Friday, December 31, 2010

What a day.

I started the day at 5:30 am taking the C boy to wrestle practise, yes he is going to be more tired out today and less crazy on the home front, yippy for me.
I intended to do my new Tae Bo DVD but the little guy was whimpering around about wanting a bottle. His bottle is not really the classical bottle its a sippy hard lid that he has to suck out of but never the less I got a new cool drink to fill it up with.
This is a test to see if he will huck the bottle across the room being as it has not the usual pediasure that he is used to. This drink is filled with healthy real food that has been dried and then powdered and it does lots of good things for your body.
Now the name has to remain a secret until I decided my plan of action but let me just tell you it was the biggest hit on his part. He made me snuggle down by him and chugged that bottle almost gone before he fell back to sleep causing me to drift off with him.
When I became alert again the C boy was calling me saying uhhh where are you. Talk about fly out of there and not return home until 2 because of dentist appointments for the crew.
Later in the day the Little guy finished the last of his amazing drink ( I had stored it in the fridge) and he really liked it and he was fully alert drinking it. I saw immediate go to the bathroom result with him that was soft that evening (sorry but we battle this daily with him) and he said his tummy felt so good. He really liked this amazing drink and guess what I did to. It tastes great and I had no need to dip into snacks through the day. It got me clear to lunch at 1:oo pm.
After doing a huge cost break down of other powder drinks that I concoct and doctor into his bottle to mix with pedisure, just to get some kind of nutrition in to a non eater, the cost is less and the ingredients more food related then corn syrup based like pedisure. Now I am not going to totally throw the pedisure in the toilet but its nice to finally have something else that he likes. All the other protein or carb powder shakes and drinks he usually will chuck the bottle and it takes me all night to coax him into finishing it out and that's when he is asleep and all reserves are down.
I know your all dieing to know the drink name but hang on its going to take a few days to get arranged so you can tap into my source.
Yep best drink mix yet to help get this non eating child some healthy nutrition.

Here is a link to a runners nutrition note I really think that my little guy might need a taste revamp. His seems to have messed up and really altered taste buds. This is one thing I have really noticed while using the HCG protocol and being off sugar completely natural things can really be dang sweet once you have let it get back to basics. Hopefully this nutritional drink will help get him back there.

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