Friday, December 17, 2010

134.2 OOO Won the game plan.

I like that numbering that was a pretty good game plan that I made.
I realize that sometimes the scale can bounce up even two days later so I still am holding my breath over the whole end result of my cheat meal with the Hubby.
But maybe just maybe the body is getting a burn on now days.

Lunch: Hot tomatoes salsa over chicken with a wasa cracker and an orange. And of course I have had my 10 drops of HHCG for breakfast and will again be getting some 30 min before eating my lunch meal. Drank half my water needs for the day already too.

Exercises was a nice walk 3 miles and run a mile out in the very crisp air today.
Dinner: Strange spread out but right in the 500 cal limits. Shrimp tiny ones this time and only 100 grams worth, cucumbers, 2 wasa crackers and a half a grapefruit.

I burned calories staying warm holding garbage bags open while the boys did a service project cleaning up a pop can wind blown mess that will turn into pocket cash for Christmas money in the end. SCORE is their opinion. The stack was high the cans above the cab of the truck, imagine them all over a neighbors yard blown everywhere, blue shiny cans that are now their cash.

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