Saturday, July 31, 2010

145.0 and TOM hmmm thats a surprize.

So I have gone back to my end of P2 weight and didn't do a thing to get there really. The body must be figureing it all out. I even have the lovely visitor and I didn't go up on the scale wow shocker. I do have my stupid raging headache and it will be a lay back week so the headache goes away.
Foodie shopping today ugha my least favorite thing to do.
Looked at lots of blogs today got lost looking guess I need some encouragement.
I am feeling ran over by summer now and things are feeling out of hand. The garden is exploding and yet there still isn't any tomatoes that are red. I am wanting to go back to the 500 cal diet and it's nice structure outline. I find Iam not very hungry and have to remind myself to eat.
I even started to pick up chicken breast to weigh and cut to 3.5 oz size portions in preparation to lose the last 25 pounds that I have here.
Hubby went and got lots of ice cream and pop and snacks for boys who worked super hard and I caved and ate along with a nice salmon cooked in coconut oil. I wonder how high the scale will climb with TOM and all here too.

Friday, July 30, 2010

145.6 Well that is an unexpected drop.

I am not sure what I did to drop like that but wow. I ate a steak but also so many other thing too. Even an ice cream or two or three hmm maybe the heat melted me some today. Pretty girl finally landed her a real job the kind that pays and makes her stretch into talking to others. Should be a good experience she starts right away tomorrow.
No walk just helped little boys make a bit more mola now they get to play soccer because they earned it.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

148.4 ABS video with the Crystal Ball.

I actually got this ball to help the Jer boy get stronger core muscles from not being allowed to use them. They made him hold still for so many months and also when you have BPD there are many more complications that can add up. We have to always watch for this complication. His right lung has a huge cyst partly from TPN that got dumped into his lung on day three of his life along with all the premature complications and vent and pneumonia and and and. I better end.
I like the video it helps now if I can just keep the ball as my own and not have the boys play with it. I keep it hidden most of the time so it will stay inflated. My abs are feeling the lifting and it's nice to have cushion from the hardwood floor.
2 miles with the hubby on a evening walk.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

147.4 Somebody needs to kick me.

I just can't get going this week. It's like my running goal was reached and I have lead tied to my legs. Besides it's raining cats and dogs with every gust of wind. We are feeling the end of the summer start to creep in, the kids are hurrying to get every second of sunshine playing done. Sheep walking started this past few mornings. Can you believe it we walk sheep not dogs, sheep. The more they walk and jump jumps the more they muscle and become manageable to show. These ones are very wild and hard to hold onto. We are not even brave enough to get out of the pen with them yet because as the Pretty girl says these are the wildest we have had yet.

My 9 year old and my niece walked with me today on my two mile walk. They asked me to run part of the way to see if they could keep up, they could and it was too hot to keep up the pace.
2 miles walk/running
We had to catch some exotic chickens from my sis in law and take to my sister. It was sad by the time they got there they were over heated being chased and then caught in their tight pin three didn't handle it and passed on. They were even the prettiest of them all and the biggest too. A life lesson make sure they have a bigger box to keep them in and and try to keep them cooler after running around and around.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

147.4 Nasogastric Tube Feeding

This shows the pic trauma about to be discussed.
What is it like to have to shove a tiny tube down a itty bitty nose and feel when it hits the end of the nasal cavity and turn to make its descent? All the while you are holding the flailing hands and watching the fear in the eyes. Desperation setting in on both parties to get it out or get it in whatever it's going to take. Then what about when you have to pull it because no matter what you do it's plugged with medicine, usually at two in the morning feeding hour to top it all off. You have cranberry juiced it and water pushed it and that was even warm water and it's just not going to give. What about having to place a stethoscope on the tiny tummy and fearing that you will not hear tummy sounds when you pull back on the syringe that is at the outside end of the tube, but maybe a lung sound, thank goodness that never happed to me. Shall we say FRUSTRATION daily more than once a day sometimes.
Then there is the puking that happens. Because the natural response is to reject foreign matter and it's so a foreign. I finally couldn't take it, we had taught him how to eat, he smeared it all over his face, it got into his mouth, and I could spoon some into his mouth but the tube would often cause havoc because he has texture issues and now days since the trach revision surgery we realize that scar tissue was causing some tightness that caused major smallness for the food to go down with a tube taking all the extra space. Need I say then causing major puking. Jer had been home about 6 months we were doing the daily above described struggle with every meal almost. He was a year old and as round as a baby could be when he puked yet again and I left it OUT. Eating became a bit easier or maybe a little less stressful minus the addition of shoving an NG tube back into his tiny nose after every feeding just because he puked it at some point during the feeding. Even the pretty girl knew how to get it in but the boys including the Nurse Dad refused to help put it in, they would only help hold the flailing hands.

