Monday, December 13, 2010

134.4 It took a week but finally back to the elusive 34 numbering.

I am craving the chocolate again. The visitor must be rearing and packing to arrive soon. I made myself a dark chocolate unsweetened drink and then used French vanilla Stevia to sweeten it for my drink this morning. Warm of course so I could get warm inside, its cold and getting colder again after a day yesterday that was warm enough we saw a snake, now that's a shock because they are usually never out at this time of year.

Lunch: shrimp, strawberries, spinach and no crackers I have ran out.
Dinner: Chicken onion soup with a piece of whole wheat bread and no fruit. We will see how the body acts with the little extra bread piece in the marrow.
Did my Denise Austin DVD of ABS to keep stretched out and moving along with getting my tummy toned more.

Another person I just love to get tips from along my getting healthy trip is this lovely lady who knows a lot about stuff I do not so I pay attention to her Introducing MIZFIT. Thanks JBS for helping me find her to get tips from. Just click her links and listen to her tips she has some great ones to use.

Today is the 20th day I guess I am going to have to keep going on a 33 day round since making the eating football dinner and fact that my body is not letting the last of the fat pack go on my hips yet.


  1. I'm glad you saw another milestone. You are working so hard! Keep at it within your abilities, and you will be working wonders. Love Miz. :)

  2. Nice Post: Thanks for sharing this post. You are working had labour. congratulation for your hard labour. Keep it up.