Wednesday, December 8, 2010

137.2 Backward sliding!

Last night my son had a football dinner with all the parents and players. Yep you guessed it should have not even gone but what do you do not show support? Fall on your face because the eats grab you? Do you fall and get up again or lay there letting more get you down and never reach your goal? Well me I will do better tomarrow and stay away from eats of all forms except the ones I am allowed while on HHCG!

4 Liters of water with grape stevia and HHCG drops for breakfast.
3 mile walk on treadmil carring my 3 pound weights and moving my arms lots in many ways.

Lunch: Talopia, cucmbers with apple slices and soem waldon farms raspberry vinagrette and melba rounds of course.
Dinner: On the race out the door to wrestling matches. Chicken and a tomatoe with a melba round. Eating the apple in the car as we hurry over the mountain top to see what happens on the mat with two Jr. High wrestling boys that live at this house.

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  1. Aw. That is difficult. I'm sure I would've made the same choice. Dietary restrictions are not very understood here, except by others that have the some restriction themselves.

    Good luck today. You are right about the serotonin, and the endorphins. I hope you are aware of your own awesomeness!