This shows all the different ones they had used on him through the year, yes we had to use every one of them but the Gtube along with all the psychology and the reasons as to why feeding must be done this way. They did want us to have a Gtube but we said no give us time to teach and him to learn.
Kids go through spurts of great eating and then the I don't like that phase when they used to eat it every single meal. I hope that as he gets older he goes back to that normalized smeared all over his face baby eating that we taught him and he gets willing to eat more then just all white foods and dry crusty food. He seriously has oral and sight aversion to KY jelly or anything slimy like it, but I must say thank goodness he will eat something these days. Little does he know how many veggies and slimy fruit is blended and hidden in his pedisure at night these days.

Eating is a continual chore trying to see what he wants to eat for the day telling the youngest of my two boys that they can't have when he can have whatever it is now matter how unhealthy it looks simply because any calorie is better than no calorie at all. And the volume of get hungry medicine or reflux medicine or laxative medicine bugs the heck out of me but it's our normal at least for him.

Monday, July 26, 2010

148.4 Help tell me how.

I must admit I am so tech not know how that someone needs to tell me how to pick up my Versatil Blogger awards? I did all the rules except I didn't list them out on my post is that important? Am I supposed to just paste and copy? Help, tell me how to work it cause I don't get it friends.

I slept in again but that's cause tomorrow is going to be crazy we have sheep that have to learn to be led for showing and my mini job is calling and I am going to teach boys how to cut split and wrap wood to sell so they can earn some more of their own monies.
Foodies: Protein drink
Luscious garden salad with chicken and boiled eggs on top and it all came out of my own garden well not the chicken but the eggs came out of my coop.
Another yummy protein smoothy for the dinner I was not very hungry after my mammoth yummy salad.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

148.4 Beautiful Day of rest.

We all slept in and it felt delicious. We came home so late from all the celebrating that we couldn't get up and going very early. Our pretty girl raced her own race after my race with her horse on the barrels, dang she didn't win but she had tons of fun. Finally after sleeping in I kicked into gear and the whole family moved an hour before we had to leave for church thank goodness our time is in the afternoon this year we would be having a rough time getting there. I am slightly sore in a few spots but over all the aches are not to bad today. I think my body is getting used to the 3 miles, time to move to a higher race length goal. 5 miles here I come now to find a race goal.
Foodie: Protein drink and steak for dinner. I wonder if it will bring down that scale that has had a rise in numbering. I am not to worried because there are some very strong muscles that are replacing the flab spots and I am sure they weigh more.
Early to bed I hope but with wild boys around who slept in I do not think that is going to be my luck.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

148.4 Race Day first 5K.

The air was cold on that side of the valley and not warm like I was used to at that late hour of the morning. My sister in law and her sons and niece in law were all there talking, another niece is racing in the 5 mile race. It felt good to know someone not sure why, I guess security in some way. The race was to start on a slight up hill and then level and then drop back down and level again along the main street. They started with a pop of the start gun and off we went trying to push through to the front of the pack there were a few walkers. Pretty soon we had a pace set. Me and my sis in law kept at it she finally slowed but kept catching me after a bit and then slowing, I just kept a steady pace. My chest was a bit on fire and I could not catch and get the air down in deep, I was so bugged. She caught me again and could still talk I just can not talk at all. I fight to keep my breathing at the correct level and get it into the bottom so I don't hurt so bad. I see the water hole at the mid point and decide whether I want or not. I remember that my lips were dry a bit before and the tongue was sticking to the top so I decide that I am getting some. A fast grab, sip, dump, stack cup, and back to running. This time it's down hill and I am able to catch my second breath and get it down into the bottom of my lungs, then the turn to the home stretch the whole of main street. I started pumping my arms and moving up faster. She catches up to me again then slows. By this time I feel warmed and able to move freely and the end is just right there. I was moving towards a ribbon that they were stretching across wondering if they held the winner break ribbon for everyone who ran. I am digging to get my phone out so I can see the finish of my race by that time and I realize that everyone is yelling 5mile finish line here 3mile here I quickly have to shift myself to the far right so I head down the correct funnel. My phone said 7:42 and my sis in law came in right behind me one sec later. I was placed third for my age bracket and ran it in 33.53 min. fastest I have done all summer. I can't believe it a girl who has never raced and I take third for my age. My sis in law is 61 and she of course won for her age bracket. I received a bronze medal and certainly surprised my Hubby who used to run track in college.
I had to turn around an hour later and walk half the race route again being in the parade with my scout troop celebrating 100 years of scouting. Good thing I am used to doing that when I run at home but I must admit pavement is a lot harder to run on and my legs were pretty tired at the end of the parade.
Miles: 4.76 total 3.15 race running, 1.61 walking.
I cheated all around on the foods today because my other sis in law who didn't run treated us to a chocolate pancake check out that photo sorry if it makes you drool.

