Friday, December 10, 2010

135,4 The track is nearing where I need it.

I am really liking that book I said I was reading. It really makes sense and just the moving alone is helping me to feel so much better. I just need to get a move on every single day whether its a walk run or simple doing her DVD to strengthen my gut. Now if I can just never have a kid forget his lunch and disrupt my exercise time that would help a lot. C boy riding a bus will be gone till midnight and left all his food sitting on the top of the counter top but he did take the lunch box. Silly guy when I called and asked him what was in there he said "food" I said nope guess again or take a look inside your box. He about died when he saw not a dang thing inside. So a run to the school to make sure he had it before going to wrestle lots of high school teams, yep cut right into my exercise time.

I ate really well staying right on a 500cal diet plan and not a single cheat today. Can't remember much else because it was to crazy a day driving back and forth to take care of kiddos and all the request they had.
C boy pinned his first two matches and then points for the next match but the last one got him.

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