Friday, December 31, 2010

What a day.

I started the day at 5:30 am taking the C boy to wrestle practise, yes he is going to be more tired out today and less crazy on the home front, yippy for me.
I intended to do my new Tae Bo DVD but the little guy was whimpering around about wanting a bottle. His bottle is not really the classical bottle its a sippy hard lid that he has to suck out of but never the less I got a new cool drink to fill it up with.
This is a test to see if he will huck the bottle across the room being as it has not the usual pediasure that he is used to. This drink is filled with healthy real food that has been dried and then powdered and it does lots of good things for your body.
Now the name has to remain a secret until I decided my plan of action but let me just tell you it was the biggest hit on his part. He made me snuggle down by him and chugged that bottle almost gone before he fell back to sleep causing me to drift off with him.
When I became alert again the C boy was calling me saying uhhh where are you. Talk about fly out of there and not return home until 2 because of dentist appointments for the crew.
Later in the day the Little guy finished the last of his amazing drink ( I had stored it in the fridge) and he really liked it and he was fully alert drinking it. I saw immediate go to the bathroom result with him that was soft that evening (sorry but we battle this daily with him) and he said his tummy felt so good. He really liked this amazing drink and guess what I did to. It tastes great and I had no need to dip into snacks through the day. It got me clear to lunch at 1:oo pm.
After doing a huge cost break down of other powder drinks that I concoct and doctor into his bottle to mix with pedisure, just to get some kind of nutrition in to a non eater, the cost is less and the ingredients more food related then corn syrup based like pedisure. Now I am not going to totally throw the pedisure in the toilet but its nice to finally have something else that he likes. All the other protein or carb powder shakes and drinks he usually will chuck the bottle and it takes me all night to coax him into finishing it out and that's when he is asleep and all reserves are down.
I know your all dieing to know the drink name but hang on its going to take a few days to get arranged so you can tap into my source.
Yep best drink mix yet to help get this non eating child some healthy nutrition.

Here is a link to a runners nutrition note I really think that my little guy might need a taste revamp. His seems to have messed up and really altered taste buds. This is one thing I have really noticed while using the HCG protocol and being off sugar completely natural things can really be dang sweet once you have let it get back to basics. Hopefully this nutritional drink will help get him back there.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Running like a maniac!

So I got up early, put the running clothing on and hit the treadmill 4 miles at a 5.o pace taking 64.49 minuets to complete. I started my warm up with a half mile walk first so that I was very warmed up. It feels good to know that I really can move at a faster pace then what I did last year at this same time. Last year I would run up my stair case and have to stop just to catch my breath at the top back then. Now no big deal I could actually run all 28 steps several times and still be breathing with ease.

Maybe for New Years I will try the exercises workout called sledding and walking up and down the mountain to make it happen. My kids think that will be the best event yet! Will get back to you on that event later. Maybe I will see if I can fit into my old college day ski bibs that are packed somewhere in the old winter gear. If they fit I will really know that this body has arrived.

Posting this under p3 but I am really sucking at doing a good p3 right this time because there is no following the rules in a considerate measure. I already ate starch last night and keep dipping into the oatmeal granola bars that I created. They are so good but yet again because there is no pretty wrapping on it the Little guy is not really impressed with them so he wont try them. GGGGRRRRRRR. The candy sources are all gone in the house so now he is being forced to eat good today and I did catch him with a bag of carrots not that he had eaten any though. He made me eat three thank goodness for one healthy treat.

Chewy Granola Bars
(makes 9 servings)
3/4 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup extra virgin coconut oil, melted
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp. salt
1 cup chopped dates (we had to use raisins couldn't find any dates)
1/2 cup sunflower seeds, toasted
1/4 cup ground flax seed
3 cups old-fashioned rolled oats, toasted ( opps almost burned them the first time)
1 cup sliced almonds, toasted (we didn't toast them though)
1 cup chocolate chips dark ( our own variation)
Heat oven to 350F. In a bowl, whisk together first 5 ingredients. Stir in remaining ingredients. Press mixture into greased foil-lined 9" square baking pan. Bake 20 min. let cool completely. Cut into Squares.
Developed by Deborah Barrett found in First for Women (been looking for a recipe like this for a long time.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Time for Evaluations!

If I go by what the scale says I would just climb in a hole and hide for a very long time. I am riding a slippery avalanche and trying to get my footing back.
I stopped the HHCG when all I could do was cheat and get myself in trouble. Way to many Christmas treats started showing up at our house. Christmas to me is wrapped in cheese balls, wheat thins and veggie dips. When loved ones brought huge gifts of some of these things I began to cave. You see I hadn't bought anything in the area of foods that mean Christmas to me, so I wouldn't be tempted. I resisted until the day after Christmas and then fell off the 500 cal. wagon ride.
The Hubby says "hey there is more then what the scale is saying that determines healthy". Look at your stamina and the inches lost along with what the the BMI reading is saying since my last measurement that was done on Oct. 6th. Here is the reading difference.