Friday, July 23, 2010

148.6 Resting Day before the big race.

You should see how nice my sinks and counters look and the shoe crates that each child keeps thier pile in is so nicely lined up without a bit of dust under it. When they finally belived the house was snaped into shape and today they get to play play play. The Mom was supposed to have a resting day. I did sleep in but rest with this crew is a crock. One got to do the last of his wrestling camp, Two managed the feeding chores and changing the field water while I was droping the wrestler off. Lunch at the park then the others went with me to my mini job and then we rushed back to finish the Pretty girls dog kennel job and then showers and eating again in there somewhere. Over the top of the mountain to drop the Pretty Girl to be a runner on the Tec crew and retrive the lost wreslting camp boy who of course whined and said I got my jobs done at 6am can't I just sleep over night at the cousins house. No he has a horse to manage for the parade tomarrow. We celebrate the arrival of the pioneers who settled this state on the 24th of July in a very big state wide fashion with the whole shabang of fun that can be thought up.
I finally arrive back home and amazingly enough they all get to bed early because tommarow is a long long day of fun.
My first ever 5K I am scared, excited, amazed that I got here and ready to fill a tiny dream that I have always had to run in the local Milk run race. Family will be doing it along my side which always makes it funner so here goes nothing wish me luck.
Foodies: cream cheese eggs, cheese sticks a tiny bit of apples oranges and carrot sticks, salmon with sauted celery and cilantro. I went with when I got hunger pagnes when I ate it seemed to work well for me today.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

146.4 Finally a good scale reading again.

I ran 3.41 miles this morning and I did it in 40 mins and it felt sooooo good. I am not sure if it was because I had to be back and done by 7:30 am or if there was a guy out grading my road coming ever closer to me with that big machine and I wanted to get done. But I pumped my arms harder and it helped to move me faster. Plus I turned my run around so that I was going more down hill then up. Truck saw the Dr. and its finally all totally better, about time I think. I ate ice cream today yikes and lots of green salad with avocados.
The kids are still being willing to get jobs done and the house is still looking nice. I might give the T.V. back tonight??? Na there is to much peace here to give that attention sapper back. I think we will go for a nice long family horse ride well those of the family that are here that is. Pretty girl J got to go back to working with the high school tec crew for the play that they are going to put on this weekend.

Came home from a fun mountain horse ride to find Pretty girl J with a boy watching a movie. The poor Dad just doesn't know how to handle this new addition to her life experiences. He never was that protective over the older brother like this I hope he survives it.

P.S. how do you get your awards and put them on your blog page lacking in tec no how on this one?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

148.2 The Parent saga goes on.

This morning that white truck had to go see the Doc again. But he wasn't in till tomorrow which is ok cause there were a few errands to run that didn't involve my leggys. But when the Mom arrived home. UMMM The J girl had kicked into high gear and her room was spotless I mean she even vacuumed like I do, she told me, and it sh owes. The Two obedient boys were still doing the list that I had made of must be dones by this weekend or no fun things will go on. They have welded into a great team. The one who almost missed out on peewee 4-H kicked into super charged high gear and even cleaned and vacuumed under his bed, that resulted in points back by far on the parent willingness. The C boy well he got up at 6:00 am and did several off the list and started his room too. When he got back from wrestling camp he had most of the room done before Mc who he shares with came back from his scout hour, but he does not make the biggest mess, so they got done together. There is a reining clean on the front and peace in the land again and it isn't even near the PMs time frame. It helps that the Dad bought fans to suck the cool air up so that they sleep better at night so they get up.

I am eating whatever I want but steering clear of white starch foods for the most part. Lots of salads out of my garden and good grade beef and grilled chickens. I am out of almonds and I miss my crunchy treat.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

148.8 New day tuesday.

I received a Versatile Blogger award from Thank you my dear I have never done this. The award comes with some guidelines.
1. Thank the person that gave you the award - Thank you, Kathryn
2. Share 7 things about yourself.

  • I have 7 beautiful children that I gave my tiny body up for and now I am doing all I can to get it back so it's mine.
  • I have another blog that's about my family but you have to do the search to figure it out like someone else I know who did it and found it.
  • I am the oldest of 7 and 3 are sisters and we are all working on weight losing
  • I made the drawings and blue prints. Then Hubby and I logged out, hauled off the mountain and cut the logs to build our own log home with the help of our Dads, brothers and even a few sisters.
  • I am running my very first 5K and just started seriously running towards a race goal at 43 years of age.
  • I have moved 55 times in my life before the age of 20 and I wasn't a milatary brat.
  • I should have gone to school to be a nurse but I didn't so I learned lots about what it could be like by haveing my last baby live in a hospital for 7 1/2 months after he was taken c-section.
3. Nominate 15 blogs that you have discovered recently- ok you all know who you are!
4. Let the bloggers know that you have nominated them.

