Tuesday, December 7, 2010

134.8 WATER our bodies need it!

I would agree that many people are very thirsty in our world today. Look at this interview.

I now realize two years later that the lack of water is what caused me to to have an appendicitis attack, especially if I look at the fact that two days before the first pain started I had eaten a ton of dried peaches while on a hike up the mountain.

This site has great info on ways to help our body because so many of us lack water that is so needed.

Jer has to have breathing treatments with histamines, they do this: Histamine: Substance that plays a major role in many allergic reactions. Histamine dilates blood vessels and makes the vessel walls abnormally permeable.
There are many that do other kinds of things in the body also like this.
But if you read the interview you can see how water helps the body just as nicely too.
Seeing these notes help us to make sense why the drug companies push something they can make money with instead of the free water that we can all get too.

Did you ever wonder why one of the first things done at the hospital in the ER is to put an IV drip, well read this and think about it, this makes sense.

My calves hurt I walked my stair case of 28 steps for 10 min's three different times yesterday.
Today I walked 6 laps around the High school track running the last lap in a slow jog.
Today's eating was a mess I did not fallow protocol at all because of things that kept me unprepared and out of my own safe kitchen the evenings read on the scale was scary hope I burn a lot of calories in my sleep. Here's to starting over in the morning and doing better from her on out.

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