hamburger in a wasa cracker bun, grapefruit with a salted cucumber. LAST HCG DROP NEW MEASUREMENT STATS COMING AND OF COURSE PHOTO SHOOT SOON.
Dinner: My last halibut from the freezer, wasa crackers, apple and some yummy raw asparagus's salad.
Miles: 3 and were 2 running.

I am grateful that this day is over and it feels great to have survived it.

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  1. Holy CRAP woman. You've got a TON going on. You're amazing. I'm so so so proud of you for running. Good job!