Now I have to flipen rage because we the parents have been doing to many nice things for kids who just do not get it and take advantage. We have a give take system, the kids do things like chores and the return pay is parent willingness to drive all over kingdom come and take horses to many places or pay for an activity like wrestling. If they earned the money and payed for the activity themselves then they get to do it. So often our kids are making sure they pay their own money towards what they want to do. Or they are working really hard to keep the chores in and out of the house done so we are willing. Well somewhere along this summer some kids have forgotten that this is how our household motates. Today the balance got tipped way badly and there are some kids who are not going to get to wrestling camp tomorrow, didn't get to go to high school tech fun day. Tomorrows peewee 4-H is out for one and there are only two who didn't loose all the important doing things that they wanted to do. They actually helped the one who lost out on peewee to get his job finished after the Mom started to take the books that he had dumped to the local thrifty store. Pretty soon there is one who is not going to have a bed or pair of clothing to wear if he isn't having an attitude change.
Have you heard of James Jones it's a pretty good program and of course I tweak it to my way of doing a bit but if you have kids who think they should be handed a silver platter with everything on it Go have a really good looky it could save you a bundle either now or when they have to go to the detention center.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Family time in the summer

Sunday July 18th 151.4
I feel like catch up all around me. Two derailed days from run training. Sunday my hubby told me I should make it a real day of rest and not run in the cool hours so I wrote to lovely family members instead, I am related to three young men who are out serving the Lord and one who is serving our country and they all need to have a note that says us at the home front remember and care for them.
I did have a Sunday steak day because my hubby found a steak deep in the bottom of the deep freeze and told me and cooked it for me. I think he was hiding it since he is crazy for beef.
Did the scale work welllll not like I would have liked to seen but that's ok.
Monday July 19th 150.4 So thats a first cause the steak day didn't work this time at all wonder why??????????????????????????????????????
I had to go with the hubby at 5 am into work to get that dang truck that keeps taking my time. That dang truck better get itself back in order and stop taking my time up. If you can't guess it's the same truck that caused me two days of town sitting last week so that now I have to do house repairs from wild unattended summer lose boys left alone in the house. If I am going to be in town then lets get foodie finally and a crystal ball video. It focuses on simple ABS just what I need for the weakest part of my body. It's by Leslie Sansone haven't had a sec to try it yet but I'll let ya know if it's worth it.
The truck finally got done and gets to come home from the mechanic Doc. and the hubby got off early. So he has hair brain idea and we all went to the swimming pool to escape the heat of the day. That was a blast he never wants to swim so you know it has got to be really hot. He raced J and C and even dove off the boards with them. Dunked K and Mc and splashed with Z and Jer. I got a mini run in done under the water. After our swim the pretty girl had a horse drill team practise so over to there we went and watched, then early to bed since all were swam out tired.
My food today was to many breads and needs more vegetables but I am not going to stress it will work out in the end. Playing with children was lots more fun.

Friday, July 16, 2010

149.8 Pretzel destruction, two day in one post.

FRIDAY Carbs like pretzels really are not great for me. They just helped tip my scale up from this whole week of crazy. Summer is starting to get the best of me in lots of ways. The laundry is stacking the dishes are stacking and I really need to have a grocery shopping day. Instead I got my morning run in and then hurried to do Pretty girls job and back to load horses to head to a super good shoer. The barrel horse has to have his nail job done so he can run faster and faster.
Only draw back it takes forever and lots of standing patience to do three horses nails.
Finished up the day by helping move my niece into her traveling trailer so she can head clear across the United States. Dinner was so late it will most likely show again on the scales in a negative manner.
Miles: 4.87 jogging and total cool off walk makes 5. miles yeah I am recovered from toe injury I would say. My shoes are a dream come true I feel like I can move faster not much but a bit faster.
I can't remember breakfast it was too long ago and dinner was a creation of green beans and sausage, with onions and cream cheese sauce that everyone snarfed super fast since Lunch was so skimpy from waiting for horses to be shod.
SATURDAY 148.8 after running the scale droped to 147.4 I wish I could count it as my scale reading. Ran 3.81 miles and walked the rest making 5.33 miles total hot muggy morning. I should do a steak day but I have none left so that's out and the rest of the day is going to be family dutch ovens danger stuff. Breakfast of a big protein drink and then some veg stir fry for lunch.
Dinner: fried chicken in dutch ovens and three kinds of cobblers out of the dutch ovens with spinach, strawberries, apple, salad with the nicest vinaigrette dressing. Tomorrow I think I better run the whole five miles to burn these calories off.
We had a smoking car halfway down the canyon returning from a family reunion. Scary I never seen my kids pile out of a car so fast. In the end all it was was oil burning on the engine and no explanation as to why it happened. The Dad had no answer to the whys of the oil spurting onto the engine. The kids were nervous the whole rest of the way home and wanted to drive in their cousins truck which I didn't blame them.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