OCT 6th. 27.4 fat%
Dec. 24th. 26.2 fat%
I have brought it down more that's progress.
I tried Zumba at 5:45 am Christmas Eve Morning and loved it, looking to get me some DVD's so I can do it at home.

He says I must remember that muscle is heavier. I know that I just am wanting the scales to say that lower number that is being so elusive to me these days, so my head is having a hard time letting go of this number goal that I want to see.

Reasons I show and know that I have met my goal outside of the scales reading.
Hubby took me on a walk, I can keep up with him and his speedy walking legs like I have not in just even the near past.
I fit in a size 7 pants that I wore back before the Mc boy came to live in our world. That was 12 years and 9 months ago.
I have really strong muscles in several areas of my body that well frankly they haven't been there since I was a teenager and spent hours dancing or running or hiking and skiing.
The sides of my hips are starting to have that pretty hollowed out dip
I can wear and share some of my pretty girls shirts and skirts not her pants but hey I have been pregnant 10 times she never has, there must be bone movement compensation that we should take into consideration.
My Faraway son was shocked when he saw my face over the computer Skype video Christmas phone call. He thought I was his sister for a minute now that's a compliment she is only 16 years old.
The Hubby wants me to not get on the scales for awhile ( this after his little pep talk about how good I look when I was feeling low about the scale read out) and simply work on each area of my body to sculpt and shape. So for at least the next three weeks that's my new goal to do a work out something for 30 or more min. every single day.
Today 45min of Denise Austins Everybody and my butt and gut is feeling owe 6 hours later.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

134.2 What ok Apple day for sure.

Uggha this has not been a very good day either.
In the past when having done an apple day I felt full and didn't really even need all 6 allotted apples but this time I could have just kept eating them.
I read a great article in a magazine called First For women about Dr. Oz's #1 fat cure.
Drink Green drinks, wow when I was little we drank what my Mom called Green drink, she used to make a concoction and I loved it. It had alfalfa (high in protein) pineapple juice and any other green vegetable or leaf out of the yard. She even used apples some rare moments and once in a while an almond handful got there also. Its funny to me to now see that this is the rage of the day to help get you a healthy start for you morning gasoline.
Anyway here is a link to a girl who blogs about this way of life and keeping it raw and green.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

132.4 Sticky day.

Want to play with what you could look like or want to look like click and go to a make you own model look HERE.

Lunch: Chicken, celary, an apple and a wasa cracker.

I am beginning to wonder if I am experiencing immunity to the HCG, why well I have had the most terrible headache all day. In the past the only time I got headaches like this was right before Aunt Flo would come. That hasn't been happening to me for about the last 4 months. I am really regular now and feel so straitened out in the feminine department, so to get this headache at the end of the visit was a bit strange.

Christmas shopping was not easy with food always on my mind.

I am ravenously hungry, taking the drops is not even really curbing the hunger for very long. I have stayed right on track with all my meal eating but by this evening I could have eaten the whole house. I ate extra green salad helpings and oops a tiny bit more of salsa too. I couldn't stop with 5 melba rounds I ate 12.
Santa brought an orange that was divine. We were at a family dinner and the meat was pork which I am very allergic to. Finally upon arriving home I got to eat my protein allotment of shrimp precooked by me. The hunger went away for a very short moment and the headache never dissipated. Long into the night finally around 4 am I got relief. I am thinking I will do an apple day to break the stall and then if I have the same kind of hungry day I will be for sure suffering from immunity and will have to stop without reaching the scale goal of 120.
There is some goals that I have met. I will have reached fitting into a size 7 pants of an old pair that are in my closet from years ago making it so that I really know that I pretty much am back to my correct body size.
I also think standing on the scale that measures my BMI would be a good measure to take. Anyway its been a rough day and I am glad it is over.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

132.8 Sleepless night!

Last evening we kept having electrical brown out moments. I told the kids they better hurry to shower or finish homework so that if the heavy wet snows took the power out they would be prepared for the morning crazy. It never happened and off to bed we all went rather early too.
But at 3:00 am in my dreams there was the most irritating beeping that just would not shut up. I finally dragged myself up and out of the deep sleep that I was in, realizing that Jer's oxygen concentrator was alarming and oh duh the power was now out. It was so white outside that I could see everything when I opened the curtains, feeling with my hands I switched to the oxygen tanks and turned everything back on to get his oxygen needs back in line. He really didn't even move, sleeping right through it all.

