Thursday, December 23, 2010

134.2 What ok Apple day for sure.

Uggha this has not been a very good day either.
In the past when having done an apple day I felt full and didn't really even need all 6 allotted apples but this time I could have just kept eating them.
I read a great article in a magazine called First For women about Dr. Oz's #1 fat cure.
Drink Green drinks, wow when I was little we drank what my Mom called Green drink, she used to make a concoction and I loved it. It had alfalfa (high in protein) pineapple juice and any other green vegetable or leaf out of the yard. She even used apples some rare moments and once in a while an almond handful got there also. Its funny to me to now see that this is the rage of the day to help get you a healthy start for you morning gasoline.
Anyway here is a link to a girl who blogs about this way of life and keeping it raw and green.

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  1. Just flying by to tell you I miss you. Take care, and I'm proud of you!