Wednesday, December 22, 2010

132.4 Sticky day.

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Lunch: Chicken, celary, an apple and a wasa cracker.

I am beginning to wonder if I am experiencing immunity to the HCG, why well I have had the most terrible headache all day. In the past the only time I got headaches like this was right before Aunt Flo would come. That hasn't been happening to me for about the last 4 months. I am really regular now and feel so straitened out in the feminine department, so to get this headache at the end of the visit was a bit strange.

Christmas shopping was not easy with food always on my mind.

I am ravenously hungry, taking the drops is not even really curbing the hunger for very long. I have stayed right on track with all my meal eating but by this evening I could have eaten the whole house. I ate extra green salad helpings and oops a tiny bit more of salsa too. I couldn't stop with 5 melba rounds I ate 12.
Santa brought an orange that was divine. We were at a family dinner and the meat was pork which I am very allergic to. Finally upon arriving home I got to eat my protein allotment of shrimp precooked by me. The hunger went away for a very short moment and the headache never dissipated. Long into the night finally around 4 am I got relief. I am thinking I will do an apple day to break the stall and then if I have the same kind of hungry day I will be for sure suffering from immunity and will have to stop without reaching the scale goal of 120.
There is some goals that I have met. I will have reached fitting into a size 7 pants of an old pair that are in my closet from years ago making it so that I really know that I pretty much am back to my correct body size.
I also think standing on the scale that measures my BMI would be a good measure to take. Anyway its been a rough day and I am glad it is over.

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