An hour later the most hideous alarm of the fire alarms blasted through the hallway. All the little boys piled on to our bed and the Hubby went to dismantle the battery that had just lost the last little bit of life it had in it from having to work because of the lack of electrical power in the house. Yep Christmas vacation is when we usually replace all the batteries and it was due. Everyone finally dropped back off to sleep still in the dark with no power. Finally my cell phone alarm went off telling the hubby that he needed to head to work at 5:30 am. Right when I thought we would just get to keep sleeping and forget school for the day the power came on at 6:20 am making every ones alarms go off at just the right time. All the boys kept smacking the snooze buttons and I heard one say "3:30 what the heck is wrong with this thing" He was not to thrilled to hear me say "it really is time to get ready to meet the bus so get up".

Later in the day I found out that the whole day was filled with little trauma moments, The bus slid off the road. C boy banged his head on the top, they were all late to school, well almost every bus was late. Z boy fell asleep and ended up riding all the way to the bus barn which is an hour there and an hour back once the driver who was a substitute discovered the sleeper. Z boy sobbed to me that he didn't get breakfast food from having never woke to get off the bus. Later on the way home Pretty girl slept through our stop even though Mc boy and K boy warned her that they were nearing our stop. The substitute bus driver was nice enough to turn back around and take her home. By this time we have now had a snow day claimed and the kids are thrilled for the first time in my whole life time of living here there will be no school tomorrow.

Lunch: a small lean steak with green salad, wasa crackers and strawberry shake up to drink.
Dinner: Grilled chicken with more iceberg lettuce and a tiny amount of bread crumbs and an apple.
2.26 miles walking with C boys heavy snow boots in deep really wet snow. 300 calorie burn feeling really healthy and so strong.
I must admit I am glad to get to sleep in in the morning but I better beat the storm and get my food shopping done before the holiday weekend comes.

Monday, December 20, 2010

133.4 Yep there came the bounce back up.

I knew the up bounce would happen after that pizza dinner. Sometimes it takes a bit to show. Now to have it go away and keep moving down.
This round has been filled with ups and downs from holidays get in the ways. I have learned lots along the path working through each up and down though.

Lunch: Hamburger with wasa cracker and salad. An apple again. I think I need to go shopping my supplies are getting low and that includes the kids foods too.

I smooshed my kids Christmas dream this year. They decorated the tree and wanted it to stand out in the middle of the room. I allowed until today and then when they were gone I have pushed it back into the corner and out of the middle so that we can walk into and through the room. You should have heard the hey that's not fair yells when they each discovered the moved tree but oh well its going to be nicer on Christmas day for me.

Dinner: Chicken with onions cooked in expeller pressed coconut oil and wasa crackers. That was one lovely sweet orange too.

I had to be a hero today and push a girl with her electric wheel chair up the slippery snowy ramp. I almost did a face plant from pushing so hard and then the boomerang affect when the pressure got to be released but I wasn't ready. All the kids were cheering me from the bus.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

132.4 What! Crazy day!

I was so shocked at the scale reading that I got off, back on, then went down stairs came back up and climbed back on the scales, surely having eaten killer white thick crust pizza with creamy mozzarella cheese I should be high on the scale today not down. I had only eaten one piece but still the last time I had done that and was not even using the HHCG the scale had bumped up two pounds. I am going to hold my breath over this because I bet I will see the damage on Mon. morning instead but it did make my day feel really sweet.

I have been asked to teach the three year old children in my church again most likely because I can't get out of there without the Little guy hanging on my legs begging to go to my class instead.
C Boy became a Life Scout, the next thing we do now is big huge Eagle projects of serving the community in some way.
Mc Boy got his first ranking and will now begin collecting the cool badges the the two older boys have.

We also accomplished our Christmas tradition making a gingerbread house or something item as it looks like a train this year. I didn't even feel a single temptation to nibble. Jer got to pick out the kit since he saw it in the store one day. The C boy helped him build the train pieces. Then the other boys embellished and filled the coal trailer full of yummy candies. My kids get breakfast foods in their stockings instead of candy so this is about the limit of candy we have during the holidays.

Lunch:Chicken with salad and wasa crackers. I keep forgetting to eat my fruit for some reason.
Dinner: Shrimp, tomatoe and a wasa cracker, I made sure I ate my apple this time.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

132.8 Christmas Shopping.

Sitting there just on the edge and its been a long day.
Of course its the last Saturday before the Christmas holiday arrives. The last day the Hubby could spend planing out and taking out the kids to buy their chosen present for their drawn out of a hat name.

Lunch: Cucumbers with pre-grilled Chicken, half my apple since the Little guy decided he needed to eat some of it for me today and no crackers.

