Sunday, December 19, 2010

132.4 What! Crazy day!

I was so shocked at the scale reading that I got off, back on, then went down stairs came back up and climbed back on the scales, surely having eaten killer white thick crust pizza with creamy mozzarella cheese I should be high on the scale today not down. I had only eaten one piece but still the last time I had done that and was not even using the HHCG the scale had bumped up two pounds. I am going to hold my breath over this because I bet I will see the damage on Mon. morning instead but it did make my day feel really sweet.

I have been asked to teach the three year old children in my church again most likely because I can't get out of there without the Little guy hanging on my legs begging to go to my class instead.
C Boy became a Life Scout, the next thing we do now is big huge Eagle projects of serving the community in some way.
Mc Boy got his first ranking and will now begin collecting the cool badges the the two older boys have.

We also accomplished our Christmas tradition making a gingerbread house or something item as it looks like a train this year. I didn't even feel a single temptation to nibble. Jer got to pick out the kit since he saw it in the store one day. The C boy helped him build the train pieces. Then the other boys embellished and filled the coal trailer full of yummy candies. My kids get breakfast foods in their stockings instead of candy so this is about the limit of candy we have during the holidays.

Lunch:Chicken with salad and wasa crackers. I keep forgetting to eat my fruit for some reason.
Dinner: Shrimp, tomatoe and a wasa cracker, I made sure I ate my apple this time.

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