Tuesday, December 21, 2010

132.8 Sleepless night!

Last evening we kept having electrical brown out moments. I told the kids they better hurry to shower or finish homework so that if the heavy wet snows took the power out they would be prepared for the morning crazy. It never happened and off to bed we all went rather early too.
But at 3:00 am in my dreams there was the most irritating beeping that just would not shut up. I finally dragged myself up and out of the deep sleep that I was in, realizing that Jer's oxygen concentrator was alarming and oh duh the power was now out. It was so white outside that I could see everything when I opened the curtains, feeling with my hands I switched to the oxygen tanks and turned everything back on to get his oxygen needs back in line. He really didn't even move, sleeping right through it all.

An hour later the most hideous alarm of the fire alarms blasted through the hallway. All the little boys piled on to our bed and the Hubby went to dismantle the battery that had just lost the last little bit of life it had in it from having to work because of the lack of electrical power in the house. Yep Christmas vacation is when we usually replace all the batteries and it was due. Everyone finally dropped back off to sleep still in the dark with no power. Finally my cell phone alarm went off telling the hubby that he needed to head to work at 5:30 am. Right when I thought we would just get to keep sleeping and forget school for the day the power came on at 6:20 am making every ones alarms go off at just the right time. All the boys kept smacking the snooze buttons and I heard one say "3:30 what the heck is wrong with this thing" He was not to thrilled to hear me say "it really is time to get ready to meet the bus so get up".

Later in the day I found out that the whole day was filled with little trauma moments, The bus slid off the road. C boy banged his head on the top, they were all late to school, well almost every bus was late. Z boy fell asleep and ended up riding all the way to the bus barn which is an hour there and an hour back once the driver who was a substitute discovered the sleeper. Z boy sobbed to me that he didn't get breakfast food from having never woke to get off the bus. Later on the way home Pretty girl slept through our stop even though Mc boy and K boy warned her that they were nearing our stop. The substitute bus driver was nice enough to turn back around and take her home. By this time we have now had a snow day claimed and the kids are thrilled for the first time in my whole life time of living here there will be no school tomorrow.

Lunch: a small lean steak with green salad, wasa crackers and strawberry shake up to drink.
Dinner: Grilled chicken with more iceberg lettuce and a tiny amount of bread crumbs and an apple.
2.26 miles walking with C boys heavy snow boots in deep really wet snow. 300 calorie burn feeling really healthy and so strong.
I must admit I am glad to get to sleep in in the morning but I better beat the storm and get my food shopping done before the holiday weekend comes.

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