We made a day of it and by evening they all wanted food so of course the vote was pizza. I only ate one slice and I have walked miles and miles today, I am sure because my feet hurt all over in many ways. Hopefully its enough to not derail the progress I made so far. There was no convincing them that they should go get me something else so I made due with what faced me.

Those kids are so proud of the amount they earned with their pop cans and of course they picked their presents very very wisely because they want them to last a very long time. That was hard work, the presents better last just as long as their work took.

Friday, December 17, 2010

134.2 OOO Won the game plan.

I like that numbering that was a pretty good game plan that I made.
I realize that sometimes the scale can bounce up even two days later so I still am holding my breath over the whole end result of my cheat meal with the Hubby.
But maybe just maybe the body is getting a burn on now days.

Lunch: Hot tomatoes salsa over chicken with a wasa cracker and an orange. And of course I have had my 10 drops of HHCG for breakfast and will again be getting some 30 min before eating my lunch meal. Drank half my water needs for the day already too.

Exercises was a nice walk 3 miles and run a mile out in the very crisp air today.
Dinner: Strange spread out but right in the 500 cal limits. Shrimp tiny ones this time and only 100 grams worth, cucumbers, 2 wasa crackers and a half a grapefruit.

I burned calories staying warm holding garbage bags open while the boys did a service project cleaning up a pop can wind blown mess that will turn into pocket cash for Christmas money in the end. SCORE is their opinion. The stack was high the cans above the cab of the truck, imagine them all over a neighbors yard blown everywhere, blue shiny cans that are now their cash.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

133.0 Game Plan.

The scale number went down but I know after today it will go back up no matter how careful I am. I am ready for it with two bats swinging.

Here is my pre-game plan mapped out.

A two and a half mile swift walk with some neighbor girls, can't let them down.
Then two mile run nice and steady back at the house on my treadmill.
Keep moving all day.
Small lowest cal Lunch: Cucumber with salt, fish, and one wasa cracker. Oh I forgot my fruit again.
Dinner: A dangerous work party meal for the Hubby's surgery staff.

I will and did only eat the lettuce salad with a tiny tiny bit of dressing. I ate a lot of the green salad when the need to eat more came upon me because of all the other goodies that were there.
Someone brought jumbo shrimp. I eyed the amount and ate 3 that had to be close to my 100 gram allotment while using HCG.
I went over the 100 grams by eating a tiny bit of prime rib not to much but more then I might should have done.
4 Ritz crackers with a tiny bit of cheese spread.
A warm cup of hot coco, I am freezing today.
4 Dark Chocolate's from Italy and lots and lots of water.

The last meal that did me in (football awards dinner for C boy) during this crazy holiday I didn't have such good choices to be able to pick from. The meat was in gravey sauce so there was no way to pick it out and there were hardly a green salad to pick from it was all jello or potatoes, or lovely whipped cream pudding choices. I sure hope this game plan goes well because I am really learning how to care for the body these days and I want to not have to take another week to get back to the 134 site on the scales.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

134.2 C boy in repair from wrestling ouch.

Monday evening I took C boy to see the most cool lady. She works with fears that are manifest in our body. You see C boy is really going to be ok once he believes it and stops holding himself so tightly. He broke his ribs last year and has really been afraid to go all out in his technique on the mat. Everyone can see that the fire is not all there like it has been all of his life when it comes to giving it all out on the mat.

So now that C's shoulder has gotten hurt on the same side as the broken healed ribs he is not so ready to be ok even though nothing is torn or broke.

Fear can be so immobilizing, it can be stored so strongly in the body that some can never get past it and some bury the fear going forward but not living the completeness that they could have had.

Well this cool lady does a combination of EFT and Body Talk. When Jer was in the hospital she would do work for him and let me tell you when she called and told me things that were coming up she was always so right on. After my Pretty girl had an appendicitis she helped the fear to drain out of her and even opened the channels to be heard and have a voice. ( that one is tough now that she is a teen and is more outspoken). My faraway boy would always say how the heck does she always know what I am worrying over and I never even said anything to you about it.
Well this is the first time C boy has even had a need and this time helped him get past his rib and shoulder pain and fear along with helping him to resolve the intestinal plug up that seems to keep happening to him. He was so amazed that she knew that his intestine's struggle to transfer water around resulting in the problem that he seems to face.
He said the whole next day his whole body kept tingling when people came near him and he wrestled pretty much with no fear at practise. The shoulder is a tiny bit tight but quickly resolving the tightness. Thank goodness because he has a big charity pink wrestle that the schools are doing for Breast Cancer tonight.