147.0 Barrel racing day.

I talked the pretty girl into getting up and going for a walk with me this morning finally, but she only lasted 1 mile and then ditched me saying her back hurt. Later in the day I ran head long into getting me a mini job so I can pay for my new possible hobby of paying for race fees. Like I can really fit another thing in in my life but pretty girl can help me so it's going to be a good train her job if it all works out right. We went and did the job training for 2 hours and then came home. Loaded up all the boys ran over and did her other job of cleaning dog kennels and then drove 35 min to the big horse arena. She washed her horse and then proceeded to do her events which range from halter showing, western pleasure, reign pattern, pole bending, keyhole, and barrel racing. Pretty girl had a barrel run of 16.4. She is cutting the time down with each run, she was thrilled. She might not be a great walking/jogging partner but she sure can make a ride look easy on the back of her horse.
Miles: 2 pretty wimpy but tomorrow I will make up for it.
Breakfast: turkey sausage on a fried eggs with cheese.
Lunch: a fast protein drink.
Dinner: subway sandwiches in the car and naughty hard pretzels, Drop the bag and step away, it was like some crazy addiction hit me. Now I really have to run tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

148.0 Tue. 147.6 Wed. UP up UP and away NO WAY!

I have had crazy days for two days now and it has got to end because I refuse to get higher on the scales. I spent the whole day both days in town waiting on a truck and it was so boring at least one of the days I got to watch the Eclipse with Pretty girl during part of the long wait. What a crazy show, Pretty girl is all gaga and I am all, so predictable yayaya. The second day I happened to see a sale sign in shoe store for half off of already on sale running shoes from 90 down to 42 wow how can you beat that price find and my sore toe even felt wonderful in them out with the crappy old shoes and in with the light nice and comfy shoe. I even got school shoes for two boys. They think I am so mean because I will not let them wear them till the first day, even got them on the bigger side for surprise growth spurts.

Miles: Tue. 1 walking stretching sore toe softly before and a lot after. Once it warmed up I did pretty good.
Wed. 4.5 miles long walk stretched the whole body really well and burned 492 cal.
Maybe I can run tomorrow.
Breakfast: Tue. Milk with strawberries and some whey protein powder.
Wed. Milk and strawberries flavored protein powder drink.
Lunch: Grilled chicken wrap shoulda had a salad but there were not to many choices.
Salmon on a bed of all sorta greens with peppers and some choco crack homemade.
Dinner: Tue. Probars two one was 400 cal and one was 350. I am trying to catch up with my water now at a late hour I am so so dry.
Wed. Wendy's pecan apple salad it is yummy and snitches of fries and root beer float.
If I can figure out how I will sneak a walk in with my new shoes tonight in the cool of the night. I think I am getting addicted to walking and jogging is that a bad thing?

Monday, July 12, 2010

The scale says! Up 147.2

See I didn't stay very down. There could be a combonation of reasons though. I didn't get on at my usual time it was much later, my toe is swollen and it's retaining to much water making the scale tip higher, I need that brownie to pass through and it's not doing it very fast or I need to keep running and burning around 400 or more cals to stay on that low number, darn toe. You tell me what you think made me have to climb back up that high (which is really not that bad considering).
My toe needs some of these stretches today so glad I landed on them and the great advise found in this link up.

Miles non just iced the toe and did the stretches carefully.
Breakfast/brunch: chicken sandwich with whole grain low cal buns, and lots of green leafy lettuce and a nice avacado spread mixed with garlic.
Dinner: a huge green salad from the garden with peppers, carrots, spinach, celary and tuna mixed all over the top with a pepper ranch dressing and sunflower seeds. 1 apple and snacks of my dark chocolate crack.
I fought with car batteries all day today. They just would not get charged and had to wait till the hubby came to threaten them into submission.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

