Friday, December 3, 2010

138.2 Water Water wAtEr so neccesary.

Water Drink it because its so good for you!

Read This to see why it helps in Weight loss.

Read This to see the need.

I have a hard time getting my Little Guy Jer to drink water but I am tricky and put Stevia in the water and then he will get at least a 6 oz amount most days. When he left the NICU we had many inhalers that we had to use to keep his lungs open and not wheezing. He has very damaged lung tissue areas and all we could do was wait until new tissue grew. This takes at least 8 Years to do and in some of the areas that are damaged it will never come back to normal, there is just a great big cyst that takes up the space. The thing that always bugged me about his inhalers was the fact that there is a lot of salt in the mix, not to mention the steroids, He is diagnosed with Asthma or it is better known to him as Severe Cystic BPD, Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, This is a medical defination.

He had a wheeze and then I read THIS mans book and started to work on getting him to consume water so that I could see if the wheeze diminished.

Guess what if he has been a really good water consumer then we usually never have a problem with a wheeze or an attack but when I stop being persistent then I can hear the little squeak as he drops into heavy sleep in the middle of the night and I have an instant pang of regret and get back on top of tricking him with a 6 oz amount of Stevia flavored water.

Yep Water its pretty darn important for our bodies.

Me Drinking lots of water today.

Working out with Denises Austins lovely ABs DVD. I just can't not do something in the workout area even while on HHCG. I do take it really easy and be very slow and soft to my body when using HHCG because I do not want to pull and muscles or make myself tired.

Lunch: chicken and cabbage soup with melba rounds and an orange.

Dinner:hamburger with wasa crakers and a tomato with an apple.

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