Monday, December 20, 2010

133.4 Yep there came the bounce back up.

I knew the up bounce would happen after that pizza dinner. Sometimes it takes a bit to show. Now to have it go away and keep moving down.
This round has been filled with ups and downs from holidays get in the ways. I have learned lots along the path working through each up and down though.

Lunch: Hamburger with wasa cracker and salad. An apple again. I think I need to go shopping my supplies are getting low and that includes the kids foods too.

I smooshed my kids Christmas dream this year. They decorated the tree and wanted it to stand out in the middle of the room. I allowed until today and then when they were gone I have pushed it back into the corner and out of the middle so that we can walk into and through the room. You should have heard the hey that's not fair yells when they each discovered the moved tree but oh well its going to be nicer on Christmas day for me.

Dinner: Chicken with onions cooked in expeller pressed coconut oil and wasa crackers. That was one lovely sweet orange too.

I had to be a hero today and push a girl with her electric wheel chair up the slippery snowy ramp. I almost did a face plant from pushing so hard and then the boomerang affect when the pressure got to be released but I wasn't ready. All the kids were cheering me from the bus.

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