144.8 Wehoooo back down for a sec I am afraid.

Well that is a number that has been allusive for a bit. I hope it will stick but I am not sure that will happen. Steak days are so strange I just really wish I could understand what makes a body drop back just because of that 1 steak and 1 apple or tomato. I even ate a huge piece of steak. Well today was crazy so I hope that it has some stick power because I only ate turkey sausage, eggs and peppers for a mid brunch and then dinner was some hummus and rice crackers and cheese sticks. It was so hot that a body didn't want to eat. Late in the evening I could not resist some homemade brownies by my little Z guy made so I ate and will just have to bear, it no offending a budding cook on my part.
Miles: 4.11 jogging and .89 walking. It was so humid and muggy that I just could not do any of the hills today so I walked them.
I had so hoped that we didn't have to hook up the swamp cooler but I think that hope is about out the window.
Later in the evening I did a major trip over a chair and had a stick cut my big toe just before the chair landed on it and bruised the whole area. I have been training to do my first 5K not sure what might happen now. Sitting with ice on it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

149.4 or is it 148.8?? Whatever it is it's for sure a steak day tomarrow.

Steak day again!
I think that the carrot cake and the popcorn and no running has caught me today. I slept in and loved it since it's been the first sleep in for about a week. Getting groceries, repair work and doing laundry is the order for the Saturday.

What a great article this is, I so agree with it. When my boys wrestle the first thing they quit eating is sugar and white rice their coach is all over them about no fried foods or french fries either. This article talks about those same evils in all of our diets for the last few years.

It was a rather productive day, fixed a closet rod that boys keep knocking down and got ready to put a screen door on the front door with the help of my wonderful Dad. While the Hubby kept all the boys out in the field hauling the last of the hay of our side of the farm and then starting the irrigation which is always wet fun.

Friday, July 9, 2010

147.4 Chocolate addictions??

Carrot cake scale rise not to bad only .8 above the set point so far. I am going to be good today because the garden is calling loudly and it's all green and luscious. Sweet peppers, spinach, butter crunch, radishes, red leaf lettuce mmmmmm. My mouth is watering for the salad that I will make today with sauteed chicken chunks.

Now if the chillens will just stay calm and sit by vegatably just watching T.V. I might be able to regain the house front and stop tripping on wet shorts and towels from water play and also keep the floor dry for more then an hour today. Maybe get some blankets washed and hidden so that the hut making slows. DREAM ON GIRL that's not going to happen until the school bell rings and they are back on a schedule. They are like a pack of dogs these boys lately just busy and hunting for things to do.

Breakfast: Pretty girl surprised me and had shrimp and peppers cooked to share with her.
Lunch: Tacos with lettuce, peppers, and spinach from our garden. A tiny bit of beans a tiny bit of wild rices and sour creams and the most delicious taco shell made from cheese eggs and cauliflower here's the link to get that amazing recipe. My kids ate every single shell that I made and didn't guess once that it was made with an egg.
Dinner:Popcorn and salad what a combo. Went to the park and watched movies on the side of the old log house.

I really like this Spicy Maya but I also love my own concoction of equal parts coconut oil, and coco dark powder with 1/2 cup coconut cream, 1/2 cup butter, almonds broken up, maybe some dried blueberries, or other crunchy nuts too. Sweeten with Stevia to your desire. Place in pan melt down and then put in paper candy cups place in freezer to harden and eat when needed.

I am playing, my computer will only past and copy this for some dang reason.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

146.6 What a day!!

5:45 I fell back to sleep and the hubby left without shaking me awake again, then Hubby called me 2 times on my cell to get me to wake up at 6:15. I slept right through it. 6:45 The landline rang, freshman football camp boy has carpool boys wondering if he is coming. CRAP they leave him. We hurry so he won't have to run to many laps. I offer to run with him he laughs. Good grief then the old farm truck runs out of gas, I coax it down the hill to the station and make it but he is 22 min. late. I talk to the coach for him and all is cool. Since I am here with nice flat track again I use it.
Miles: 3 on the track

I arrive home to find our mare having a new baby that takes up a few hours and so breakfast is now pushed to lunch.
Lunch: Shrimp with lots of butter and carrot cake from one of my boys birthdays this last week. Then later more carrot cake and a salad, and more carrot cake and again more you get the picture right?
I have to get out of the house so yard work and horse play and laundry uugggh. Hang out at the park back to carrot cake but it has healthy carrots and it's just little squares.
Dinner: Salmon with asparagus in a cream parmesan cheese sauce so yummy and more carrot cake heavens it has got to get gone so I make everyone eat some. Now the one healthy thing is he isn't into frosting so it's more like eating a bread of carrots but the scale is going to be up I am afraid, to much sugar in the mix.
Please kids go to bed so I can get some needed sleep this night I can not keep sleeping through my cell phone and hubby alarms.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


One of the major things that can stress me is the paper work that my little guys case demands. I found myself on the phone twice calling back to make an appointment after having left a message and they didn't call back to get him in. Mind you this is for a follow up to see big grow Dr. in Jan 2011, like I have time to call back again and again after leaving messages. That was yesterday. Then today I have to do review paperwork for his disability case or they will be canceling us. Of course it didn't come in the mail until Fri. and it's due back on July 5th when all mail is undeliverable and I have a question and no one was in the office Friday through Monday. Good grief. Top that off with having to sit on the phone for 35 min to be told that it was of course the wrong department and be transferred to the supposedly correct office for another 35 min. Which then the phone hung up when the person was getting ready to answer. RRRRRRGH.

