Thursday, December 9, 2010

136.2 Proud MOMMA!

A little history first. Mc boy is younger then the energizer C boy and he hates physical contact and being wrestled by C boy, which he really can't escape from because C boy gets a bit wild and won't listen to others protests. All through the years Mc would not have anything to do with wrestling and would even yell at us that he was NEVER never going to do that stupid sport. Last year he about shocked the socks off all of us and decided he wanted to wrestle. We of course let him, he was amazing like somehow he had mentally absorbed the stuff C boy or Far away boy would even sorta try on him through the years. His hand grip is super strong and he can really hang on.

Last night he yep Mc wrestled 6 matches, none of my boys have ever done that many matches unless it was a two day tournament and usually a Regional State Turny at that. He even last night had to be talked into going and went only because the young K boy really wanted to go. It's a long hour drive so I wanted it worth my time. After he felt so great about himself and told me that it had really been well worth the time spent, so glad that he had fun and ended up feeling so great. Even little K boy 4th grader age went up against 2 8th graders no wins but he felt good at holding his own he did a total of 4 matches. Yep I would say I was a proud Momma because they felt good about their efforts.

4 liters of lemon twist stevia water with my HHCG.
Lunch: lean 100 grams of steak, salad greens, orange, and melba rounds.
3 miles running. .5 fast paced walking warm up ohhh it felt so good when I got done and knew I had moved these muscles.
Dinner: Wasa cracker sandwich with talapia fish and onions sauteed in coconut oil. I don't want the fruit tonight to tired and heading quickly to bed.

Reading Denise Austins Shrink Your Female Fat Zone and really liking what I am getting out of it. My zone to have to always watch carefully is the tummy and I would love to have this video to keep on top of it every day of the week maybe this one too. Hint Hint listen Santa.

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