The end result HE WON a pin in 30 seconds flat even with pink shoelaces on his black clad feet!
Here are a few links about pink awareness and other athletes that are bringing awareness.
Me sticking tight to my 500 cal limits even though the Aunt came visiting and leaving me feeling like a soggy wet noodle with no strength to get up and do anything.
Lunch:Grapefruit, Chicken, Wasa cracker, and celery sticks they tasted so so sweet.
Dinner: Tomato salsa with some onions and cayenne pepper with the fish over the top and a few wasa crackers too.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

134.8 Resistance band workouts got better today with

Resistance bands I think that my wrestler boys need this while the weight set is packed up at our house. What do you think I think that my C boy would have gotten less hurt if you knew more about stretching out some of those shoulder muscles this would have done the trick for him. Do I hear a Santa present coming through the mail?

Hey even my faraway boy could fit this inside his limited luggage allotment and not go over weight on his body nor his luggage what do you think? Maybe this is what I should send to him in South Africa for his birthday then he could help some of the kids there get more fit as he keeps himself fit. could become the new rage for getting healthy in Tazneen South Africa.

I really like the fact that these bands can hook on the door and come with a DVD workout that will help me who always needs direction during a workout the path to follow.
The green factor is pretty cool too along with the fact that there is a 1 year guarantee now that's backing the product by proof I say. Yep Santa has a new list written up at this house today.

Monday, December 13, 2010

134.4 It took a week but finally back to the elusive 34 numbering.

I am craving the chocolate again. The visitor must be rearing and packing to arrive soon. I made myself a dark chocolate unsweetened drink and then used French vanilla Stevia to sweeten it for my drink this morning. Warm of course so I could get warm inside, its cold and getting colder again after a day yesterday that was warm enough we saw a snake, now that's a shock because they are usually never out at this time of year.

Lunch: shrimp, strawberries, spinach and no crackers I have ran out.
Dinner: Chicken onion soup with a piece of whole wheat bread and no fruit. We will see how the body acts with the little extra bread piece in the marrow.
Did my Denise Austin DVD of ABS to keep stretched out and moving along with getting my tummy toned more.

Another person I just love to get tips from along my getting healthy trip is this lovely lady who knows a lot about stuff I do not so I pay attention to her Introducing MIZFIT. Thanks JBS for helping me find her to get tips from. Just click her links and listen to her tips she has some great ones to use.

Today is the 20th day I guess I am going to have to keep going on a 33 day round since making the eating football dinner and fact that my body is not letting the last of the fat pack go on my hips yet.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

136.2 APPLE DAY with peaceful Sabbath!

The scale keeps hoovering near this irratating spot so I decided to do an apple day and see what happens. It is amazing to only eat 6 alloted apples which really I only needed 5 and lots of water and just not really have to much of a hungry feeling. As soon as the feeling started to come on near dinner I hurried to take my drops and it left. I am just amazed at how this HHCG works as long as I stay tight to my scheduled eating times and if neccesary spread the eats to cover if its going to be longer in-between then what I planed for my eating time frame.
I was still bugged to see this number today when steping on the scale and would like to get done with this round but it seems that my body likes this 134 or higher place alot.

This evening after eating all my apples and drinking about 3 liters of stevia lemon water it was interesting to see the scale say 136.2 the exact same thing it had said this morning at 6Am. But I know that around noon when I had looked to see what it was it was a bit higher. Watching my metabolism burn the apples is pretty much what I did today.
I took a leisurely mile walk with with Hubby and some of the boys. The boys are picking up pop cans so they can earn their own money to pay for all their own Christmas gifts to each other this year. It was a fun spiritual filled day of peacefulness and that's just what I always like on the Sabbath day.
Yes I did have to bribe two boys with a candy bar reward if they would sit quietly though church and keep their arms folded as much as possible but who cares one candy bar was worth being able to listen without a small fist fight going on below the pew line for the whole congregation to witness. Some times they try to wrestle in Church too, so it was in my opinion a very peaceful Sunday.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

136.0 Watching wrestling all weekend.

My C boy got hurt, aw dang. Even though he had a really sore shoulder from a pull in a match that the referee didn't stop when the shoulder was in a bad position early in the morning he went on to do another match and pinned the kid but that was the last of the matches for him today. He had scheduled 5 and only did three the last two he took as losses. Better to be healthy and fit then to ruin a shoulder at the beginning of a season the coaches decided. I have a thing called a tense unit that sends pulses into the nerves to help them settle down when an area has been damaged. This machine is from my lovely wrist injury 12 years ago. Yep you guessed it on to the C boys shoulder to help him get better after hours of wearing ice to numb him and keep it from swelling up. We have been alternating ever since between ice and heat and the tense unit hope it helps by Mon.