I caught myself eating cereal. WHAT.! I do not even like it because for some reason it cuts my mouth up and leaves the driest taste inside it and most of all it's bad for you. I haven't gotten the stuff for over a year and the Dad was saying please get some so when we have to leave so early we have fast food for breakfast. The biggest problem is that's not how the kids eat it. They chow like nobodies business and the great big bags of bulk Malto meal is gone like in a day or faster depending on who is home to consume. So between my mindless stress eating and their sugar fast seeking it just cannot come in my house again. Besides 4-H Peewee was a nightmare tonight because they were all so hungry from quick non filling carb meals that had no protein carryover, they whined that they wanted off the horses after hauling 30 min to the arena. Satisfying pancakes with doubled up eggs and some sausage will just have to be the mainstay at this house.

Miles:running 2 walked 1.5
Breakfast: Dumb cereal for everyone else. I had a nice cream cheese and blueberries.
Lunch: Dumb cereal no one wanted real food I ate salmon steak.
Dinner: They of course went right for the cereal and I talked some into eating venison. I also made a nice spinach havartti cheese egg fritatda.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

146.6 Aren't you glad you can self sooth.

Maintenance going well, just need to have my body realize
that this is where the thermostat needs to stick.
It has to become a metabolic habit for it, if that makes any sense.
Little guys soothing technique.
Journey Beyond Survival: BOO

Jer has a binky and we try and try to get rid of it, but you see it's all we could put in his little mouth for 7 months before he was allowed to eat. Now I have days I would like to be rid of it especially when he loses it for the night and cries and cries that he needs it so much. It gives him a soothing factor now and back then when the needles poked and the tubing came undone or the noise was unbearable he sucked it. It was the one thing that he knew they would always give him when Mommies arms or Nana's or Daddies or Papa arms were not there to hold him, he could suck that thing so hard it pushed away his little fears. It kept his mind occupied on doing something else besides hurting or fearing that he would not get enough air. I guess I can keep waiting to be rid of that soothing little item if it means he is a happier baby.

First Photo as a newborn in NICU with his little tiny purple hospital binky.

5 Months old with Tracheostomy still living in the NICU.
9 months old and finally in our own home. Feeding tubes sat monitor lines and oxygen tubing very much our friends everyday but no Tracheostomy.
Our many binky trials until we found just the right one that he liked again after the trach was removed.
Picture taken just last week when I tried to take the binky so I could get a photo with the cute clean teeth. Not happening as you can see it is going back in the mouth to do it's soothing job at 4 years old.
Please go vote by clicking the link on my right top side called Rett syndrome do it for this little baby who's only means of escape sometimes can be her little binky. At least you are able to push the button and make a difference for her when she can not do that for herself. Go read how she relives her stress in a traped body.

Monday, July 5, 2010

146.0 RUNNING on a TRACK

Wow!!! I take new high school freshman to his first football camp at 6:00 AM and decide to take advantage of the nice paved track. Shall I say smoooooth, no tripping or weed poking or rut jumping. That was a nice FLAT run. I didn't realize how much cross training I was doing until after this flat smooth run today. I never really even got breathless, most likely because there were no sneaky little inclines to attack me. But I must admit I was tired from the rest of the day forward and I think I will blame the heat. We had to rescue a car and take to a repair shop, eat dinner out at a fun log restaurant and finish hay fields and of course go watch some more fireworks. I was able to even sneak a nap in there while the boys did hay.
Miles: 4 jogging 1 walking
Breakfast: half an 8oz cream cheese cube mixed with quinoa and bluberries sweetened with stevia.
Lunch: bison burger with the full bun and coleslaw. I sorta forgot that maybe the bread wasn't a safe thing for me to just lunch on down. One of those habitual eating moments shall we say.
Dinner: Unethical, baby bell cheeses, rice crackers and a chili chocolate bar. And it was almost midnight. I thought we were going to get to barbecue and it didn't work out that way so we had to eat munchies after the fireworks. Thank goodness we had a bottle for the little guy who had also eaten all of his fries and chicken fingers at lunch time. Made him mad though because I kept him drinking another bottle of vanilla pedisure with hidden blended blueberries and spinach and a carbohydrate powder mix from This found at the health food store. I am just trying to get some good carbs mixed with this heavy proteins drink.
Maintenance is going great sure hope I don't need a steak day tomarrow even though one sounds really yummy right now.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

