Saturday, December 4, 2010

139.0 A stall is happening again.

I was just a bit shocked to have what I think is shaping into a stall with a rise going on. Some days the body can be really stubborn along with the fact that I should maybe increase my water intake to a bit more to help flush my system. Some thoughts too that maybe fiber that is raw would help, because I keep cooking my vegetables which would make them be broken down already so the body does not have to work to hard to do the job.

I had to sit in a training all day so the exercises that I got came in the form of wiggling to try and stay warm that room was really cold and wiggling or bouncing my feet helped to keep the blood moving with a slight warmth going on. Denise Austin book says that this helps to keep calories burning in the body.

Lunch: White Albacore tuna fish with melba rounds and lettuce and a big Honeycrisp apple.
Dinner: Chicken with a tomato melba rounds. A half a grapefruit with stevia sprinkled on top.
I have been making sure to drink lots and lots of water today and I mean lots even when it made me cold in the cold training room.

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