Wednesday, July 21, 2010

148.2 The Parent saga goes on.

This morning that white truck had to go see the Doc again. But he wasn't in till tomorrow which is ok cause there were a few errands to run that didn't involve my leggys. But when the Mom arrived home. UMMM The J girl had kicked into high gear and her room was spotless I mean she even vacuumed like I do, she told me, and it sh owes. The Two obedient boys were still doing the list that I had made of must be dones by this weekend or no fun things will go on. They have welded into a great team. The one who almost missed out on peewee 4-H kicked into super charged high gear and even cleaned and vacuumed under his bed, that resulted in points back by far on the parent willingness. The C boy well he got up at 6:00 am and did several off the list and started his room too. When he got back from wrestling camp he had most of the room done before Mc who he shares with came back from his scout hour, but he does not make the biggest mess, so they got done together. There is a reining clean on the front and peace in the land again and it isn't even near the PMs time frame. It helps that the Dad bought fans to suck the cool air up so that they sleep better at night so they get up.

I am eating whatever I want but steering clear of white starch foods for the most part. Lots of salads out of my garden and good grade beef and grilled chickens. I am out of almonds and I miss my crunchy treat.

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  1. Just wanted to drop in and let you know that I left you an award on my page...the Versatile blogger award. Go by and pick it up when you have a min.