147.2 YIPPY snippy.

So far the tacos with the bread outside wrap hasn't hurt will see what the next day brings. I have had one of those emotional days that come with the hormones and just glad I made it through it. I also have boys who keep dumping stuff for some reason so the vacum has had to be running none stop its seems.
Breakfast: Orange and sunflower seeds.
Lunch: Curried salmon and a big salad with boiled eggs.
One very big laugh. My pretty girl happened to walk downstairs early without putting her contacts on. She stepped right on one of the sticky mouse catching pads and it stayed to her foot. Now why would it be in the middle of the room well cause a mouse was stuck there to and had it's front feet were not attached and were able to pull itself along and moved it to the middle of the room. Scream ya and more SCREAM everyone in the house that was asleep was not anymore. I was horrible and laughing so hard because here she was with her foot in the air screaming and begging for help to have me pull it off (no way!) which it did slowly fall off. She had been fixing herself breakfast and didn't eat needless to say after that. Boys came to both our rescues and got rid off the whole mess and I did stop laughing, but not till I told Hubby what the whole thing was about. She sat there looking at me like I was the meanest person on earth. She really does hate snakes and mice.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

148.0 Racing Day it's going to be crazy tonight.

Usually we celebrate the 4th on by going to our town park and having fun with food food and more food, booths, water dunking and arm wrestling. But this year we have hay that has to be done before we can play so we all stayed home and worked until the Rodeo in the evening. Our pretty girl J usually rides the barrels in the exhibition runs and she did it again taking 3rd place, hopefully I can repost and add pic in a few days. The evening meal is usually crazy so this year I decided to stop at Taco bell and get a whole bunch of burritos and tacos, This was the best idea yet compared to standing in lines with kids pulling at me and then dropping stuff in the rodeo dust. Except little guy decided to get hungry just before all the lights went out and time to watch fireworks. He left his bottle in the car uggha what a time to discover that.
I caved and ate a taco and then one more this Aunt sure makes you hungry but it could be that I run this morning and just needed more to have enough energy for the day.
Miles: Jogging cause I was really slow today 3.45 and .75 walking making a total length of 4 .2 miles I love my mapping tools I can tell to the .2 how far I went.
Breakfast: a beef patty with tomatoes
Lunch: left over chicken in the cream sauce and a big salad.
Dinner: two taco bells even if I end up paying a pound or two of gained weight.
How do you celebrate your freedoms?

Friday, July 2, 2010

148.2 Up again going to eat steak today again.

I wanta play blog hop even if my computer doesn't want to, so click her link an join there if you happen to land on mine cause I can't past and copy for some dang reason.

I am just kidding I am not eating steak today. I ate a blueberry smoothie with half of 8oz cream cheese and milk. I stuck ground flax seed and almond butter and of course Stevia to sweeten Yum YUMMY. I am eating a nice Salmon steak with celery and garlic for my lunch and dinner is Chicken with for the first time in a long time rice, 4 different kinds of wild rice with a sour cream, parmesan cheese sauce and carrots. A big green salad with eggs and sunflower seeds plus olives and raspberry vinaigrette.
I don't have lots of motivation this morning because its to dang hot but out to the garden I go. It's going to be a productive day.

Oh ya the up is caused from the Aunt finally coming to visit for the week so now I will be back down in a few days unless the holidays derail me but ya know it's barbecues just as long as I stay away from the breads and sweets. I went for a walk/run in the dark with C boy he made me dizzy with his light bobbing up and down but at least it was cool outside.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

146.6 It seems to me this is getting to be a familar number.

It was a quiet day of sleeping in. I didn't realize how tired I was until alarms went off at 10 am and I found I was still asleep. The stress is lifting I can feel it. Jer seems to be talking easier and even swallowing easier. In the past when he would drink water he choked, I haven't seen that happen once since the surgery. He is bugging at his ears a bit and so the medicine helps to ease the pain that is there but he isn't really expressing it. I can just tell because he stops pulling when it begins to react.
I have got to get back to running in the morning when it's cool outside. It is really hot now at an early hour. I am not complaining because my garden is growing and I got my first pepper out of it today.
Tried my first bread on onion rings it's not much but I need to start slowly adding it in if I am going to get back to the normal diet. I should have this 146.6 as my set weight since it's the one that keeps showing up after steak days.