Saturday, December 18, 2010

132.8 Christmas Shopping.

Sitting there just on the edge and its been a long day.
Of course its the last Saturday before the Christmas holiday arrives. The last day the Hubby could spend planing out and taking out the kids to buy their chosen present for their drawn out of a hat name.

Lunch: Cucumbers with pre-grilled Chicken, half my apple since the Little guy decided he needed to eat some of it for me today and no crackers.

We made a day of it and by evening they all wanted food so of course the vote was pizza. I only ate one slice and I have walked miles and miles today, I am sure because my feet hurt all over in many ways. Hopefully its enough to not derail the progress I made so far. There was no convincing them that they should go get me something else so I made due with what faced me.

Those kids are so proud of the amount they earned with their pop cans and of course they picked their presents very very wisely because they want them to last a very long time. That was hard work, the presents better last just as long as their work took.

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  1. I love it! We like to teach our kids exactly the same thing! How do your kids earn with pop cans?

    I'm hoping with you that you can keep going. Look at you! ARen't you only 3.8 pounds from the PRIZE?!?!

    I thought I remembered your goal being 129, but I can't find any evidence. Hope you aren't too sore today!