Lunch: I had hamburger soup in a cup as we drove to go watch the C boy wrestle. Took my orange and soaked up the soup liquid with my melba rounds. Crunched on celery all the way there.
Dinner: Well this was a tricky one. We are supposed to go to a dinner. I had to pick out the beef from the stew, ate the green lettuce salad from a bag. Crashed and burned eating a whole wheat roll, I am sure it is much bigger then a melba toast or wasa cracker allotment. Didn't eat my fruit and snitched a piece of ginger bread cake. Holidays are the worse time of the year to try doing a 500 cal diet regime. BUT I MUST SOMEHOW REACH MY GOAL BY THE END OF THIS YEAR.

Friday, December 10, 2010

135,4 The track is nearing where I need it.

I am really liking that book I said I was reading. It really makes sense and just the moving alone is helping me to feel so much better. I just need to get a move on every single day whether its a walk run or simple doing her DVD to strengthen my gut. Now if I can just never have a kid forget his lunch and disrupt my exercise time that would help a lot. C boy riding a bus will be gone till midnight and left all his food sitting on the top of the counter top but he did take the lunch box. Silly guy when I called and asked him what was in there he said "food" I said nope guess again or take a look inside your box. He about died when he saw not a dang thing inside. So a run to the school to make sure he had it before going to wrestle lots of high school teams, yep cut right into my exercise time.

I ate really well staying right on a 500cal diet plan and not a single cheat today. Can't remember much else because it was to crazy a day driving back and forth to take care of kiddos and all the request they had.
C boy pinned his first two matches and then points for the next match but the last one got him.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

136.2 Proud MOMMA!

A little history first. Mc boy is younger then the energizer C boy and he hates physical contact and being wrestled by C boy, which he really can't escape from because C boy gets a bit wild and won't listen to others protests. All through the years Mc would not have anything to do with wrestling and would even yell at us that he was NEVER never going to do that stupid sport. Last year he about shocked the socks off all of us and decided he wanted to wrestle. We of course let him, he was amazing like somehow he had mentally absorbed the stuff C boy or Far away boy would even sorta try on him through the years. His hand grip is super strong and he can really hang on.

Last night he yep Mc wrestled 6 matches, none of my boys have ever done that many matches unless it was a two day tournament and usually a Regional State Turny at that. He even last night had to be talked into going and went only because the young K boy really wanted to go. It's a long hour drive so I wanted it worth my time. After he felt so great about himself and told me that it had really been well worth the time spent, so glad that he had fun and ended up feeling so great. Even little K boy 4th grader age went up against 2 8th graders no wins but he felt good at holding his own he did a total of 4 matches. Yep I would say I was a proud Momma because they felt good about their efforts.

4 liters of lemon twist stevia water with my HHCG.
Lunch: lean 100 grams of steak, salad greens, orange, and melba rounds.
3 miles running. .5 fast paced walking warm up ohhh it felt so good when I got done and knew I had moved these muscles.
Dinner: Wasa cracker sandwich with talapia fish and onions sauteed in coconut oil. I don't want the fruit tonight to tired and heading quickly to bed.

Reading Denise Austins Shrink Your Female Fat Zone and really liking what I am getting out of it. My zone to have to always watch carefully is the tummy and I would love to have this video to keep on top of it every day of the week maybe this one too. Hint Hint listen Santa.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

137.2 Backward sliding!

Last night my son had a football dinner with all the parents and players. Yep you guessed it should have not even gone but what do you do not show support? Fall on your face because the eats grab you? Do you fall and get up again or lay there letting more get you down and never reach your goal? Well me I will do better tomarrow and stay away from eats of all forms except the ones I am allowed while on HHCG!

4 Liters of water with grape stevia and HHCG drops for breakfast.
3 mile walk on treadmil carring my 3 pound weights and moving my arms lots in many ways.

Lunch: Talopia, cucmbers with apple slices and soem waldon farms raspberry vinagrette and melba rounds of course.
Dinner: On the race out the door to wrestling matches. Chicken and a tomatoe with a melba round. Eating the apple in the car as we hurry over the mountain top to see what happens on the mat with two Jr. High wrestling boys that live at this house.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

134.8 WATER our bodies need it!

I would agree that many people are very thirsty in our world today. Look at this interview.

I now realize two years later that the lack of water is what caused me to to have an appendicitis attack, especially if I look at the fact that two days before the first pain started I had eaten a ton of dried peaches while on a hike up the mountain.

This site has great info on ways to help our body because so many of us lack water that is so needed.

Jer has to have breathing treatments with histamines, they do this: Histamine: Substance that plays a major role in many allergic reactions. Histamine dilates blood vessels and makes the vessel walls abnormally permeable.
There are many that do other kinds of things in the body also like this.
But if you read the interview you can see how water helps the body just as nicely too.
Seeing these notes help us to make sense why the drug companies push something they can make money with instead of the free water that we can all get too.

