Tuesday, June 15, 2010

146.0 Call me the bouncing lady.

Morning excersize 50 leg lifts. 50 side leg lifts both sides. Oh dang I forgot to do sit ups I got interupted. Pilates only had time for a little bit.
Brunch: Omelet with cheese and turkey pepperoni. One chocolate Crack with Jer's blueberry in it.
Dinner: Chicken,with onions and spinach and coconut oil sauce. Way to many Crack pieces had to get out of the house from that craving desire for chocolate.
Miles: 4.5 nice steady walk.
I have been relived of the Taxi job, Yeawhoooo. The Driver Ed teach went for a family trip the rest of the week and C boy went to Scout Leadership week at the last min. So I thought I would do a little sleep in, alas my body is now a fine tuned machine that it's internal alarm says "GOOD Morning it's 6 o'clock wake up". I can't even ignore and go back to dream land. What bunk.
Laundry day, Now I am doomed to boredom I really hate that job. It just never lets up and it is always undone no matter how long you spend time trying to finish it. Besides what is it with boys they think its a blast to dump the buckets and swim in the dirty items making an even bigger mayhem especially after I just get it all sorted and into all the correct coordinating colors per bucket. I love it when they hit the scout merit badge that requires them to take care of their own laundry, they value the Mom so much more after that.

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