Did you ever wonder why one of the first things done at the hospital in the ER is to put an IV drip, well read this and think about it, this makes sense.

My calves hurt I walked my stair case of 28 steps for 10 min's three different times yesterday.
Today I walked 6 laps around the High school track running the last lap in a slow jog.
Today's eating was a mess I did not fallow protocol at all because of things that kept me unprepared and out of my own safe kitchen the evenings read on the scale was scary hope I burn a lot of calories in my sleep. Here's to starting over in the morning and doing better from her on out.

Monday, December 6, 2010

136.2 Water it helps a body to lose not gain.

The Cboy told me that he hadn't been drinking the allotted amount of water that we had figured out his body weight needed in a day. I told him "well if you want to stay under 103 and not retain you need to keep your system flushing the right way with the amount it needs." He said "but then I will gain water weight."

Other peoples ideas of making sure your system has enough water to keep or stay level on the scales.



Lunch: HHCG 10 drops, fish a tomato, and and orange, with too many melba rounds again.

Dinner: HHCG 10 drops, Chicken cabbage soup with melba rounds in the soup. Another Honey crisp apple the are so dang good.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

136.6 Shock drop WOW!

That is the first time that big of a drop has ever happened to me while doing the HHCG, 500 cal diet of Dr Simeons Protocal. Yes my intestinal tract last evening went into elimination mode but not in a you are sick type of mode just the natural normal way that it should. I even slept in rather deeply this morning and upon looking at the scale again the reading was the same as when I had gotten on ealier at my normal 6:00 am time frame and then went back to bed for what I though was going to be an hour and turned into two more lovely need hours.

Lunch: fish orange, melba rounds and spinach.
Dinner Steak, with wasa and apple and too many melba rounds I think with baby lettuce.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

139.0 A stall is happening again.

I was just a bit shocked to have what I think is shaping into a stall with a rise going on. Some days the body can be really stubborn along with the fact that I should maybe increase my water intake to a bit more to help flush my system. Some thoughts too that maybe fiber that is raw would help, because I keep cooking my vegetables which would make them be broken down already so the body does not have to work to hard to do the job.

I had to sit in a training all day so the exercises that I got came in the form of wiggling to try and stay warm that room was really cold and wiggling or bouncing my feet helped to keep the blood moving with a slight warmth going on. Denise Austin book says that this helps to keep calories burning in the body.

Lunch: White Albacore tuna fish with melba rounds and lettuce and a big Honeycrisp apple.
Dinner: Chicken with a tomato melba rounds. A half a grapefruit with stevia sprinkled on top.
I have been making sure to drink lots and lots of water today and I mean lots even when it made me cold in the cold training room.

Friday, December 3, 2010

138.2 Water Water wAtEr so neccesary.

Water Drink it because its so good for you!

Read This to see why it helps in Weight loss.

Read This to see the need.

I have a hard time getting my Little Guy Jer to drink water but I am tricky and put Stevia in the water and then he will get at least a 6 oz amount most days. When he left the NICU we had many inhalers that we had to use to keep his lungs open and not wheezing. He has very damaged lung tissue areas and all we could do was wait until new tissue grew. This takes at least 8 Years to do and in some of the areas that are damaged it will never come back to normal, there is just a great big cyst that takes up the space. The thing that always bugged me about his inhalers was the fact that there is a lot of salt in the mix, not to mention the steroids, He is diagnosed with Asthma or it is better known to him as Severe Cystic BPD, Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, This is a medical defination.

He had a wheeze and then I read THIS mans book and started to work on getting him to consume water so that I could see if the wheeze diminished.

Guess what if he has been a really good water consumer then we usually never have a problem with a wheeze or an attack but when I stop being persistent then I can hear the little squeak as he drops into heavy sleep in the middle of the night and I have an instant pang of regret and get back on top of tricking him with a 6 oz amount of Stevia flavored water.

Yep Water its pretty darn important for our bodies.

Me Drinking lots of water today.

Working out with Denises Austins lovely ABs DVD. I just can't not do something in the workout area even while on HHCG. I do take it really easy and be very slow and soft to my body when using HHCG because I do not want to pull and muscles or make myself tired.

Lunch: chicken and cabbage soup with melba rounds and an orange.

Dinner:hamburger with wasa crakers and a tomato with an apple.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

138.4 HUNGRY grrr.

It was a battle of the hungry today. I was really careful and only ate a few extra almonds and every time that hungry came up I drank some water. I really want to reach my goal this year and not go into the 2011 to reach it. I will be strong I will be strong and clean off my desk, do all the dishes instead of look at the fridge. I will keep busy busy busy so that I am very distracted out of the kitchen today. I am doing all Jer's paper work and vacuming and laundry that will never really ever be done in this house but at least I attempt.
HUNGRY: I think that when there is the claim that you will not be hungry on HHCG its kind of like your brain does an all or nothing message. Yes your going to get a hungry signal at the usual times that you should eat, but your not overly hungry especially if you take a dose of the drops on a consistent schedule and stick to it. If you are having the overwhelming hungry that's when you need to look at the Whys that are making it happen. Like are you bored, or lonely, or even maybe tired and needing some kind of a sugar pick up that you have participated in in the past. What ever it is pay attention to the messages write down what your thinking or feeling and be prepared to use your willpower.
Lunch: Hamburger, tomato, wasa bun and strawberries. HHCG and some extra vitamin D that's fizzy along with the second dose of 10 drops of HHCG under my tongue.
Dinner: Fish with Curry powder and celery with apples chopped into the mix. Nice change. Oh a few to many melbas rounds too.
Started reading Denise Austins book Shrink your Female Fat Zones, so far intesting.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

140.2 Body Image!!!!!

That's what you get when you mess with HHCG and eat out of the 500 cal. diet order but its ok I will be ok.
2 mile run this morning, yes finally a minute of time for me.

Lunch: Fish with a tomato and an orange and 4 melba rounds. Lemon twist stevia in 2 liters of water. And of course the 10 HHCG drops under my tongue.
Dinner: grilled chicken with curry powder on it. Celery sticks and a wasa cracker. One rather large apple of a sour crisp variety, kept me having pucker thrills in my mouth. 10drops of HHCG and some fizzy vitamin D to. I have been taking this for about a week and I can really tell a difference.

Body image? What do you think about it?
The Hubby and I had a talk as we drove home from the Doc yesterday and this came up. My budding teens made me feel ugly as a mud fence, know this I was always as skinny as a rail then, so it had nothing to do with being fat just not pretty in the face is what I mean. Some but not many boys paid attention to me during those years. Then as I turned 18 into my 20's I was hot, I think I started realizing this when many boys paid attention to me but I still didn't keep much of a belief that I looked very hot. I still had this image that only certain guys liked certain kinds of looks. My Hubby of course went crazy over me, I had moved to this new town and met him. All of a sudden many guys were asking me out, he got all crazy possessive and didn't think it was funny to have other guys ask me out. So he remedied the problem and made me his forever. Well then there is the syndrome that some women suck into; I have my guy so I do not need to try so hard right, well I never really participated in it but I do recall after every pregnancy trying to get back that youthful skinny and a certain glint from a passing guys eye that would say yes I had it back or no I did not have it yet. Of course the Hubby still loved me no matter what.
Now today I told him that I had dressed to look very hot but not because I wanted anyone else to take a look, only because I wanted him to look and I almost couldn't pull the look off because of my scared feeling about others out there in the world maybe looking. Now this has only become a problem because I have finally lost back to a nice sized pants and skinny look but I still hide behind his protections and the fact that I do not have to attract anyone else. Whew thank goodness I do not have to be back in the dating space I am not sure I would do so well. I really have a hard time with the attention that comes now and I realize that many girls in this world that cover themselves with a layer of fat to protect themselves from attention must feel kind of like me today. I am glad this is not always how I feel because it sure could be disabling if a person let it be in their life.
I talked about how I really would rather not have any attention from others, especially guys and yet a person really has no control over that.
The hubby said he liked that I was trying to be healthier and active again and it's nice that the body is in better shape, back to what attracted him in the first place. He desired that I should keep dressing hot even if others paid attention because it would help me to keep feeling like staying in the healthy mode and that's the most important thing to him. He thinks that many guys were always attracted to me back before his day, but there is the phenomena that happens with a guy and they say "she is too pretty I do not have any kind of chance even getting a date with her so why try." So they don't even try and the girl may be left wondering what was wrong with her just because of what messages she is telling her own brain. Well my Hubby didn't care about that phenomena he was older and he knew what he wanted so he went for it. Besides we got set up on a blind date, I think that helps take away the messages that we tell ourselves that might be limiting when we first glance at a person and consider the potential asking out thought.
His goal is that we both get healthier and stay that way, besides we still have lots of kids that need to be raised. The most important to him is the healthy, looking good is a side benefit to boot. My benefit is he is loyal and keeps his manly attractions to others in check because bottom line our personal body image is all a part of what attracts or does not attract us to others.
So in conclusion I guess I just get to keep ignoring looks or statements and focus on being healthy because it is so very important.
Some links to lots of others comments on body image. Just click the linker number and read it.